Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Homeopathy Makes You the Master of your Body and Mind!

Homeopathic system of medicine is an age-old medicine, as we all know. Many people allege that there have been no new-age changes in this system of medicine and that’s why it is a stale mode of therapy. I strongly object. Very few things are actually unchangeable owing to their divine presence. There can be newer people in your life; but the loving bond you share should remain the same. There can be newer food items you eat but your appetite and stomach should remain the same. There can be millions in your bank but your attitude towards your life should remain the same. Similarly, there might be newer and newer remedies in homeopathy, but the principle upon which they are proved and are used MUST remain the same. Otherwise, it’s not homeopathy, as taught to us by our Master Samuel Hahnemann.

If you ask what the most important aspect that differs conventional system from homeopathy, besides the principle is, I would state, it is the way in which homeopathy makes human beings masters of their mind and body, instead of making them the slaves of medicine. There never is any dependence upon homeopathicmedicines, when administered judiciously in the right dose and potency. A person who gets cured of his insomnia due to a dose of his constitutional remedy will not have to take that remedy every day in order to stay away from insomnia.

Many patients tell us that when on the homeopathic regime, they become more aware of their fundamental body functions and the behavior of their mind and psyche. Those who do not know much about homeopathy are surprised to know that with the same remedy, how their mental imbalance was treated simultaneously! That is when you literally bow to the Master’s genius that he believed in individualization and the study of constitutions. It is so very imperative that if a new age homeopath wants to treat diseases on the basis of their diagnostic names alone, he will not succeed beyond a certain level of mere annihilation of symptoms. Cure is possible only if we give a dose of the remedy that acts on the basic individual constitution and develops a sense of feel-good in the patient throughout the treatment regime.

I have always stated, therefore, that homeopathy is best applied in childhood (http://drshreya.blogspot.in/2012/11/why-homeopathy-is-best-applied-in.html) You hit the core of the child with properly chosen homeopathic medicine and the child’s overall personality is improved! This is so important that a widespread awareness about homeopathic treatment of children is needed. Don’t depress their tender personality with heavy doses of medicines. Don’t give antibiotics for the every fever that he/she has. That actually takes away their vigor and vitality. If you really care about your child, treat them with milder forms of therapies only. He will thank you for the rest of his life!

However, it is also important to be extremely vigilant while treating anyone with homeopathy, be it a child or an adult. Never self-treat unless you know the nuances of the science. It is better not to treat than mal-treat when it comes to homeopathy. Cases ruined due to homeopathic misconduct are very difficult to treat later on. So, if you truly want your body and mind in your own possession, there is no alternative to properly selected, constitutional and judicious homeopathic treatment!


  1. hello mam this is ankita here.. i m 23 yr old girl.. mujhe last 6-7 yrs se spects laga ha.. meri eyes ka power + 4.25 ha ( both eye) .. kya ap mujhe koi homeopathy( or any other remedy, other then laser) medicine bata sakte ha jis se meri eyes ka vision normal ho jae nd mujhe spects use karne ki jarurat na pade.. plzzzzz mam rply me

    1. Hi Ankita! Well with the homeopathic constitutional therapy, it is possible to enhance your acuity of vision when coupled with some eye exercises. But you cannot stop wearing the glasses immediately. You have to be consistent in your therapy and I am sure that will be very helpful to maintain your vision. For treatment, please write to me at contact@drshreya.com. Thanks.