Monday, February 17, 2014

Eye-Floaters and their Homeopathic Management!

Recently we are getting lots of cases of eye-floaters. Must say, the incidence of this nasty condition is increasing day by day, perhaps owing to increase in the use of varied “screens”, be it laptop, tabs or mobiles. Also I can say that homeopathy has helped and is helping lots of patients with eye floaters to eradicate this kind of troublesome problem and improve their vision. However, today we will see exclusively what floaters are all about and how to deal with them.

In general, floaters are seen as small moving spots that appear in the field of vision. These are the deposits or condensation in the vitreous jelly of the eye. The floaters may be present in one or both the eyes. In many cases, floaters are benign. Meaning, though they are annoying, they are not the result of any serious underlying disease. Many people live with floaters for the entire life and tend to ignore them. However, they may be bothersome while working in some people and so they consider the treatment. At times, floaters improve themselves over a period of time. But in a few, floaters can be very annoying or even warrant immediate attention if accompanied by sudden flashes of light or severe vision problems.

Causes of eye-floaters-

The cornea and the lens focus the rays of light entering through the eye on to the retina. Due to this, we can see the things around. The light when is focused on to the retina, it has to pass through the vitreous humor, which is a jelly-like substance filling the later two-thirds of the eye. As one grows old, some deposits, strands or liquid pockets may develop within the vitreous jelly. Every one of these strands casts a small shadow on the surface of the retina. These shadows are perceived by the patient as eye floaters.

Eye floaters can also be caused by some or the other eye diseases, eye injury, diabetic retinopathy, eye-tumors, etc. Sometimes eye floaters can be the aura before one starts with a severe migraine headache.

However, as discussed above, sudden increase in eye floaters with severe vision disturbances can be the result of retinal problems like retinal detachment, retinal tear or bleeding within the eye.

Clinical Features of the Eye-Floaters-

Most patients complain that they have the floaters that move with the movement of their eyes. If they try to focus on one of the floaters, it darts away. They may appear as black or grey dots, cobweb-forms, ring-shaped, thread-like strands or squiggly lines. The density of eye floaters is different in two eyes. Certain lighting conditions may aggravate the eye floaters. Mostly they are more apparent when looking at the bright sky. One interesting feature is that, no two people have exactly identical patterns of floaters, just like the fingerprints.

Thing that bothers the people with eye floaters-

Most people that come to us with this problem complain that their ophthalmologist is not giving them any treatment, saying this is not dangerous. Well, to certain extent, I welcome this because it is always better not to give treatment than bombard with unnecessary treatment that will not help. However, the patients are not convinced; naturally so, because the floaters bother them greatly and at times interfere with their day to day work. And that’s why homeopathy serves as a boon for these patients who want to get rid of these nasty entities in their field of vision.

Homeopathic Treatment of Eye-Floaters—

Now begins the serious study. Like I like to stress with all the cases, even floaters need to be studied constitutionally. Yes, there is no medicine for floaters per say in homeopathy, though there are certain medicines that have certain types of floaters in their priority symptoms. However, certain constitutional types have more of this kind of problem than others. Syphilitic miasm dominates in the patients with floaters. For different kind of floaters, the remedy differs. But most certainly a constitutional remedy is able to put an end to this troublesome problem.

The remedies like Agaricus, Cinchona, Cyclamen, Acid nitricum, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Physostigma, Belladona, Iris, Causticum, Osmium, etc are some of the most important remedies for various types of eye floaters. After a while on the regime, many of these patients need an intercurrent remedy like Syphillinum or Tuberculinum, depending upon the kind of blockage and the constitution.

Overall, a patient on the homeopathic treatment for floaters have very good prognosis and respond positively within 3 to 6 months of regime. Some may require bit longer regime depending upon the eye pathology we are dealing with.

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