Tuesday, November 29, 2011

6 Additional Benefits of Exercise!

We all know now that exercise is something that we should follow just like a healthy meal pattern. We also know that it helps us stabilize our sugar levels, control hypertension, drive away obesity, control heightened LDL cholesterol levels, and improve our overall well-being.

But apart from these basic facts, there are many other benefits of exercise that we will see in this post today. After you know these points, certainly your chances of not skipping exercise increase multifold; so stay tuned! J

  1. Exercise gives you the “ME” time!

Many of us struggle to have even a few minutes just slotted for ourselves throughout the busy day. Including the work at home moms and business corporate sector, we all today want that “ME” time at least for some time in the day. Studies indicate that people who take this privilege to be completely themselves at least for a few hours a week stay healthier and stress-free than those who keep working for others or themselves without this time! Especially my “MOM” patients always tell me that since they have started exercising, they feel truly pampered, as they give at least half an hour per day totally to them; not to our spouses, not to our children, and not to our WORRIES! What a commendable achievement!

  1. Lifts your mood to a great degree!

Now do this check on yourself. Start exercising for at least 15 days (at least 30 minutes walk per day). Then for the next week, do not exercise or do any physical workout at all. Now introspect! Remember the prior fortnight when you exercised every day and also consider the last week when you were off it. I am sure more than 80 to 90% of you will observe the difference in your behavioral pattern, your stress level, and your mood swings. Many mothers tell me the fact that they have started behaving more considerately with their children after they started exercising. There is not a bit of exaggeration in this fact. The steady release of anti-oxidants in your body actually improves your communication compliance and uplifts your mood. You will find yourself more smiling instead of frowning once you start working out regularly! Try it.

  1. Improves your ‘couple-life’!

It is evident from the latest surveys that the couples who exercise regularly have better coordination in their thoughts and action in sex performance. And healthy sex life is one of the pillars for healthier life!

  1. Prevents future illnesses-

This is one of the most crucial points about exercising. We know that many existing diseases like hypercholesterolemia can be minimized with quality exercise. But if you exercise regularly, you can actually avert many potentially life-threatening illnesses forever. You can prevent cancers, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, kidney diseases, atherosclerosis, spinal anomalies, vertebral problems, hemorrhoids, osteoporosis, so on and so forth.

  1. Increases longevity-

If you are a type of person who loves life and its various expressions, you certainly want to enjoy it to the fullest possible degree. And this is possible if you live a long and healthy life. Exercises increase your life expectancy by leaps and bounds. Obviously if a machine is used regularly, it will last longer; than a machine that is kept unused for years! Of course, human body is a machine too!

  1. Enhances your work efficiency-

If “No time” is your excuse for skipping exercise, think again. Instead of putting long unyielding hours at your work, try inculcating exercise to put efficient work hours. Japanese people always have a short break during their work hours that is meant for relaxation and moderate forms of floor exercises. This seems to greatly increase their work efficiency and it is evident in their unfazed attitude about work ethic. Also having good exercise time for younger kids seems to improve their concentration levels multifold.


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