Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic Remedy Tips - 3

Extremely obstinate during menses- Chamomilla

Child or even an elder that keeps playing with his buttons of shirt can be Mochus

Hoarseness of voice after excessive talking on a single day usually responds well to Arnica.

Child that says words of quarrel between friends in sleep can be Belladona

Feels unduly guilty for trivial things and thinks he should repent for the same- Silica

Extremely buoyant attitude towards even the serious matters- Acid fluor, Ignatia

Bovista cures many cases of Kumkum dermatitis (dermatitis affecting the place on forehead where Indian women apply Kumkum), which may be complemented later with a dose of Sulphur.

Asks continuous questions one after the other. One question leads to another (talks in questions) – Aurum

The Dad who just cannot rest till the toys spread by his child go to proper place- Arsenicum album

It is better to open the case of head injury with Arnica even if the mental symptoms are pronounced and later go for Natrum sulph if required; not the other way round!

Excessive sadness from hearing or reading sad stories. Undue involvement- Cicuta

Meditates even while working- Calc sulph

Lachesis is one of the chief drugs effective in dealing with idiopathic diarrhea during menopause! (Sulphur too)

Think of Lithium carb too when the patient has morning aggravation of gastric complaints and nausea, has rheumatic diathesis, is better by eating, and chocolates lead to diarrhea!!

Lobelia is one of the chief drugs to be thought of when the patient has recurrent giddiness spells along with fear of death!

Euphorbium is one of the major drugs to relieve the burning cancer pains!

Kali nitricum works great if the patient “feels” the swelling in hands and fingers, when there is no actual swelling!

Had a case of skin eruptions on back of hands with excessive itching that failed to respond to Mezereum, responded well to a rare remedy- Pix liquida. The guiding symptom was the patient developed skin ailments the same day when he developed extreme nausea and had vomiting. This was followed by productive cough! All were relieved by a single dose of Pix!

Fagopyrum is the great remedy for diabetic itching of the body, without any eruptions.

Sanguinaria works well if the patient develops diarrheic spells after the respiratory complaints like coryza or catarrh!

Homeopathy offers a special inducement to the man who can teach people to think and act as individuals, and to demand medical treatment as individuals- Herbert Roberts

Quality of patience is something a homeopath learns once he starts his practice; to be able to understand others’ point of view, to convince them about the homeopathic principle that will cater his requirement effectively, and to acknowledge yet defy the bombardment of conventional therapy with dignified demeanor!

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