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Sensitive Skin Care: for those yearning for supple skin!

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How to achieve perfectly balanced and acne free sensitive skin?

The skin experts say that actually the sensitive skins are the most beautiful skins, or they can be made one. But caring for such skins is definitely not easy unless you know some special and expert tips. With the hoards of products creating a nonsense burden on skin, one has to look for no-nonsense and trustworthy source to help one’s skin achieve that perfect bliss despite being sensitive. Rather, it should be an attempt to make sensitive skin your plus! It is definitely possible with expert sensitive skin care and modifying your skincare habits according to it. Also choosing the skincare products as per the requirement of skin and avoiding the harsh treatments make your skin most wonderful and confident!

What are the products to be avoided while dealing with sensitive skin?

As said, the sensitive skin care is not easy. But it is difficult only for those who do not know what to opt for and what not to. Therefore it is always advised by skincare experts that more than knowing what’s right for you, you should first know what’s not right for you. This saves you from many problems later. Studying the safe cosmetics guide can help you learn some hard facts about so-called popular skincare products.

It is recommended that one should avoid those skincare products those do not mention the list of ingredients clearly. You must know what you are using and what your products contain. Try to see carefully for harmful ingredients like parabens, propylene glycol, petroleum byproducts, formaldehyde, aluminum, triclosan, mineral oil, and artificial colors, etc. Also sheer clear of products with fragrance!

Not many people know that fragrance that we all love so much is our enemy when it comes to skincare. Almost all fragranced skincare products are allergic to our skin and are neurotoxic. Also petroleum and mineral oil products are said to trigger cancer development and are also linked with various allergies. Basically remember that sensitive skins almost always flair up acne or rosacea when oil or petroleum products are used. No wonder the sensitive skin care experts suggest water based products for your skin. Well, one should also remember that we should not opt for so called natural and herbal skin products without duly checking the ingredients because many of these products contain substances that are harmful for sensitive skin.

Do you know that even Aloe Vera can cause severe allergy and itching in some of the people with sensitive skin?

Top 5 things you must know about sensitive skin care:

After comprehending your irritable and sensitive skin, you really get vehement and keep cursing your fate. But that’s certainly not done! You must act and act fast enough to counteract your heightened sensitivity of skin. What can be done? Here are 5 tips to follow for your sensitive skin care:

(1)  Firstly understand that each skin is different and so you should seek individualized treatment for your ailing skin. Do not go by “all are opting” norm and it will never work. Therefore well-sketched individual treatment regimes for sensitive skin care should be opted for from experts who know your skin type and underlying pathology that is causing you trouble.
(2)  Try to formulate exact problem. Figure out if underlying skin disorder like eczema, hives, rosacea, or allergic dermatitis is the reason behind your troubled skin. Also age, race, and gender can affect the skin though at least moderate modifications can definitely be achieved in almost all cases.
(3)  Applying any cream or ointment to your skin is as good as eating it. Your entire body is absorbing it and your entire body is going to be affected positively or negatively by it. Therefore, whenever you choose any product for your sensitive skin, see if you can eat it too. It’s not an exaggeration and especially sensitive skins need the purity and mildness in the products applied on it. Not even all eatables act mildly on your skin and that’s why there is need of expert intervention!
(4)  Doing spot test can be a wonderful tool you have to avoid allergic reactions from any skincare product. It is always advisable to apply few dabs behind the ear or on the radial aspect of wrist to comprehend the allergic reaction after around 8 to 10 hours. Remember to do the test even for the mildest looking creams.
(5)  Last but not the least; your diet plays a crucial role in the sensitivity of your skin to external allergens. Do not underestimate value of good nutritious diet and make it a part of your sensitive skin care!

Do you know that lactic acid in yoghurt is an awesome skin exfoliant for sensitive skin?

Homeopathy helps!

It is extremely important to know that mild homeopathic treatment works wonders for all sensitive skin problems. Once the innate instability is traced by the homeopath, he can lead you on the path of hassle-free skin for sure! 

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