Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some Precious yet Random Health Tips for You!

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The below given health tips are tested tips for people that are willing to follow a comparatively healthy lifestyle in today's rushed world scenario.

1. Do not walk / exercise after meals ever. It is the worst culprit that can result in disturbed stomach and gaseous distension. Brisk walks are always good on light stomach!

2. Smaller and mild to moderate stretches during work hours work more efficiently than irregular gymming. Get out of your chair frequently and have a brisk stroll around!

3. Eat a healthy breakfast, which sets you energetic for your work ahead through the day. Never ever skip your breakfast if you want your liver to perform optimally.

4. Never sit in front of computer screens for long without moving your spine. Get up, bend your back, stretch back- sideways, move your knees up and down and you are ready for your further computer work!

5. Chew your food properly. Many people fail to comprehend the reason behind improper digestion when they hastily gulp down the meal.

6. Blink you eyes frequently to avoid tiring of eyes and undue pressure in them.

7. Maintain strict body hygiene. It not only keeps you healthy but makes you feel better about yourself, which boosts your self confidence tremendously.

8. Make sure you devote at least 1/2 an hour of the day completely to yourself. You may do whatever you want during that time and enjoy being in the company of yourself!

9. Green vegetables do you loads of good. Eat them raw or mildly cooked; your intestines will thank you!

10. Remember that health drinks and other beverages can never take place of water. Keep yourself well-hydrated with optimal water intake.

11. There is nothing like 'reduced smoking now'! Quitting completely is the only option if you want to look, feel and be young and healthy!

12. Do not sleep at least for 1 and 1/2 hours after meals. Longer the better!

13. Be in the vicinity of positive-minded people. They make you feel lot healthier, as you shed the negativism about life!

14. Take minimum medicine, only when required. Never self-drug yourself unless you know ins and outs of the therapy you are treating yourself with.

15. Do not think about sleep. It will follow naturally! 

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