Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Acne Precautions—

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Some Precautions to be followed by teens with acne!

Teens are the ones who strive to look good and that’s the age when acne eruptions trouble them. A large number of youth dread acne as the largest demon in their life, destructing their social life! But as we have discussed previously in one of our articles, Homeopathy offers the best and safe solution to the menace called pimples! (Please refer to the article-- http://drshreya.blogspot.in/2011/01/top-10-homeopathic-remedies-for-acne.html)

However, here are some of the basic guidelines that one may find very useful to prevent acne burst out. These are kind of practical tips for all teens and some grownups with acne problem—

1) Increase your fluid intake- When we reviewed water intake of large number of acne patients, it is found that most of them have very low fluid intake. Among all fluids, plain water has the greatest ability to prevent acne and provide internal moisturizing quality to your skin. So, for supple skin, take your water bottle with you, wherever you go!

2) Avoid pickles or other spicy stuff often with too much salt and sourness together- This is not a proven thing but have seen a large number of acne patients indulging in sour and salt together, which aggravate their acne. Avoid it for a month and you will see the effect yourself. Also excess sour food is seen to increase dandruff, which eventually increases pimply eruptions on your forehead.

3) Sweating through exercise is great for your skin- If your facial skin sweats once a day, it expels harmful toxins and infective agents, thus making your skin soft and supple naturally.

4) Sun exposure is good for acne- If you sit in sunlight for a few minutes a day, it will not only provide you good amount of vitamin D but also will enhance your chances of having an acne-free skin.

5) Do not touch your acne- This is very important tip to avoid scarring and discoloration after pimples. Poking your nail is the worst thing!

6) Don’t be harsh on your skin- Many youngsters fall prey to various advertisements and use all products one by one, to see what works for them. In return what they get it further dried up and parched skin, which is hard to heal. If you want to apply something, consult your doctor; else go for natural herbal products. However, seek expert’s opinion to know whether the product is truly natural.

7) Avoid stress- Stressing over acne issue further deteriorates it. Bach flower therapists use remedies like crab-apple which work marvelously to handle stress factor over such skin problems. Go stress-less, keep smiling and your skin will feel rejuvenated! A smiling face is much more desirable (even if with acne) than a stressed flawless face!

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