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Know About First Aid Homeopathic Kit!

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First aid homeopathic kits are available at many homeopathic pharmacies across the globe including at our pharmacy outlet at drshreya.com. However, it is important to know if the remedies that the kit contains are actually beneficial. You must have come across certain kits that have remedies in a single potency. There are kits that contain mostly rare remedies. Such kits may not be of much use if you want to prescribe for the day to day ailments to your near and dear ones. That is why an apt knowledge of the basic requirements for the first aid is important. Also use varied potencies most widely used of that particular remedy for different health problems.

Therefore, it is wiser to seek professional homeopathic help to design your basic homeopathic kit. Especially if you have a homeopathic doctor treating you or your family members, he or she can judge very well which homeopathic medicines you will need primarily at your home. Thus a family homeopathic physician can do this job well.

Secondly, make sure you learn the art of medicating the globules properly if you intend to purchase the liquids or the dilutions. You can also go for readymade medicated globules of different remedies. Also it is wiser to go for polychrest remedies in homeopathy when you buy a kit instead of going for smaller medicines with fewer symptoms, unless you need a specific remedy. As we always say, the basic remedies proved by Hahnemann help a great deal while treating many acute as well as chronic health problems and when you buy a kit, obviously you are intending to treat acute maladies; so broader the remedies, better!

Top 25 Homeopathic Remedies That Must be Included in the Kit —

Here I must say that choosing the right potency for a particular condition is an art and depends upon a variety of factors. However, for the sake of ease, here I have mentioned the most chosen potencies of the respective medicines for different acute conditions.

1.   Aconite 200C
2.   Belladona 200C/30C
3.   Hepar sulph 200C
4.   Pulsatilla 200C
5.   Bryonia 200C
6.   Colocynth 200C
7.   Gelsemium 30C/200C
8.   Rhus tox 200C
9.   Nux vomica 200C
10.                Ruta 200C
11.                Arnica Montana 200C/1M
12.                Arsenicum album 30C
13.                Apis mellifica 30C
14.                Cantharis 30C
15.                Hypericum 200C
16.                Dulcamara 30C
17.                Ipecac 30C
18.                Chamomilla 200C
19.                Silicea 200C
20.                Mag phos 200C/1M
21.                Carbo veg 30C
22.                Sepia 200C
23.                Natrum mur 200C
24.                Euphrasia 30C
25.                Bellis perennis 200C

Now you can study / read the symptomatology of these important homeopathic remedies, ask an expert and have the right remedy at the bed-side at the right time.  Apart from these remedies, you can insist for the other required remedies to make your customized homeopathic kit. After all, having the needed medicines at the right time saves lot of time and makes you feel safer at the same time! 

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