Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic remedy Tips - 10

Think of Valeriana when the person complains of cramps in hand and upper limbs while writing, suddenly changing symptoms that come and go, associated with flatulence, anger, and a strong impulse to move about!

Asthmatic cough with tightness of chest and nausea, gasps for breath with rattling in chest, despite the loose sounding rattle, no expectoration, worse from warmth! Least motion aggravates cough and breathlessness- Ipecac (think of it especially in children and elderly)

Excessively hairy arms- Medorrhinum (Phatak’s repertory)

Think of Dulcamara in barking kind of excessive cough brought on especially after taking a deep breath! Worse from cold in any form, cold wind, night, dampness and better by external warmth

Think of Argentum nitricum and Causticum when the patient suffers from loss of ambition in his life! When it occurs as a result of disappointment in certain trade, think of Nux vomica too!

Think of Baryta carb and Ignatia when the patient has typical aversion to all fruits.

Think of Calcarea for awkwardness during pregnancy (mental as well as physical) when due to this the lady drops the things in hand, feels self-conscious. 

Intense loquacity is one of the chief concomitant findings of Podophyllum, especially during intermittent fevers.

The uterine affections of Natrum mur are often accompanied by back pains that are relieved by lying upon back.

Graphites leads all the remedies for eczematous affections of the lids, Staphysagria stands next, but of course special indications, local and general, or both must decide… E. B. Nash

The sight of high houses makes him dizzy and causes him to stagger. It seemed as if the houses on both sides of the street would approach and crush him- Argentum nitricum

The leading characteristic of Digitalis is very slow pulse. This may alternate with a very quick pulse, and between the two, we may sometimes get a very irregular or intermittent pulse.

No mater what the name of the disease, whether it is bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough or asthma, if there is great accumulation of mucus with coarse rattling, or filling up with it, but at the same time, there seems to be inability to raise it, Antimonium tart is usually the first remedy to be thought of.

Nausea of Antim tart is as severe as that of Ipecac but not so persistent and there is relief after vomiting.

Think of Phosphoric acid in typhoid fevers when the patient lies in stupor or in stupid sleep, unconscious of all that is going on around him; but when aroused, he is fully conscious.

Think of Sulphuric acid when there is a sense of internal trembling that is extremely distressing to the debilitated patient but not visible externally.

We have seen “Empty gone (hungry) feeling in stomach” many times for important remedies like Ignatia, Hydrastis, Sepia, Sulphur, etc; but in Phos, this sensation extends through the whole abdomen. No remedy has this feeling in entire abdomen as strong as Phosphorus!

Baptisia is indicated in many types of fevers including typhoid, especially when the Gelsemium stage of the fever is over.

Remedial diagnosis of Veratrum album most of the times can be made on its peculiar mind symptoms too, apart from cold sweat on the forehead. The patient has maniacal disposition with desire to cut and tear things, especially clothes, with lewdness and lascivious talks, religious or amorous.

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