Monday, September 5, 2011

Homeopathic Remedy Tips - 4

H.A. Roberts says, “Temperaments are cast in the very beginning of the new individual, when the parent cells first unite, and that one cast, there is no deviation from them; and that what is physiological cannot be influenced or changed by the action of our remedies. But it is definitely true that the initial tendency cannot be changed, but that the homeopathically indicated remedy, prescribed accurately in babes and children, can so modify the physiological tendencies as to prevent their unfavorable ultimates, to a considerable degree. – H.A. Roberts

A few temperamental remedies-
Nervous- Sul, Ign, Tarent, Sil, Sec, Nit ac, Mag ph, Glon, Gels
Bilious- Bry, Nux v, Bell, Pod
Sanguinous- Phos, Sil, Plat, Hyos, Fer met, Coff
Phlegmatic- Calc c, Puls, Mez, Dulc, Cycl, Ant t, Alo

Surgery for deviated nasal septum and nasal polyps often leads to failures in the long run. Recurrence of blocked nose and allergic symptoms are very annoying. Going for homeopathy helps however to put an end to the menace without surgery! Yes, it’s guaranteed!

Pain in teeth because of going to dry weather from wet weather is relieved by Causticum!

Staphysagria has disposition to swallow saliva several times while speaking.

Carbolic acid works miraculously when there is excessive throat pain with burning sensation along the alimentary canal, bad breath, and shriveled uvula!

Ipecac has this peculiar itching with nausea symptom. Patient tells, he feels so much nauseated as he itches, that he must vomit to stop that itching!

Under homeopathic principle, any potency may be required in any case. It’s unreasonable to expect cure all cases with any 2 or 3 potencies as it is to expect to cure all cases with 2 or 3 remedies. Those who follow such things are governed by the love of ease and prejudices than their desire for efficacy- Stuart Close

A balanced personality is the one if you answer affirmatively to the following questions-
1) Do I like myself?
2) Do others like me?
3) Do I like others?

Immediate acute analogue of Nux vomica to deepen its action is Sulphur!

Mental factors giving rise to flatulence- Aloe- Arg nit- Sil- Lyc

In most cases of nasal polyps, along the course of homeopathic treatment, Tuberculinum is needed to bring about positive changes towards complete cure!

Recently had a case of Glaucoma that responded extremely well to constitutional dose of Nitric acid, while enhancing the potency from 1M to LM over the course of 6 to 7 months. Yesterday saw the report of blood supply to the ophthalmic artery that was subdued to mere 30%, has now reached 80%. Happy!! No alternative to constitutional treatment!!

Pulsating headache ameliorated by darkness- the drug is Sepia

More he eats; more is the appetite- Cina, Lycpodium

Millefolim works great if the person has thrusting headache along with fever with some sort of hemorrhagic tendency.

Girls that keep their legs tightly crossed, have dysmenorrhea, leucorrhea, with extreme weakness yet sexual excitement may need Murex!

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