Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Application of Homeopathy in Dentistry!

Dentistry is by far the most feared medical profession by the general public. The sight of dental drilling tool can drive panicky to the most balanced man known. But it is true that dental surgeon’s office is one of those offices that every one of us visits sometimes in life. But the problem is that most often we visit too late only to find our teeth beyond repair in most instances. But the dental pain is so unbearable that we are ready to bear the temporary pain of their drillers and root canal procedures.

If dentistry is a separate science altogether, can homeopathy help in there? Does homeopathic medicines help alleviate some of the dental problems? Yes, certainly! Homeopathy is an all-encompassing mode of therapy that caters the needs of people on all planes. Let’s list the dental applications of homeopathy here:

(1) Fear of procedures: Well, it may sound silly but as said earlier, fear of dental procedures is one of the chief causes for which we use homeopathy. You have an appointment with dentist at 10 am for root canal procedure and your anticipation starts right in the early morning hours. A single dose of Gelsemium or Argentum nitricum depending upon symptoms can alleviate the fears.

(2) Dental pain: If the type of pain and the associated symptoms are carefully considered, reaching the simillimum while alleviating pains is possible. Chamomilla, Plantago major, Ignatia, Merc sol, Hypericm, etc work wonders in reducing the dental pain.

(3) Post-dental procedure problems: Arnica is the head remedy that can help in many problems after the various dental procedures. It helps tackle infections, hematomas, pain associated with handling of teeth, and also helps healing faster. Hypericum, Nux vomica, Chamomilla etc also help in this regard. Also Calendula mother tincture or in potency may help in quicker healing and avoiding post-dental surgery infection.

(4) Teeth and gum bleeds: This is one of the domains where homeopathy can help a great deal. The tooth or gum bleeds may or may not be related to dental procedures. There are people who have tendency to dental bleeds on slightest touch or brushing. Tubercular miasm dominates the scenario in such patients according to homeopathy. We even encounter patients who have been advised gum surgeries to proximate the lining so that the bleeds will stop. But only with constitutional homeopathic medicines it is possible to impart permanent cure in such people. Lachesis, Phosphorus, Crotalus horridus etc are the chief medicines that help in catering gum bleeds.

(5) Smelly mouths: Many people suffer from foul mouth odors. It is true that poor dental hygiene is one of the chief reasons behind the odorous mouths. In such people, Calendula mother tincture (mixed in water) may act as the best mouth wash. Also the remedies like Merc sol, Merc vivus, etc help prevent the tendencies to develop smell. In some cases, the deranged abdominal health or indigestion may be the reasons behind mouth odors. Unless this root cause is removed with aptly selected homeopathic remedy, the smell usually recurs.

(6) Slow teething in children: delayed milestones like late waling, talking, and teething can occur in children due to innate tendencies as well as low bone and tissue masses. In such children, homeopathy can help bring normalcy to the developmental cycles and impart strength to teeth and bones. Calcarea phos 6x can help as a supplement too. Calcarea carb and Silicia dominate the picture when it comes to delayed milestones and related troubles of childhood.

Obesity and Homeopathy

Definition of obesity:

Excessive amount of body fat is defined as obesity. This excess is determined with the help of Body Mass Index (BMI). It is calculated with the help of formula- weight in kilograms divided by height in meters’ square. If the BMI is 25 to 29, you are overweight. If it is 30 and above you are obese; above 40 you are morbidly or severely obese.

Sleek silhouettes are not only welcome on ramps but in health industry as well. Obesity is not just a cosmetic problem but gives rise to number of diseases. Most importantly, obesity leads to syndrome X, which comprises of 3 major ailments- hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and hypercholesterolemia. These are the diseases that lead to end-organ damage and eventually death. Sadly enough obesity menace is growing almost equally in developed as well as developing countries. In United States alone, 1 in 3 Americans is obese.

What can be done to fight obesity?

No wonder all the medical and health scientists are trying great deal to end the obesity menace and save humanity from varied diseases pertaining to it. Also due to increase in global cardiac and diabetic people, burden on health resources is increasing. Therefore, it is duty of every responsible citizen to fight against obesity.

Here are the two basic steps that should be taken to fight obesity:

(1) Go natural: Major problem that has caused so many troubles is our moving away from nature. We are inculcating nasty habits of junk foods, sedentary habits, and excess dependence on machines. Unless we don’t change our so-called urban lifestyles, we may never overcome the obesity problem.

(2) Opt for healthy treatment options: With the enhancing problem of obesity, numerous diet pills have thronged the market. But are they all safe? Surveys have found that many diet pills (those were initially marketed as the best weapons to fight against obesity) were found to contain nasty chemicals and substances those lead to substance abuse and many side effects. To lose extra pounds, we certainly do not want to burden our system with unnecessary occupants. Therefore, some of the alternative modes of therapy like homeopathy, yoga, Ayurveda etc have been lauded for their efficacy in mildly yet effectively treating obesity per say.

How homeopathy helps?

  1. Being a natural mode of therapy, homeopathy is one of the safest modes of treatment for obesity. The minute doses of homeopathic dilutions are effective in altering the bodily tendencies positively so that weight reduction goal can be achieved.
  2. Homeopathic prescription for obesity is mainly based upon the causative factor. So, in cases of pathological obesity resulting due to diseases like thyroid problem, PCOD, etc, homeopathic medicines are given depending upon these factors and their characteristic symptoms. This in turn therefore helps cure the basic problem.
  3. Most obesity related diseases and obesity are interdependent. They set a vicious circle in which the person revolves without relief. But by catering all these problems with singular prescription of constitutional medicine, homeopathy just helps to set the things straight and brings back equilibrium.
  4. The mother tinctures used in homeopathy like Phytolacca berry, Fucus vesiculosus, etc help in actual reduction in fat and enhance the metabolism, so that more fat is burnt.

Protect Your Child with Mild and Effective Homeopathy!

We as a trait have developed ourselves extravagantly over last few decades. Today’s kids are tech-savvy, intelligent, and have the greatest gift of understanding and caring parents. But as there are positive changes with the advancement, negative ought to follow. Growing pollution, excess study stress, overly protective parents, materialistic attitudes, etc are some of them. Our children are succumbing to all these influences so much that many fear that childhood days have reduced to a great extent in recent years.

The global surveys have estimated that more and more children are suffering from varied types of allergies, infections, and behavioral disorders. With the nuclear families, protection of children from various nasty societal elements has also become an issue for many parents. However, health remains the priority when it comes to kids’ care.

Moving away from nature is one of the chief causes of so many newer allergies and infections. So, why not go closer to nature in an attempt to give a healthy childhood and consequent adulthood to our children? This is possible with natural treatment modes like homeopathy.

Why artificial and strong synthetic treatment modes harm the children?

(1) The natural expression of disease is suppressed with nasty doses of synthetic medicines. This suppression may lead to temporary benefit by alleviating the symptoms of the disease but the child’s natural immunity will be suppressed only to deteriorate his condition by further spells of allergies and infections.

(2) When during this tender age, they are exposed to high medicinal doses, the entire system experiences a debilitating effect, so that they cannot develop into stronger and healthy individuals.

(3) The suppression of single disease to find relief may affect more vital organs in the long run, leading to worsening of the situation.

How homeopathy can help children gain back his or her immune power?

Homeopathic medicines are minutest doses of potentized medicines, which act from inside out. They flush of the system of toxic wastes and detoxify the body. As the choice of the medicine is based upon individual signs and symptoms of the disease, every child’s constitution and response to the treatment is studied individually. Especially in pediatric maladies like childhood asthma, allergic rashes, recurrent colds and cough, skin diseases, lymph node affections, hernias, developmental delays, etc, homeopathic medicines act marvelously to bring back equilibrium. And all this is done without inflicting undue harm to the system.

Study of children is important:

With all said, it is certainly not easy to treat a child homeopathically, except under expert supervision. Studying the children types is a fascinating study in homeopathy. The physician must perceive every minute detail of the child right from his eating habits to behavioral patterns, and finalize the treatment. But it can be assured that with aptly selected homeopathic remedy, the child feels at his best, can concentrate better on his studies, create better peer relations, and live happily without falling sick often!

No wonder many parents tell us that since they started homeopathic treatment for their child, they as parents can cope better with their children and develop closer bonds! Great thing to achieve must say!

Let’s Learn About Autism and How Homeopathy can Help:

Autism reflects reduced or no development of verbal or communicative social behavior in children. Though the motor and other developments are quite appropriate, lack of coordination in these movements may be visible. Various hypothesis and studies have been carried out in an attempt to understand exact patho-physiology of autism. But almost all studies point to the fact that disruption in the early fetal brain development results in autistic behavior.

What signs and symptoms are observed in autistic children?
(1) Different types of obsessions are observed in many of autistic children like with inanimate objects like water, spinning ball, pendulum, electronic gadgets like cell-phones, etc.
(2) Tantrums and hyperactive behavior are common.
(3) Intelligence-wise, many autistic children are far superior (in some cases above average) than mentally retarded children.
(4) Difficulty in communication and socially withdrawn attitude
(5) Lack of desire to study or read anything
(6) Extremely irritable attitude sometimes and totally quiet the other times.
(7) Failure to build good relationships in peer group
(8) Lack of spontaneity

Can homeopathy help in autism?

The answer is yes! Homeopathy is a mode of therapy that is based on natural principle and the remedy selection is done by individualistic approach. Each child with autism is studied in its entirety and given special consideration as regards his or her physical, mental, and emotional aspects. As homeopathy believes in totality of symptoms, studying and history taking of the child in presence of his or her parents becomes the most crucial part of treating an autistic child.

Observation is another important point in homeopathic history taking. Right from the time child enters the consulting room to the time when he leaves the room; homeopathic doctor gives complete attention to his overall behavior. Many fascinating differentiating points come to the fore during this period and helps in pin-pointing to the particular remedy or trait of the child.

Belladonna, Stramonium, Hyoscymus, Ignatia, Carcinocin, Tuberculinum, etc dominate the picture when it comes to choosing the right remedy. But this is not al obviously. There are numerous other remedies that may be applicable in any particular child, depending upon symptom similarity and an expert perception about the case in detail helps.

Homeopathic medicines are the deep-acting medicines when chosen rightly and in right potencies. Yes, the choice of potency is especially important when it comes to treatment of autism. Only higher potencies can elicit desired results, as they are more potentized and are capable of acting on higher centers. It is evident that the hypothalamo-pituitary axis is positively influenced by the minute doses of homeopathic medicines to bring about positive changes in the autistic child.

Changes that are observed with consistent homeopathic treatment:

(1) The foremost thing patients tell us that they now can see their child better coping with his day to day surroundings.
(2) The child begins communicating in better fashion, though during initial period, the better use of expressive signs will be made than verbal.
(3) Along the course, motor activities and coordination improves a lot; like, the child now is able to tie his show-laces, button his shirts, etc (if earlier he was slow in these activities)
(4) Slowly but surely the verbal communication starts and many of the children after successful homeopathic treatment can attend normal schooling.