Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top 10 Precautions to be Taken While on a Homeopathic Treatment-

As homeopathy cannot be generalized, the precautions taken while on the homeopathic regime cannot be generalized either. Every condition needs specific precautions to be taken that vary with the constitution of the patient, his/her physical / mental problems and the medicines taken at that time. That’s why along with our all prescriptions, we give certain auxiliary regimen to follow for different patients, which help them immensely along with the main course.

However, there are some guidelines that go with almost all the patients that seek homeopathic treatment. Herewith you can see some of the important pointers in this regard—

1. Take your homeopathic medicines exactly on the suggested time. As far as possible, maintain the same timing if you have been asked to take medicines daily.

2. If the doctor has suggested you to take “Single Dose”, NEVER take more than one dose, thinking what single dose is going to do. High potencies or even medium potencies when taken in excess of what is required have enough potential to harm you in the long run, if not immediately.

3. Never go beyond the suggested deadline before you visit or write to your doctor. If the doctor has asked you to take the medicine for 15 days and report later, you must do it soon. If you cannot report after 15 days, you may stop your medicine before you report to him but do not continue the same medicine beyond stipulated time period.

4. If a dose of medicine is suggested in the morning immediately after you get up, do not brush your teeth before you take the dose. Just rinse your mouth with PLAIN water and take the dose, as strong smelling toothpaste or mouthwash may interfere with the action of the remedy.

5. As far as possible, leave gap of at least 20 minutes before and after taking the medicine and have your eatables / meals.

6. In most of our patients, we do not suggest abstinence from coffee garlic etc, unless the indicated medicine demands it. See article for details. But try to avoid all strong smelling eatables before or after taking the medicines immediately.

7. Chew the medicated pills slowly. Longer they remain on your tongue, better is their action through the sentient nerve endings on the tongue.  

8. The homeopathic globules should not be touched with hand as far as possible. Take them directly in the cap of the bottle and put on the clean tongue.

9. If you forget to take the DOSE of the medicine suggested to be taken tonight for some chronic condition, you can take it the next day at the suggested time. But do not take it the in the morning the next day. The timing of the medicine is suggested depending upon the medicine’s miasmatic background and the ‘best time to administer’; so maintain the time.

10. NEVER give the entire bottle of the medicine in your kids’ hands. Most of the kids love the sweet homeopathic globules and have the habit of taking more globules than required, which is no doubt a very harmful practice. Beware of the guidelines suggested by your doctor and give the medicine to your child yourself. If the child takes some extra doses of the medicine unknowingly, inform your doctor and do as he suggests.

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