Monday, February 3, 2014

Tips for Attaining Good Appetite!

Having good appetite is a sign of health! It indicates that your liver is functioning well and that your digestive juices are doing their job right. Every individual goes through certain phases of life when his / her appetite drops down, it remains so for a while and he gets back to normalcy, without really doing anything about it. Our body has an amazing machinery to keep things in order and a wise individual always gives enough time for the body to act naturally, instead of bombarding it with medicinal agents to boost up the appetite.

It is true that if you are alive, your body needs food and if you follow the biological clock in everything you do, your appetite doesn't usually run away from you. However, the fast-paced life's stress, various eating options, sedentary habits and many things work detrimental to your appetite as well as digestion. Here are some simple and natural tips that will help you boost your appetite and keep your body's metabolism in order.

1) Most important and least concentrated aspect is your eating schedule. Longer the interval between two meals, duller is your appetite. The interval between two meals should not be more than 4 hours. It is the gastric emptying time and if you do not eat after this duration, your appetite lags behind and you have a high chances of developing hyperacidity spells. Eat frequently and smaller meal to maintain a good appetite.

2) Earlier you eat in the morning after you get up, better for you! Your metabolism is dulled after a night-long sleep. If you do not eat quickly, all your stored energy is used up for the morning jobs and your metabolism gets upset, resulting in poor appetite throughout the day. Also, have healthier snacks in the morning for breakfast.

3) Do not sleep for one and half hours after your meal. This helps in good digestion, which in turn ensures good appetite for the next meal.

4) Especially for growing children, 1 or 2 spoonfuls of coriander extract or juice works as a great natural appetizer.

5) Among the fruits, Papaya, Jamun and Peach are known for their appetite-boosting properties. Have them daily.

6) Drinking optimal water helps in enhancing your appetite, provided you don't drink lot of water with meals or immediately after meals.

7) Brinjal in your diet at least once weekly is known to strengthen your stomach and improve your appetite.

8) Alcohol, excess coffee or tea are detrimental to good appetite. So, for natural hunger spells, avoid them.

9) It is a known fact that fried food and junk food slow down your liver, thus leading to poor appetite. Avoid junk to stay pink!

10) Eating slowly and chewing food well goes a long way in establishing proper digestion and absorption of the food we eat. Therefore, if we take out enough time for our lunch as well as dinner helps in improving our appetite.

11) Last but not the least, enjoy your meals with your family and the dear ones. When the family eats together and shares their life in the dining table, the digestive juices no longer need medicinal boost. They flow naturally, thus keeping you fit, energetic and happy! 


  1. Nice article with important trivia which people generally ignore. On your 3rd point is it - to sleep or not to?

    1. If you want to sleep, leave a gap of about 1 and 1/2 hours after meals, that's it! :)

  2. Too good...literally this helped me a lot in losing my weight...