Friday, November 25, 2011

Beware of DRUGS that can Prove Fatal!

With a Note about Myth Regarding the Safety of Homeopathic Medicines!

 It is very wise to think twice before you take any drug! Here we are talking about the physiological doses of modern medicine drugs that can be harmful for the people who take them haphazardly. Herewith I would also like to mention that we, being homeopaths, have nothing against these drugs. I often believe that homeopathy is what we should opt for in the first place before going for physiological doses of drugs, as natural therapy is always better. In cases of pathological problems or end organ damage, always we have to administer homeopathy as an adjuvant to the main modern medicine therapy.

However, when we observe a person gulping Paracetamol frequently for relieving pain, we have to tell them- It is not safe to do this. You can even read the warning on the label that says, “Frequent overuse can damage the liver!” Still why so many people keep themselves addicted to such drugs? It is because they are used to its “Pain-Relieving” properties! Of course, they will have to increase the dose from 500 to 650 mg if the pain starts reappearing after 500 mg eventually!

This was just an example. There are many prescription drugs that can be really fatal if taken –
  • Haphazardly
  • Continuously
  • Repeated in high doses
  • Taken with some other drugs that are inimical
  • Taken ignorantly during some clinical condition that contraindicates the use of that drug, etc (for example- during pregnancy or lactation)

There are some drugs that can literally cause acute respiratory failures if you take without knowing its side effects in a particular condition. Especially in a country like India, where many medicines are dispensed upon asking over the counter, it is scary.

You at least must know what not to opt for without going for a dual check from an expert.

Most dangerous pain relievers are those that contain Opiates, like morphine and codeine.

Symptoms that should warn you against the drugs-

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Uncontrollable vomiting
  • Apathy
  • Slow breathing
  • Cold and clammy skin
  • Confusion
  • Sudden extreme weakness
  • Seizures

If anyone in your household or neighborhood suffers from the above symptoms, you must make emergency arrangements for his revival. Remember that even delay by a few minutes can prove fatal at times.

Therefore, always be warned when you opt for prescription drugs. If they can relieve you of pain or stress for a moment, they can take away your healthy life over the period of time.

A Note About Homeopathic Drugs-

It would not be apt if I don’t mention here about homeopathic medicines. You should know that even homeopathic medicines taken without expert supervision can prove dangerous. It is a myth that however and whenever you take homeopathic medicines, they will not cause harm. Well, I will not say they can kill you, as they are not fatal, being given or taken in minutest possible doses. But nonetheless they can cause certain subtle disturbances in the person acutely or in the long run.

If you take homeopathic medicine-
  • With frequent repetition
  • Always in higher potencies above 200 or 1M
  • Take them with very short intervals between the two doses
  • Take two or more medicines at a time
  • Take two medicines without knowing the relationship between those two
  • Take the wrongly selected constitutional medicine
Then, you may fall prey to some nasty implications over the period of time. Often these implications may take years to develop, especially if you take homeopathic medicines in high potencies and therefore may be missed as the real diseases and not the drug-induced problems. But a true homeopath often recognizes the difference between a drug disease and real disease.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that even before opting for the homeopathic medicines, especially for the chronic, long standing cases, one must undergo the ritual of complete history and examination of the patient and then prescribe after spending enough time for the evaluation of the case!

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