Saturday, June 8, 2013

Homeopathy for women!

Homeopathy is a holistic science and art of medicine. It is based upon the nature's principle "like cures like". As the therapy instituted in homeopathy is directed individually, each person is treated separately. Women's problems therefore are handled individually too. Every woman goes through many milestones in her life. Menarche, pregnancy, nursing the child, and menopause are some of the most important check-posts in her life. The journey transforms her inside out and she has to face several challenges on the way. Homeopathy actually helps her face these challenges with brevity and ease. Being a holistic science that homeopathy is, it acts on the most basic level in every woman and helps her on physical, mental, and emotional levels. 

Homeopathy modifies women's approach to change-

Generally, women's approach to the changes in life determines their fate and ease of journey. Some women might feel totally depressed over these changes and others might rejoice in the gift of nature that enables them to handle responsibilities. Interestingly enough, the constitutional approach in homeopathic treatment enables the woman to modify this approach favorably. If a woman is unable to cope with the change in her lifestyle after childbirth and is depressed, a single dose of remedies like Ignatia or Natrum mur can help her get back to her senses. No wonder the classical homeopathy recommends the individualistic approach and not the generalized approach while treating any patient.

Homeopathy helps in acute as well as chronic diseases of women-

Whether it is an acute pain during menses of a girl or a case of chronic leucorrhea (white discharge), homeopathic medicines help in alleviating the acute pain and also aid in permanently curing the problem of white discharge. The basic guideline for using homeopathy in any condition for women is considering the totality of the symptoms she is suffering from. The symptoms may be on physical, mental or emotional level. In short, the causative factor for the symptoms to develop may lie somewhere deep within the psyche of the woman. The homeopathic physician taps this factor by careful history taking and treats accordingly. 

Homeopathy imparts women their lost strength

Women are the strongest beings to survive so many upheavals in their life. There are times when they need to multitask and support their family. Through the various turning points, homeopathy helps these women to get back to their vigorous self and act brilliantly. As it is a completely natural mode of therapy, it does not burden her system with unnecessary chemicals or foreign substances. Through the minutest possible dose, homeopathy just stimulates her latent energy to act favorably, devoid of any abnormality. That is the reason homeopathy can certainly be called as the best friend of women through the thick and thin of life. 

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