Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time-Tested Tips for Age-Related Insomnia!

The recent studies state that even as one ages, the sleep pattern should remain almost the same. It is a myth that advancing age reduces sleep. Therefore, if you are approaching or are beyond 50, think whether you are getting enough sleep. It is seen that older adults and aged people that get good quality of sleep every night are more capable of handling themselves well, in face of various health problems. Rather we can say that sleep is a prime factor in deciding whether one is healthy or not. However, there is no need to panic if you suffer from insomnia. There are many time tested natural tips that can help you doze better. Let’s see –

1. Check the quality of your bed- Many times, this basic thing is given a miss and that leads to uncomfortable sleep. Go for ‘not very soft- not very hard’ types of beds and pillows for good sleep.

2. Use bedroom for sleep only- According to the National Sleep Foundation, the bedroom that is dark, quiet and cool is ideal for good sleep and we must not use this room for any other purpose besides sleep and sex. No television, no eating, and no arguments! This helps people, especially older people to have restful night’s sleep.

3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol prior to bed- As we grow old, caffeine consumption has to be kept minimum. Avoiding it post-noon can help insomniacs rest better at night. Primarily one might feel that alcohol consumption helps one doze. But the rebound effect of alcohol at night results in waking up post midnight with an utter restless feeling. Controlling these two elements many times helps one sleep without any help from sleeping pills.

4. Keep stress at bay- Many will say that this is easier said than done. But keeping in mind the Zen attitude that one should cultivate as one ages, stress is the prime culprit resulting in insomnia. Relaxation techniques like yoga can help to a great extent in such cases of stress-induced insomnia. It is also seen that many people worry about “sleep” so much that this worry itself is the cause behind insomnia. Therefore, experts suggest that one should “fall” to sleep and not “try” to sleep. This approach almost halves the problem!

5. Cultivate some habit that will help you sleep- It might be as simple as having a hot water bath prior to bed or reading a book. It can help you relax to the core and then sleep wouldn’t be far from you.

6. A glass of milk- Ancient natural healers insist that before going to bed, one must have a glass of warm milk to doze off better. The sleep-inducing tryptophan in milk almost always helps, while giving you better absorption of calcium and milk-proteins, while you sleep.

7. Sun-exposure- This might sound weird but it is a fact that people who expose regularly themselves to sun during the day (especially morning) sleep better than those who stay indoors. The sunlight is responsible for controlling certain chemicals in the brain that regulate the body temperature. Normal body temperatures are imperative for healthy sleep pattern.

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