Thursday, February 20, 2014

7 Surprising Causes behind Depression-

The causes like deep grief, disappointments, trauma, financial troubles, unemployment, physical ill-health etc are considered as some of the common causes of depression. However, there are certain things that may not cross our mind when we start experiencing those blues! Knowing them can help us treat them in a better fashion homeopathically.

1) Thyroid problems- This is one of the alarmingly growing reasons behind depression. More found in females, even borderline hypothyroidism can lead to depression in a few. The clinical signs and symptoms like sudden hot or cold flushes, delayed menses, bradycardia (slow pulse) and relaxed ankle jerk can often point to this finding and the apt blood test can diagnose it. While treating homeopathically, it is important to consider this causative factor, as thyroid is one of the most important glands ruling the whole body’s work in a systematic manner. It is the gland that decides how body’s energy is used up and therefore disorder in it causes dullness, heaviness and depression of spirits for the patient.

2) Poor sleep habit- If you have a habit of watching TV late nights, you are on your way to feel depressed over a period of time. Body’s circadian rhythm doesn’t allow it to sit through the night and that triggers depression.

3) Too much screen time- Be it facebook, youtube or your favorite chat sites, too much time on any screen is one of the major causes of depression these days. Tired feeling in eyes due to this extended screen time can also trigger dullness and depression.

4) Location of your home- Living in too much crowded cities has shown to influence our mind. Lot of physical activity in cities has shown to enhance stress and when one cannot cope with this stress, depression sets in.

5) Spoiled for choice? – Research has shown that if you have too many choices regarding anything, your brain gets overwhelmed. One tends to look for the best among lot many options, thus triggering some nasty brain reactions of fatigue and depression at times.

6) Prescription medicines- Many conventional medicines like anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-acne agents like Accutane, anti-insomnia drugs like Valium, Cholesterol-lowering agents, hormones etc can be the cause behind depression.

7) Smoking- Nicotine is known to trigger chemical imbalance in the brain. One may be depressed leading to the habit of smoking or smoking may lead to depression. Therefore remaining smoke-free (active and passive) is the best way to balance your brain chemicals!

So, make sure you avert these causes to avoid depression. Even if one is getting treated homeopathically, one has to select apt homeopathic remedy by considering the causes and try to avoid these triggers (that are avoidable) so that they do not turn into maintaining causes that hinder your treatment. 

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