Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic remedy Tips - 9

One shouldn’t be hasty while dealing with the patients of hypertension. It is seen that most cases deteriorate due to hurried management and unnecessary anti-hypertensive drugs that are not needed. Find out the root cause and deal with the help of effective constitutional therapy. Sudden lowering of blood pressure with anti-hypertensives does more harm than good!

Agaricus is one of the top drugs to be thought of in cases of acne rosacea coupled with childhood myopia.

Lyco, Cham, Tub, and Nux vom are some of the top drugs that have worse irritable mornings!

Think of Bell, Carcinosin, Phos, and Suphur as some of the top remedies when you see a lively child!

Arsenic, Cal phos, Cham, Cina, Nit acid, Tub, etc are some of the complaining children.

Bell, Carc, Hyos, Lach, Lyco, Phos, Sep, Stram, Sul, and Veratrum are some of the intellectual children.

Staphisagria woman is the woman with pent-up emotions. A very nice human being! Very considerate about others. Opens up after kind stimulation. Self-sufficient people who hate the idea of burdening others for any help. Many times finds it hard to fight even for own rights!

Argentum nit can be superstitious and suspicious. Any kind of ‘suspense’ aggravates them. Craving for “salt+cheese+sugars”. Many times interprets things illogically and childishly. Little mental exertion makes them feel like “Now I should just quit and lie down that will make me feel good!” Always better by open air!
Weight gain, bradycardia (slow pulse), subjective symptom of sudden chills or sudden hot flushes and irregular menses, relaxed ankle jerk, etc are some of the important clinical features of hypothyroidism.

Beware of painless vomiting in any elderly patient (without any kind of pain in abdomen). It may be the result of some neurological disease!

Guernsey praised the symptom - “sensation of lime being burnt in stomach with rising of air” of Causticum- very reliable pointer in many cases!

The father-in-law of Dr. T.L. Brown, over 70 years of age was attacked with severe pain in abdomen. Finally a large hard swelling developed in ileo-caecal region, very sensitive to contact or to least motion. It began assuming bluish color, and on account of his age and extreme weakness, it was thought that he must die. His daughter however studied up the case and found the indications for Plumbum. Administered in 200 potency, it cured him completely! (NASH)

Think of Natrum carb in weakness of ankles from childhood. Fleshy people, feet bend outwards, ankles refuse to support the body and leads to frequent sprains at ankles (especially in people with depressed spirits)

Think of Plumbum metallicum in obstinate constipation, where there is drawn up sensation of anus, colic, hard sheep-dung like stools, crampy pain in abdomen before stools, trembling tongue, and associated with cold sweat during stools!

In cases of chronic hyperacidity, where there is sourness of stomach, sour belching, sour taste in mouth, burning between scapulae, teeth setting on edge due to sourness, that is worse by eating fatty food or eating anything, think of Robinia! Peculiar night aggravation in acidity patients associated with sick headache!

Heat as if sparks on skin with obstinate objection to being covered, as heat aggravates. However the body is icy cold externally. Marked action on blood vessels and uterus; in women having dark, thin, foul, and exhausting discharges!- Secale cor

There is hoarseness of voice as soon as he starts singing. Hawks up clear mucus and this symptom develops almost every time the cold weather begins. All complaints aggravated by heat, tea, sexual excesses, loss of sleep, and better after sunset! – Selenium

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