Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic Remedy Tips - 6

Pothos is a classical remedy for oppressing asthma with bloated abdomen and headache in spots, in which breathlessness is relieved by passing stools!

Cannot live without company- Most prominent drugs are Phos, Stram, Ars
Palladium too, if the companion keeps praising her... J

Heavy diarrhea after cathartics- Nux vom

After any sort of emotional disturbances, mortification, when a person develops acute pain in abdomen and diarrhea- Colocynth… If he develops urinary complaints and/or diarrhea- he may need Staph

Many times, Merc sol is wrongly prescribed in place of Merc dulcis, especially if the person has some or the other ear trouble.

Think of Capsicum for the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism, when there is constricted sensation at mucus membrane junctions, general chilliness, feeble digestion, and marked prostration.

Capsicum also works great when the cough leads to pain in distant parts, especially when the cough is dry and breath offensive. < eating, > open air

Try Carbo animalis when the vertigo is associated with some problem in ears, confused hearing and the person is unable to identify the direction from where sound is coming.

Excessive yawning and sleepiness during the day, mostly associated with cough and watering of eyes- Euphrasia. Yawning < walking in open air

Severe headache in forehead region that is aggravated by moving eyes is usually relieved by a dose of Drosera

Typical aversion to garlic and its smell leading to sneezing is alleviated by Sabadilla.

Excessive irritability in children with tendency to bore head into the pillow can be subdued by Helleborus, especially if the child has absolute aversion to vegetables.

In middle aged women (40 to 50), always rule out Plummer-Vinson Syndrome, if they complain of throat pain (small ulcerative lesions in throat) and mouth ulcers. It is nothing else but due to iron deficiency leading to microcytic hypochromic anemia. Many doctors fail to recognize the syndrome! Apt homeopathic constitutional medicine and iron supplements are enough!

Arnica usually cures the cases of recurrent abscesses, which DO NOT MATURE!

A disposition that is mild, calm, and gentle; sluggish and constipated bowels, contraindicate Chamomilla- Boericke

Hydrangia helps in breaking the kidney stones and when coupled with Berberis vulgaris eases the renal colic too! Give in mother tincture form!

Headache starting early morning, immediately after getting up, preceded by disagreeable dreams- Murex

Cistus canedensis can be thought of in excessive indurated swelling on the throat with enlarged lymph glands; the patient says, “It hurts to take tongue out”. Slightest mental exertion and cold air aggravates.

Heel pain that is better by elevating the feet can respond well to Phytolacca.

Occipital headache after slightest mental exertion. Post-examination remedy for anxious students who dread the failure resulting in occipital headache, vertigo, and a kind of brain fag, relieved by bandaging head tightly- Picric acid

Senecio aureus often sets the menses when the girl has functional amenorrhea with the feeling that menses will start now! All complaints are better once menstruation is set.

Typical greasy sensation on tongue with excessive hyperacidity may respond well to Iris versicolor! (Oily nose, greasy taste, and fatty stools- Boger)

A remedy with most busy hands; he keeps on moving his hands all through the day, fidgety fingers with poor memory- Kali brom

A homeopath who avoids an obstinate exclusivism on a particular potency, either a low or high one, usually succeeds in practice.- Stuart Close

In general it may be stated that any curable disease may be cured by any potency, when the indicated remedy is administered; but that the cure may be much accelerated by selecting the potency or dose appropriate t the individual case.

Many, if not the most, of the mistakes and failures in medical treatment are due to failure to comprehend and correctly apply the principle of logic known as the Law of Causation.

Selenium is an important remedy to be considered in the cases of alopecia, when it is associated with comedones with oily face, itchy seborrhea of scalp, hair fall out from brows, beard too. Tea-drinkers’ remedy, where tea almost always aggravates.

Think of Secale cor when there are putrid greenish bloody stools that sometimes are passed involuntarily. Icy coldness of the body and extreme exhaustion are the hallmarks! Despite coldness, the patient cannot tolerate to be covered.

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