Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yoga Simplified!

With the health-awareness increasing globally, Yoga has become a household word. Many people have opened up their Yoga Fitness Centers and flocks of people are religiously following their routines there. But many people still don’t know what exactly yoga is and why it is to be followed.

To understand this, one has to first know what Yoga is not or what it shouldn’t be. So, let’s see-

(1)  Yoga is not attached to any religion
(2)  Yoga is not just the Yogasanas (the stretching exercises)
(3)  Yoga is not just general exercise (though it provides good one) that one can do any time of the day when free
(4)  Yoga is not a time-stipulated exercise that one can perform in hurry
(5)  Yoga is not just a ritual

Then what it is?

  • The shortest possible definition of Yoga is- “It is the way of life!”
  • It is something that is connected to your inner peace and subconscious.
  • Yogaschitravrutti Nirodhah” says Patanjali. It is the power to control your indriyas (senses) and gain mastery over your own health.
  • The yogic asanas are the postures that give good flexibility to your joints and better massage to your internal organs, thus keeping you fit and fine.
  • It is something that connects you with the supreme universal power (You may call it God, Nature, or just Supreme Being)
  • Yoga is the state of mind that gives you the ultimate serenity despite being at the height of your consciousness.
  • Yoga is the method by which you make yourself aware of your purpose of existence and gain supreme confidence in your righteous ways.
  • It is a combination of dhyaan (meditation), yogic postures, breathing techniques, Pranayam, and the righteous modes of living.

Who can perform Yoga?

Certainly the yogic postures can be performed by all who want to earn better flexibility. But if they want to attain higher possibilities as mentioned above with Yoga, they should follow the below-mentioned things-

(1)  Be yourself
(2)  Be on the right path
(3)  Do not earn bad money
(4)  Always help others
(5)  Believe in the Supreme Being
(6)  Do not think bad about others
(7)  Shed that ego ( with practice, we can)

The above mentioned points may sound little weird to a person who has recently joined the Yoga Class. But the real expert gurus in Yoga say that these things will help you attain the highest benefits from Yoga. And certainly we do want that, isn’t it?

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