Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic Remedy Tips - 2

A tedious case of recurrent boils usually responds well to Tarantula cubensis.

When arsenicum album fails despite being indicated in a case of chorea like symptoms, due to extreme restlessness and anxiety, Tarentula Hispania may well cure the case if—the patients’ physical symptoms are worse in the evening and mental symptoms are better in the evening!

In calcarea group of children, if the child develops sudden lower respiratory tract infections without presenting first with upper respiratory tract infections, he may need Calc phos. The child that usually starts first with URTI needs Calcarea carb!

Ignatia is often missed in case of congestive headaches of a child after a weary day. The child needs a single dose of Ignatia if he or she is aggravated by noise of any kind, cannot take stress, culminates in tears, congestive headache better by hot application, and disturbed finer movements, especially if the child is mentally precocious!

Mag carb tops the list when a child is averse to any kind of vegetables and milk. Milk nauseates. Very choosy child when it comes to food. If you make him eat what he or she does not want, he will develop digestive upsets!

Cina child has definite hyper-sensitivity of head and scalp. Never soothe a crying Cina child on head. It will only add to the irritation. Yawns while crying! – Borland

Nux vomica acts best when given at night, during the repose of mind and body! Nash.

Extreme chilliness when uncovered, yet he will not allow to be covered- Nux vomica

Natrum mur, Phosphorus, and Tuberculinums are the people with prominent clavicle!

Cactus, Strophanthes, and Latrodectus are the major remedies that deal effectively with angina.

Growing pains during childhood can be effectively dealt with by Biochemic salt- Calcarea phos.

In many cases of haematuria without any pathological cause, Belladona is proved successful.

Sciatica with the history of coccygeal injury in the past many times needs Hypericum.

For paretic conditions affecting fingers in middle age, when the fingers jerk while holding the pen, Stannum met is one of the important remedies.

In any type of crampy pains, intensified Mag phos is Cuprum met!

For excessive white discharge (leucorrhea) with backache, increased sweat, and crampy pains around menopause, Eupion works marvelously.

Remedies that may contradict for the sake of contradiction- Sepia, Arsenicum album!

Remember Zincum met and Tellurium when there is excessive weariness of nape of neck from writing or any exertion!

Agnus castus, the remedy that is often thought as one of the chief remedies for sexual over-indulgence, also acts great in agalactia (suppressed milk secretion) in lactating mothers, especially if associated with post-partum depression.

Relaxed ankle jerk is one of the chief diagnostic signs of hypothyroidism!!!

A homeopath must be aware of the clinical signs and symptoms of the disease too, so that he can find the characteristic symptoms of the patient and not attribute the common signs of the disease as the peculiar ones!

Better by letting the part hang down is one of the major modalities of Conium. Vipera is aggravated by the same.

Asterias rubens was one of the most widely and empirically used drug for acne vulgaris. For acne rosacea, there is hardly any drug that matches the depth of Asterias other than Radium brom.  

Undue and idiopathic anxiety after waking up in the morning that gets aggravated if she hears someone reading the newspaper (the rattle of paper) is found in Asarum. She has to get up and wash face with cold water to calm down!

Complaints get aggravated while he narrates the story to his doctor- Calcarea, Pulsatilla

The child that raises the most surprising objection to whatever is asked to be done- may be Argentum nitricum

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