Sunday, June 9, 2013

Arthritis treatment with miraculous homeopathy!

When it comes to any type of pain, it is really hard to bear. One can bear anything and live life happily but when it is pain, al happiness seems to go haywire and person perceives only misery through any experience. That is why when patients come to us with the severe joint pains (arthritis), we often tend to cater them as a priority. Rather, arthritis is one of the faculties I can say that busts a myth about homeopathy, that homeopathy does not act fast enough to relieve the pain of arthritis. Rather, when aptly applied the principle of homeopathy, remedy found relieves arthritic pain more rapidly than even the best of analgesic.

Whether it is rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, homeopathic treatment as with any other disease revolves around the signs, symptoms, and constitution of the patient. Miasmatic background must be understood by the homeopathic doctors before they prescribe to such patients.

What homeopaths need to know about arthritis of the patient?

The patient’s history is of paramount importance when it comes to arthritis. The patients must describe-

(1)  Since when the pain has started
(2)  What is the nature of pain (throbbing, dull, aching, excruciating etc)
(3)  Does anything aggravate the pain?
(4)  Does anything ameliorate (lessen) the pain?
(5)  In what position does the patient feel comfortable?
(6)  Is there anything characteristic about the pain?
(7)  Are there any concomitant symptoms along with arthritis?

The above mentioned points are just about the arthritis. But to understand the totality of symptoms, doctor must ask the patient about his mental symptoms or behavioral tendencies, his emotional vulnerability, his psychological and intellectual built up, other physical symptoms, and all the things you feel you need to understand the patient fully.

It may seem the tedious job initially but after one gets accustomed to the art of case-taking, one can easily navigate through these questions and perceive what is important to us. Homeopathic treatment revolves around these questions and answers to be frank. And that’s why homeopathy is a life-long learning process. With every new case, we tend to comprehend some special features of our vast material medica that we use for treating the sick. Surely it’s an amazing experience to match the disease symptoms with drug symptoms or do self-proving in order to completely understand what is described in material medica.

Arthritis is one of the problems that revolve around all three miasms, psora, syphilis, and sycosis. But with good history taking skills, and differentiating ability, one can find perfect simillimum in order to attain perfect cure. Certainly with homeopathic remedies, arthritis patients can find pain relief, reversal of bone pathology, halting the progress of disease, and consistently improve the condition with an overall well-being. 

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