Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic Remedy Tips- 1

With Pulsatilla, Chamomilla, and Allium cepa, we can cure majority of ear-aches in children- Kent. We can add Belladona to this list.

 “Hard to make happy” is one of the chief mental concomitants and the reduced quantity of urine, the physical concomitant in Apis mellifica.

“Talking to himself” is one of the chief symptoms observed in Calcarea carb, when he is alone. In company, he is dominated and controlled by others.

Consider Sepia for a greedy and indolent child. More than dislike for people altogether in the party, they are lazy to attend it. But once they are in, they enjoy! While dancing in the party, the Sepia child turns into a totally different person and is no more lethargic and dull.

Too poor memory in children may call for Aurum met. Too sensitive to any kind of disappointment and/or contradiction. Will avoid going for examination for fear of failure and may feign sickness.

Eczema on inner aspects of thighs and legs, including genitals that get aggravated in summer, along with the digestive concomitant-- may call for Croton tig.s

As long as old symptoms reappear or are worse, without the appearance of essentially new symptoms, which lie outside of its sphere of action, we should guard against a repetition of the remedy, or changing to a new one- Boenninghausen

Best complementary drug to Mercurius in respiratory complaints is Hepar sulph.

Stomach or intestinal complaints (indigestion, pain, etc) after eating food angrily- Colocynth

Antimoniums are aggravated by sour items. Antim crud- aggravated by sour food and Antim tart- aggravated by sour fruit!

Extreme nausea. Ask the patient what he has eaten and that question leads to a reflex gag—Colchicum, Cocculus! But colchicum’s acuity of nose (sensitivity to odors) in more marked.

Says great things about good living, fruitful life, righteous way of living, and how one should strive hard to balance the spiritual pursuits with day to day activities. BUT “this does not apply to him but to others”- Hyoscymus

Just had a case of recurrent urticarial rash only around ankle since 1 year. The ONLY drug given in Kent’s repertory is Natrum mur! And after careful history taking, the patient’s mentals and emotional generals too matched that of Natrum mur. Have given it in 1M potency. Will keep you posted of the result. J

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