Thursday, February 13, 2014

Humbling Recommendations of Our Work at! Thank you all!

  1. Here are some genuine recommendations of our work at Truly humbling and extremely encouraging to do our work in the divine field of Homeopathy with more caution, happiness and honesty! 
  2. Dr Shreya's Online Homeopathic Consultancy
    Top of Form
    Bottom of Form
    Siddharth Medicare
    Leading Homeopathic Distributor in South India
    Dr.Shreya is a extremely savvy professional who epitomizes sincerity and dynamism. She is on top of her profession & is recognized both in her fraternity and among her patients.

    Top Qualities: Articulate, Effective
    September 23, 2012, Siddharth was a consultant or contractor to Dr.Shreya at Dr Shreya's Online Homeopathic Consultancy
    Sunita Biddu
    Internet Marketing Consultant SEO Strategist Social Media Trainer & Linkedin LION
    It's been years I have known Shreya when she was working as a writer and watching her getting popular, admired, loved among both friends, people and patients is a live proof of intelligence, professionalism & friendship in one personality. She is a blessed gem, being a doctor as well as a freind :)
    June 4, 2012, Sunita was Dr.Shreya's client
    Adeel Ilyas
    Technical Lead Java / Senior Java Developer at Royal Cyber Inc.
    I had read many blogs written by Dr. Shreya on Homoeopathy, Health and Hygiene and discovered her a very competent and a true homeopath. It is very impressing that she became quite expert and fluent in homoeopathic science/art that so early.

    I strongly believe that the way Dr. Shreya treats her patients it is according to the teachings of our Master Dr. Samuel...more
    September 14, 2011, Adeel was with another company when working with Dr.Shreya at Dr Shreya's Online Homeopathic Consultancy
    Guðný Ósk Diðriksdóttir
    Owner, Htveir
    Dr. Shreya is very dedicated to homeopathy. She generously shares her knowlegde and with her well written blogs she sincerly showes her love for this beautiful healing art.
    Dr. Shreya is a great asset for homeopaths all around the world who learn from her writings and her patients will feel the love and compassion on their path to better health through her treatments.
    September 14, 2011, Guðný Ósk was with another company when working with Dr.Shreya at Dr Shreya's Online Homeopathic Consultancy
    Renate Andrasevits Reed
    Owner, Windwalker Healing
    Dr. Shreya's shows compassion and Mastery in treating clients with homeopathic arts.

    She generously shares her vast knowledge of the many aspects that comprise homeopathy to educate others of this profound gift to humanity.

    Anyone would be well served by such a sincere advocate as Dr. Shreya. She is an exceptional asset to a world in need of gentle healing.
    February 14, 2011, Renate was with another company when working with Dr.Shreya at Dr Shreya's Online Homeopathic Consultancy
    Mohamed Caffoor
    Homeopath and Counsellor
    Dr Shreya is an asset to homeopaths around the world. She is very diligent in her work and shows a lot of care and interest in patients and their problems.
    She is what homeopathy is all about. Care and concern for the sickly and treatment in the least harmful way.
    I have no hesitation in recommending her work.
    February 12, 2011, Mohamed worked directly with Dr.Shreya at Dr Shreya's Online Homeopathic Consultancy

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