Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Homeopathy is Supreme Treatment for Chronic Ailments?

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We all know that homeopathy is being increasingly administered in the patients with chronic ailments. Certainly it is equally useful for acute problems but in lay people’s mind, homeopathy many times is equated to the treatment of chronic illnesses. In certain way, they are right. Rather we can say that treating the chronic ailments is the major plus of homeopathy. In many other forms of therapies, chronic ailments are dreaded from, because they don’t really have weapons to eradicate the chronic disease from its root.

This is not the only reason, however, for popularity of homeopathy in treating the chronic diseases. Let’s see what the peculiarities of homeopathy are that makes it an ideal therapy for chronic diseases-

  1. Holistic medicine-

Homeopathy is the system that is said to be holistic in its approach. This is the reason we often say that homeopathy doesn’t advocate the use of term ‘diagnosis’. Well, that doesn’t mean homeopathy doesn’t believe in diagnosing a condition. This is a myth that homeopathic doctors never utilize any investigative approaches before they proceed for treatment. If necessary, certain procedures must be done before the doctor commences homeopathic treatment.

But this “disease-name” derived after the investigation may just help the homeopaths to know few of his hierarchy weapons to select from. But his choice depends more upon the characteristic signs and symptoms of the disease per say. This is one of the reasons homeopaths never fret from taking case of any tedious chronic disease, be it an autistic trait or chronic arthritic trouble!

  1. Homeopathy applied ‘homeopathically’ works without suppression-

While dealing with any chronic ailment, a homeopathic physician seeks all the important history from his patients. He seeks details right from his birth history and family history of illnesses. This is needed to proceed with the case ‘homeopathically’. Here we should again note that unless homeopathy is administered homeopathically, we might be suppressing the disease again.

For example- if a patient has skin rash and you choose Urtica urens in low potency just to annihilate his skin rash temporarily, you are not actually acting homeopathically. However, if you study in case in details and then administer a constitutional dose to eradicate his tendency to rash formation, you have applied ‘homeopathic principle’ in this patient and it will lead him on a long-lasting path of recovery and/or cure.

That does not mean homeopathy doesn’t advocate the use of acute medication. It does. But while annihilating the disease acutely for the time being, a homeopath’s eye must be on the constitutional prescription in the due course, to relieve the patient of this suppression and improve his natural immunity.

This is one of the most important reasons according to me that make homeopathy an ideal medicine for chronic ailments. No chronic ailments can be cured unless the root cause lying within the depth of man is dealt with. This is termed by Hahnemann as miasm. So, in every chronic case, miasmatic diagnosis of the patient is must. Only then the person can be set to achieve the homeostasis of his body, mind, and soul!

  1. Homeopathy works like magic-

This is not exaggeration. To a lay person who doesn’t know the science and art behind homeopathy, every cure of a chronic disease resulted homeopathically is no less than a magic! Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why homeopaths are attacked by the critics (or skeptics!), who are boggled at the wonderful results! When a 40-year old eczema vanishes without leaving a trace with homeopathic medicine, people really wonder what magic has been done. But a true homeopath knows that it is not a magic but apt recognition of innate disorder that might lie in one of the three basic planes of a person- body, mind or spirit. That homeopath succeeds who possesses the ability to trace that disorder and alleviate the suffering.

  1. Minimal dose and least repetition-

Classical homeopathy advocates use of minimal dose of the medicine with minimum repetition. When exact simillimum is matched of the drug picture to the patient-picture, there is little need to repeat the dose too often, especially in case of chronic ailments. This makes patients happy, as they do not need to take the medicines frequently. Also medicine form is very convenient to take, either in liquid or pill-form. Most homeopaths believe in administering the medicine through sugar of milk or plain sugar pills, which makes it even tastier and less cumbersome.

  1. Attains maximum immunity and shaping of better future-

I think this is the most important reason why one should opt for homeopathy. When you seek any treatment, you aim at complete cure. Moreover, you want the medicine to help you conquer future illnesses as well. This is no exaggeration but with the aptly chosen constitutional homeopathic medicine, we help the patient gain enormous strength on all planes to fight the future diseases naturally, often without or the least aid of medicine. I would like to stress this point in case of children, because if you give minimal dose of constitutional homeopathic medicine to a chronically ill child, he will gain good resistance power to fight future illnesses. Also he will develop into a relatively better human being, as his mind and psyche is shaped well too with this dose. This is a time-tested statement and not even a bit of exaggeration.

The above five are the topmost points why one should go for a homeopathic treatment when it comes to the treatment of chronic disease. One can safely and assuredly rely upon a qualified homeopath for this!


  1. A very well written article on homeopathy, appropriately highlighting its importance and validity, in treating chronic ailments. All the five points are rightly chosen; each point is quite lucidly explained. Having knowledge about a subject is one thing but ability to explain it with clarity and aplomb is something which is not common.
    Dr. Deshpande therefore richly deserves all appreciation for posting this praiseworthy article.

  2. Thank you so much Mr Kuldip! Basically Homeopathy is praiseworthy! :)