Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic remedy Tips - 7

Zingiber may be needed for diarrheas resulting from drinking impure water, associated with hyperacidity, cutting abdominal pain, and inflamed red anus.

Lilium tigrinum patient usually has a kind of fruitless activity with unknown wild feeling. Deviates between morality and lasciviousness…

Symphytum is a very good remedy for bruises in and around eyes. A Typical Black-eye!

Bryonia and Natrum sulph both have great soreness of chest with cough. Bryonia however has dry cough and Natrum sulph loose and productive. Pain through lower left chest is characteristic in Natrum sulph. Bryonia usually right-sided!

In cases of hyper or hypo-ventilated patients due to any reason, pay attention closely to PCO2, which is reduced in cases of hyperventilation and increased in cases of hypoventilation. PO2 is rarely altered unless severe problem is there.

In patients of anemia, with flushed faces, don’t forget to hear pan-systolic murmur. Clinically you can diagnose anemia pretty fast with this single finding and weakness, especially if the pallor is strikingly absent! And that is a peculiarity while treating homeopathically!

Aletris farinose works great in mother tincture form for prolapse of uterus, when given 5 drops twice a day- Handbook of Homeopathic Mother Tinctures, by Dr Kamal Kansal.

Think of Wyethia when there is constant inclination to clear the throat, > by swallowing saliva. Associated with dryness of throat and elongated uvula.

Aurum met has the kind of industriousness and workaholism to fill the void. Fears idle time, to the extent of morbidity. Also out of craving for more money!

Social smile starts as early as at 6 weeks after birth. It is one of the important parameters of normal mental and emotional faculties of children!

Ledum pal, Hypericum, and Arnica are the top-rated remedies to be thought of to prevent tetanus!

Think of Solanum lycopersicum too in symptoms of rheumatism after an attack of influenza.

Hiccough followed by spasm- Cup met
Hiccough with belching- Dios, Nux vom, Conjuputi
Hiccough with hysterical nervous symptoms- Ign, Mosch, Nux
Hiccough with retching and vomiting- Nux vom
Hiccough with yawning- Cocculus
Hiccough with spasm of esophagus- Veratrum viride

Don’t forget Antim crud while differentiating medicines for shaking hands while writing. No wonder it is also one of the good remedies for Parkinsonism.

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