Monday, September 5, 2011

Spreading Awareness about Homeopathy!

Certainly things are far better now than a few years ago. With the constant efforts from the homeopathic faculty world over, many people today know the positive aspects of homeopathy as a science and arts of treating illness. But still efforts on large scale are necessary among lay people to enhance awareness about this grand science.

The biggest hurdle in comprehending homeopathy lies in inability to show concrete evidence of the presence of the substance in its higher potency medicines. Nanotechnology has made it possible to trace the evidence to some extent like many other theories do. But still huge work needs to be done in this regard by experts. But this does not hide the fact that homeopathy works! And not only does it act but works miraculously in some cases. One of the homeopathic masters says, “It’s not miracle at all! Because such miracles happen in my practice every day and when it happens every day, it’s not miracle but the evidence-based fact!” How true is that!

Pediatric homeopathy is one of the most enchanting topics to study and discuss. It is based on the fact that if we give apt homeopathic constitutional medicine in children, it helps them to develop into good human beings that are healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. And this fact we have been observing over the years. Children who have been on homeopathic treatment since beginning develop fewer health complications in later years than the children in whom antibiotics have suppressed the natural bodily expressions every time. We do not underestimate the value of antibiotics in severe illnesses. But we strongly condemn the use of strong medicines when a single homeopathic medicine can relieve the suffering most naturally in minutest dosage.

Many theories and observations are made by various homeopaths over a period of time. This has led to many forms of clinical applications of homeopathy. And this at times seems to degrade the Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy. But when we study the science in deeper aspects, we realize that unless we stress on the classical mode of therapy, long term goals in attaining the person’s overall homeostasis cannot be fulfilled. Rather cure in most instances eludes us unless we seek shelter of classical homeopathic prescription.

Homeopathic awareness also includes educating people about bad effects of high doses of homeopathic medicines without apt concern. One must educate people that homeopathic medicines are harmless only if they are applied homeopathically in the right dose and repetitions. Self-medication on long term basis for any problem can prove bad for people. The homeopathic home kits too need to be used with caution. As far as possible, never repeat the medicine unless the results come to a standstill. This is especially true of the big constitutional remedies in homeopathy like Thuja, Natrums, Pulsatilla, Magnesiums, so on and so forth. Many times you fail to perceive the side effects because they do not occur in people immediately after they take the wrong dose. They might be visible even years after the dose is taken and by then you might have forgotten the wrong medicine you have taken. This is certainly not to create fear among people but to help them understand the value of appropriate learning of homeopathy and its application in sick.

Remember that the potent memories of the substance that go on enhancing in their sphere of action as the potency increases are absolutely great helpers in grooming the person’s overall well-being. Start your child’s treatment for any minor or major illness in childhood and see how the homeopathy helps him or her seek the maximal potential out of his or her physical, mental, and emotional quotients! You need to experience it to comprehend better! 

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