Sunday, June 9, 2013

An Infertility Case Due to Endometriosis-

A female aged 32 had approached with primary infertility. She had never conceived, after getting married 8 years back. The problem quoted by fertility specialists was endometriosis. Husband’s semen reports were all normal with normal sperm count and sperm motility.

After her case history was taken, following points we found were important-

-      menarche at 13 years of age
-      menses quite normal since beginning, had a cycle of 27-28 days, with normal yet blackish flow
-      there were symptoms of PMS like irritability aggravated prior to menses and mild breast tenderness
-      after marriage, after about 3-6 months, started developing pain in abdomen during menses that was lacking earlier
-      backache during menses
-      maternal aunt has history of infertility
-      after undergoing different hormonal treatments for dysmenorrheal, she had put on weight (according to her) that was hard to shed now
-      all complaints including her mental anguish were aggravated even by slightest exertion
-      Said she just cannot stand in front of cooking oven for long. It adds to irritation and she just cannot bear the heat
-      has irregular eating habits, tries a lot to avoid fatty stuff, even does so in case of ghee, butter etc but despite trying hard, just cannot leave potato
-      in generally better in cold weather, cannot stand heat
-      rough hands
-      small red pimply eruptions on face

The remedy prescribed after the first interview was Natrum carb.

After a month, she reported to have reduced pain during menses and backache almost gone.

Slowly but surely she was improving on all other planes after this and she was prescribed acute remedies like Kali phos, Ipecac, Causticum, etc during the course, not to repeat too often.

The dose of Natrum carb was slowly increased through LM potency.

Timely ultrasonography was performed to reveal the status of uterine wall and also endometriosis. It took time but slowly the extensive endometriosis reduced and one day she gave the good news that her pregnancy test came positive!

With the aptly selected homeopathic medicines like Arnica, Cimicifuga, Caulophyllum, as and when required during the pregnancy, she carried till the term and delivered a baby girl normally! 

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