Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic Remedy Tips - 11

Differentiating feature between Ver alb and Stram in mania- Although both remedies are very loquacious and strongly religious, the face of Stramonium is generally very red and bloated; while that of Veratrum alb is likely to be pale and sunken. Also the generalized weakness is more pronounced in Veratrum alb.

In Cuprum met, the spasms usually begin in fingers and toes and spread from there to become general!

In renal affections, Lycpodium has red sand with clear urine. Sarsaparilla has white sandy, slimy or flaky urine.

The stitching pains of Bryonia come on or are aggravated by least motion, while those of Kali carb will occur whether the patient moves or not. Also Bryonia better by pressure, Kali carb, not!

Gastric derangements occur in Bryonia often as a result of dietetic errors when warm weather sets in after cold; those of Nux vomica more from continued overeating and inactivity, abuse of drugs, coffee, tobacco, liquor, etc; and Pulsatilla from too rich food like pastries, fatty foods, ice-cream, etc (Ice-cream only if in excess; little ice-cream often feels good on Puls stomach)

Cough during the chill stage in intermittent fevers is one of the very reliable characteristic features of Rhus tox!- Carrol Dunham

Aurum met is one of the bes remedies for bone pains. Never forget it. It ranks with Kali iod, Asafetida, and Mercuries in periosteal affections- Nash

Also think of Anacardium in ineffectual urging to stools. Nux vomica has it due to irregular peristaltic action, while Anac has it due to an insufficiency or paralytic state of rectum (which is not found under Nux). Nux thus has desire but with irregular action. Anac has desire but without sufficient action to carry it out. Anac has sense of lump or plug in the anus that is not there under Nux vom.

Very easily frightened, shrieks about imaginary appearances, cannot bear to be touched; starts when every so lightly, especially on the feet! These are very characteristic features of Kali carb!

Farrington says about Kali iod- It is an excellent remedy for pneumonia when hepatization has commenced, when the disease localizes itself, and infiltration begins. In such cases, in the absence of other symptoms calling for the Bryonia, Phos, or Sulphur, I would advise you to select Iodine or Iodide of Potassa, useful even when we have cerebral congestion due to hepatization and even when an effusion sets in.

Coffea often relieves jerking toothache, relieved by holding ice water in mouth; returns when water becomes warm!

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  1. Dr.Shreya deserves respect for her dedication to Homoeopathy.Genuine homoeopaths regard this therapeutic science as their DHARMA ,and she obviously belongs to this category.Regarding the H.R.Tips-11,I request her to extend the range of each comparison,mentioning some more remedies.Spasm of Cuprum can be compared with that of Cicuta.