Saturday, June 8, 2013

Allergic (Kumkum) Dermatitis Treated With Homeopathy!

Homeopathic system of medicine is an all-encompassing mode of therapy for people with acute as well as chronic diseases. However, there are certain major domains of homeopathic system of medicine where only homeopathic gives lasting and consistent results. No need to tell that skin diseases form the major domain of homeopathy and most skin diseases find relief in homeopathy. Gone are the days when people used to go to homeopathic physicians only after running through the conventional treatment modes. Today for many problems especially the skin ailments, people go directly to reputed homeopathic doctors and get themselves completely cured.

Here we are going to see allergic kumkum dermatitis treatment with homeopathy. Well, no doubt this is very restricted malady to the forehead of the person. This ailment is especially common in women of India who apply kumkum to their forehead with religious belief. It may be related to application of Bindi or dry kumkum applied to forehead. The resulting symptoms are itching, dryness, blackish discoloration, flaking of skin, and intense burning in the area where kumkum is applied. Many women find relief when they change the place of application by a few centimeters but the dermatitis returns in that particular region after some time. Prima facie, this does not seem to be so very peculiar ailment but if you see closely the lifestyles of Indian women, this is quite a nasty trouble because they cannot leave the application of kumkum nor they could bear the burning pain.

No need to worry! We have homeopathic remedies to nullify the kumkum dermatitis. Rather, homeopathy offers best relief to the patients of any type of dermatitis for that matter. The remedy selection obviously is based upon individualistic approach and one cannot forgive names of important remedies like Bovista, Sulphur, Apis, and Urtica urens while selecting the remedy for localized action.

Also for prevention of recurrence, homeopathic doctor must prescribe the constitutional dosage according to the physical and mental constitution of the patient. Intercurrent remedies also help patients prevent recurrences by their miasmatic action.

Within a few days, your patient observes beneficial results. Firstly usually the itching is reduced followed by burning pain. The discoloration is reduced slowly but surely, and within a couple of weeks the person is cured of her kumkum dermatitis. Such nasty ailments confirm the utility of homeopathic medicines for intractable cases. No wonder people flock homeopathic clinics for skin diseases, be it psoriasis, vitiligo, lichen planus or dermatitis!

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