Sunday, June 9, 2013

Homeopathic Principles- Need of the Hour!

Today when the whole world is fighting against the oppressive impact of intractable diseases, there are some people truly relishing the fruit of natural medicine like homeopathy. These are the people who firmly believe in the homeopathic principles. Some people believe in the therapeutic action of homeopathic medicines and some people just cannot live without homeopathy.

Well, the fact is that the principle that governs this wonderful art and science of medicine is true through the changing years of world medicine. Though there have been changes in the perception of various sects of medicine through these years, homeopathic principle remains the same for which the homeopaths will continue to advocate!

As one can judge, there has been tremendous increase in the fan following of such natural medicine nowadays. The reason behind is simple. People now are aware of the nasty effects of strong medication that might remain in the form of dormant disorder itself in their bodies. They don’t want to carry the remnants of their past maladies with them for the rest of their life. Instead they are interested in improving their natural immunity with the medicine that boosts their confidence multifold in homeopathy.

No wonder various people advocating homeopathy always believed in this wonderful science and made it a point to nurture its positive benefits over the years. The basic principle is derived from the nature and as the nature doesn’t change its charm for anything, so do these medicinal actions. The principle of “like cures like” is known since centuries. Dr Samuel Hahnemann just re-discovered it and converted it into a marvelous healing art.

Hahnemannian classical homeopathy revolves around tapping the innermost detail of an individual that is sick. It never treats just the disease but the person who has it. This holistic approach is what makes Hahnemannian homeopathy need of the hour. We always see that despite all the tests being negative, many people keep suffering from symptoms that are quite indescribable. For example, a person with typhoid test negative continues to suffer from febrile paroxysms and feels extremely weak. The modern medicine will prescribe just an anti-pyretic and some food supplements to get through this. But many times this doesn’t help too and the person continues to suffer. But a homeopathic physician will give importance to the characteristic physical and mental symptoms of this person and prescribe accordingly. No doubt he will feel better subjectively, only to be relieved of physical symptoms concurrently.

Thus, propagation of homeopathy will make us stronger as a human race. We can face adversities, seek pleasure in natural immunity, and fight diseases ourselves without the need of strong medication. Don’t you want it? 

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