Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic Remedy Tips - 5

Think of Ptelea when the stomach and liver symptoms (hyperacidity, heat in stomach, sinking, heavy feeling on right side better by lying on right, etc) are associated with pain in limbs!

Pulsatilla has so many gastric derangements from different kinds of food that many earlier practitioners used to give Pulsatilla empirically for food problems till they can come up with more suitable drug!

Try Apomorphia may be required in a case of excessive hand and foot sweating when there is associated recurrent nausea, vomiting, and/or constipation.

In cases of plantar fasciitis, Aranea diadema has special role, when the patient develops this pain in os calcis at the specific time of the day, there is sensation of swelling, and is associated with bone pains.

Aralia racemosa may be needed in cases failed with Spongia for dry cough coming at night on lying down. In Aralia, usually the cough is associated with mild to moderate coryza with frequent sneezing, aggravated by slightest cold air with copious discharge.

Fat, pale child with marked redness around eyes, crusty eruptions on face (childhood impetigo), clumsy when walk or perform any task, deformed nails, extremely weepy (more they get the attention, more are the tears) with white washed tongue and some or the other digestive disturbances - Antim crud… Petroleum has similar-looking skin conditions like Antim crud, especially in children, but they are rather thin!

Though Kali sulph is said to be intensified Pulsatilla, Kali sulph child tends to be much flabbier than Pulsatilla. Muscular efforts aggravate Kali sulph and are more liable to sit out of sluggishness on all planes. – Borland

A child gets depressed if he made to sit and do nothing. The same child brightens up mentally by any kind of activity. A chilly child that however sweats on uncovered parts, faulty teeth development, enamel problems, digestive upsets from tea and onions, undue sensitivity to music - Thuja

Pain in chest region (retrosternal) while yawning- Merc i. f.

Numbness of hands alternating between right and left- Cocculus

Pain in tibia- Lachesis, Agaricus, Phosphoric acid

Cold water wash aggravates burning pains tremendously- Capsicum

Think of Stramonium in the sleeplessness associated with low grade fevers

Peculiar photophobia resulting from removing crusts from nose- Kali bich

Itchy sensation in teeth after dinner is usually relieved by Kali carb

The symptoms excess irritability, coated tongue, tendency to obesity, tendency to overeat, then bloating, less thirst, desires sour pickles, cannot bear the heat of sun, with crusty eruptions usually call for Antim crud; for ANY diagnostic complaint!

Osteoarthritis with deformity and pain can be successfully treated with Piper methysticum if there is weakness, feeling of loss of muscular power, and the peculiar modality of amelioration of pain when the attention is diverted. 

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