Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top 5 Things about Healthy Eating!

We all live in an era where newer diseases are making our life miserable. Still there are a bunch of people who live healthier life despite all odds thrown upon them! What’s the secret? Well, no prize for guessing the answer as “healthy lifestyle”! These two words have captured the attention of all health-conscious people recently. And a recent survey has a positive thing to say that number of such health-oriented people is increasing. J At least some positive vibe out there!

While searching for tips about healthy living, the topmost point comes as “healthy eating”. And when it comes to healthy eating, there are many misconceptions. Rather, many times it makes difficult for us to choose what exactly the right food to eat is.

So, let’s see the top 5 points one should remember while eating “Healthy” food!

  1. GO LOCAL- Eating habits vary from place to place. Recently one of my vegan friends went to China and was left with very few choices to fill his tummy. Well, the cause might lie in his lack of knowledge about the availability of good vegan food there but in general we all experience this when we move to places. People who are omni-eaters (eating all types of cuisines) usually have no problems with having what they want in any place. Also certain places are suited for certain type of food for better digestion and absorption. You can have the example of our Southern India where people loathe the thought of paranthas and indulge in rice related items, because that’s what is digestible there. So, especially when it comes to day to day food, don’t think of some extravagant mall food but go for locally grown greens and fruits. They will give you better stability and energy. But it is imperative to know what grows locally! Go for wider options and you will multitude your chances of “Complete Meal”.

  1. VARIETY- As said earlier, your meal should include variety of food stuffs having different proportions of all proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. If you want to skip taking daily dose of a multivitamin and multi-mineral tablet, go for variety of food. Of course, naturally eaten food vitals will help you bettering your health than gulping the tablet. Try searching for different options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, so that you don’t get bored of the same stuff every time!

  1. PREPARE YOUR FOOD- This is one point you should focus on, especially if you want to have a wholesome eating plan. Even if you are on a particular diet plan, it is always better to stick to what you prepare at home than some canned food from outside. Don’t fall prey to faulty notions that costly packed food item with list of ingredients always gives you good nutritious diet. Many such foods might have hidden artificial ingredients and preservatives. In case you have to have outside food, see the labels clearly and go for standard and natural food items only. Especially set yourself free from the so-called low-fat diets that are mostly deceiving. Never get laid in the trap- “Too Posh to Prepare”! It’s not worth it!

  1. DON’T AVOID ANY FOOD INGREDIENT COMPLETELY- This is a vital point in today’s genre of low-fat fads. It is imperative to know that many times, high-carbohydrate or starch diet causes more sugar imbalances in the body than high-fat diets. Now here is a pointer- “If you want healthy skin, hair, and abdominal health, you have to have some amount of fat in your diet.” Definitely go for healthier fat options and avoid trans-fats as far as possible. It is a myth that Only-Protein or Only-Carbohydrate diets work. They don’t! Or if they do, they bring you many side effects along with in your weight loss plan. Only-protein diets are not good for your kidneys and only-carbohydrates might lead to sugar imbalances, even if the carbohydrate is from complex sugars! Therefore, the easier option is “Eat Everything in Moderation!”. Imbibe this mantra especially in your children so that they will stay away from obesity in future and would be able to avoid serious X-Syndromes!

  1. EAT AT THE RIGHT TIME- This is one crucial point many of us miss while taking care of our diets and eventually health. Especially in Indian settings, I have seen people, especially women not eating anything at all till the early noon. This makes things worse for them. They eat their night meals at around 9 or 10 and have the next meal (or breakfast) at around 11 or 11.30 am the next day. Such a huge gap in your meals! Obviously if you follow such regime, you are responsible for your hyperacidity. Where should the acid go that is produced for proper digestion of the food in the body? If you don’t eat in time, this acid bothers you with heartburn, belching, indigestion, abdominal cramps, and at times vomiting. Also, having your first meal (breakfast) early in the morning helps you sail through the day more confidently and energetically. Also time eating certain food aptly. For example, it is a wasteful practice to have fruits after lunch or dinner. Have them when you have appetite or when you get up in the morning. This makes the fruit better absorbed, better assimilated, and your body gets better supply of vitamins and minerals from it. Also it avoids layering of calories and thus your weight is kept in check!

Thus, the above 5 points are the beginning pointers towards healthier eating. And healthy eating is the pioneer of healthy lifestyle! Think about it! 


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