Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Tips to Avoid Memory Loss in Old Age!

Old age comes with its due problems. Many old people today live healthily, thanks for the growing awareness about various age related illnesses and their treatments. The advanced medical and surgical treatments have given hope to millions of aged people worldwide, which make them independent and happy. However, one of the major problems that prevent the joyful demeanor during the old age is forgetfulness or memory loss. Many aged people suffer from it to mild to moderate degree. Age related dementia is quite common and is found throughout the world.

If one follows the tips given below, age related memory problems can be averted to a great extent. Even those suffering from memory problems can benefit from these tips-

1. Exercise- More you remain active during your post-retirement period, sharper your memory will be. Especially the aerobic activity boosts blood circulation to brain, helps in development of neurons and connects them better, thus aiding in preventing memory loss. Walking for 45 minutes 3 times a week is said to boost the aerobic activity effectively.

2. Balanced diet- It has been seen that more regular the meal times are; better is the memory. As one crosses 50, he or she should take special precaution to follow a good meal pattern, wherein one doesn’t remain empty stomach for more than 3 to 4 hours. Smaller meals at regular intervals are known to boost memory power.

3. Learn new things frequently- It is a known fact that if you keep yourself busy in learning some new tings every now and then, your memory doesn’t leave you perplexed. The attention span increases if you learn something new like some dancing steps or the computer games. Learning some mathematic games like Sudoku help a lot in building better body-mind coordination and boosts memory.

4. Omega-3-fatty acids- It is a known fact that adding omega 3 fatty acids to your daily diet helps a lot with your memory problems. The natural sources of omega 3 fatty acids are flaxseeds, nuts, seafood, fish, etc.

5. Sleep enough- It is a myth that old age is related almost always to insomnia. With good precautions in diet and exercise, you can have good amount of sleep during old age too. Rather people who sleep well and get up refreshed are at lesser risk of memory loss. Therefore, one should take the necessary measures to treat insomnia if they suffer from, in order to have good memory for years to come.

6. Limit the alcohol intake- alcohol actually reduces the brain volume. Obviously this leads to concentration difficulties and memory loss. Therefore limiting the alcohol intake can boost the brain power and prevent it from shrinking.

7. Do some charity work- It is said that more you work selflessly for others in your old age, better you feel and remain stress free. This is one of the sure ways to boost your overall health and stay memory-active for years to come.

8. Reduce the exposure to neurotoxins- Opt for organic food, avoid harmful ingredients like food additives, chemicals, etc to have good brain functionality for years. It is a researched fact that more you expose yourself to harmful chemicals, smaller your brain becomes. Fresh air is one of the great ways to have optimal brain fitness. Thus even if you cannot avoid air pollution completely, you can certainly opt for frequent visits to clean and stress free environment that can help you stay fitter for longer!

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