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Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Eye Problems!

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Eyes are the doorway to one’s soul! Eyes reflect mind, eyes reflect psyche, and eyes reflect HEALTH! No wonder homeopathy that caters effectively the ‘mind’ of an individual has lot to offer in problems of eyes. Eye is certainly one of the most delicate organs of the body and therefore, caring for eyes has to be done by an expert homeopath. A homeopath might want to consult an ophthalmologist to rule out certain critical eye problems before proceeding for the treatment. But here one should remember that while treating homeopathically, we should not give much importance to the diagnostic name of the eye problem but its signs and symptoms that point us to the accurate remedy.

There are hoards of homeopathic remedies useful in the treatment of various eye problems. However, one must remember that for constitutional eye problems like cataract, glaucoma, recurrent blepharitis or conjunctivitis, corneal opacities, and/or recurrent styes, one must go for constitutional prescribing after carefully considering the physical, mental, and emotional characteristic of the individual; then only it is possible to impart perfect cure! But one must be acquainted with certain remedies that specifically render beautiful results in varied eye problems so that they can be used for acute prescribing as well.

Here is the list of top 10 homeopathic remedies for eye problems—

(1) Euphrasia-
-         Acute catarrhal conjunctivitis
-         Eyes water all the time with inclination to blink frequently
-         Acrid burning eye discharge that corrodes the margins of the lids
-         Corneal opacities with thick discharges that burn
-         Blistery cornea
-         One of the great remedies for rheumatic iritis that may be associated with partial ptosis
-         Almost always associated with bland and watery coryza
-         Swelling of the lids with burning, which feels better when in open air
-         Worse in the evening, indoors, light, warmth
-         Better open air, coffee, dark
-         Must be compared with Allium cepa while dealing with allergic rhinitis associated with conjunctivitis. In Allium cepa, eye discharges are bland and coryza is acrid.

(2) Ambrosia-
-         Allergic eye problems
-         Intolerable itching of lids
-         Smarting and burning in eyes with watery coryza and nosebleed
-         Wheezy cough almost always present with eye problems
-         Compare with Sabadilla, Arundo

(3) Ruta-
-         Eye-strain headaches
-         Red hot eyes with pain in eyes
-         Especially associated with sewing or reading fine print
-         Accommodation of vision disturbed
-         Weariness in eyes with headache
-         Excessive lassitude associated with eye troubles
-         Bruised, pressure feeling over the eyes
-         Compare with Natrum mur, Argentum nitricum

(4) Pulsatilla-
-         Pulsatilla is one of the most invaluable homeopathic medicines for eye troubles.
-         Bland thick greenish eye discharges call for it
-         Associated with itching and burning sensation
-         Recurrent styes invariably need a dose of Pulsatilla during the course
-         Inflamed agglutinated eye-lids
-         Sub-acute eye complaints in venous constitutions
-         Sub-acute conjunctivitis associated with dyspepsia
-         Veins of fundus oculi enlarged
-         All complaints are worse in warm room and better when in open air

(5) Spigelia-
-         Neuralgic eye pains
-         Pressing pains in eyes on turning them
-         Extreme photophobia
-         Rheumatic ophthalmia
-         Pains in and around eyes feel as if extending deep into the socket
-         Eyes feel too large
-         Very sensitive to touch
-         Worse from touch, jar, noise
-         Better by lying with head high

(6) Apis mellifica-
-         Swollen, edematous lids that burn and itch
-         Bright red puffy conjunctiva
-         Prevents recurrence of styes
-         Pain around orbits with serous exudates
-         Swelling below the lower lid (upper lid- Kali carb)
-         May be associated with urinary problem
-         Worse heat, touch, pressure, right side
-         Better cold washing, open air

(7) Merc sol-
-         Syphilitic eye troubles
-         Thick, red, swollen lids
-         Profuse burning acrid eye discharges
-         Floaters
-         Eye trouble that starts after exposure to the glare of fire etc
-         Iritis with thick corroding discharges
-         Extremely offensive eye discharges
-         Boils in and around eyes with yellow fetid pus
-         Worse at night, wet damp weather, warmth

(8) Silica-
-         Day-light produces sharp pains through the eyes
-         Tenderness of eyes worse when closed or pressured
-         Suppuration in the anterior chamber of the eye, iritis
-         Confused sort of vision where letter run together while reading
-         Lachrymal duct affections
-         Has potential to clear corneal opacities when homeopathically indicated
-         Cataract in office workers
-         Worse new moon, cold
-         Better warmth

(9) Hepar sulph-
-         Corneal ulcers
-         Suppurative eye troubles, iritis with pus in anterior chamber
-         Conjunctivitis with purulent discharges
-         Red and inflamed lids and conjunctivae
-         Pain in orbits
-         Soreness is marked in eyeballs
-         Objects appear red and enlarged
-         Half-reduced field of vision
-         Styes with pain and suppuration
-         Worse exposure to draft of cold, touch
-         Better warmth, wrapping up head

(10)                    Agaricus-
-         Double-vision with flickering before the eyes
-         Twitching of lids and eyeballs
-         Neuralgic eye pains
-         Letters seem to move or swim while reading
-         Agglutinated margins of lids with burning pains with red inner canthi
-         Eye troubles associated with vertigo and icy cold head
-         Worse open cold air


  1. How effective is the Homeopathic medicines, what is the success rate, is there any side effects ?

  2. @Board Certified Doc,
    Homeopathic medicine has been found very effective in tackling many chronic and acute ailments affecting mankind. If you see the patient database with an established homeopath, the success rate is very high and consistent. There are very little or no side effects when the homeopathic treatment is offered judiciously by an expert homeopath. Wrong drug selection, unnecessary frequent repetitions, use of very high potencies (when not needed), are some of the reasons behind the side effects. But then that is obvious considering the depth of action of homeopathic remedies.

    1. Hi Doctor,

      I am 32 years old Chartered Accountant. I had never checked my vision, never used any glass or medicine, I also have no disease like BP, Diabetes etc....Since 3-4 months I was feeling headache and blurred vision, so I contacted Dr. Kothari @Bombay Eye Hospital & Research Centre, Babulnath, Mumbai, who said that my left eye has low vision (+6) and right eye is okay and so refused to do anything by saying that nothing can be done. I am very much tensed, I feel problem in reading printed material whereas I can properly read the PC/Computer Screen. I understood I have contrast problem of low vision. Kindly advice, if there is any treatment or medicine in homeopathy... I shall be grateful to you lifetime.


      Jeeten Bhardwaj

  3. I had misunderstanding about homoeopathy. But it is now clear. Thanks Dr. Shreya for this informative blog.
    body lift

  4. I had a laser surgery 10 years ago(one for near and one for far (I had myopia) as a side effect of this procedure my vision is and was poor in dark/low light, other than that my eyes were good until now.
    I am under lots of emotional stress, I am fatigued ,little sleep, all that has effected my eye sight badly. MY left eye was done for near and right for far now I feel like some thing hard is in the way to see clearly lots of burning in both eyes I am using +1 for reading and computer use i feel pressure and like to take the glasses off I feel like I should go to sleep or atleast close my eyes, eye drops helps a little.
    looking for help to choose right homeo pathic remedy for my eys

  5. @ Anonymous- Please write in details to contact@drshreya.com to receive a detailed reply and homeopathic prescription if indicated.

  6. I am using glasses for computer work & that are + 1.25 . Kindly guide me for eye vision improvement. My age is 47.

  7. Well, you can start with eye exercises (called Trataka) and Balasana (both terms you will have to search on google and youtube. These definitely help as supplementary mode of therapy that I often advise to my patients.

    However, much better improvement can be obtained with homeopathic medicines. You can contact any reputed homeopath in your area. Else, we can help you seek homeopathic prescription from us, if you mail your details to contact@drshreya.com.

    Thank you!

  8. my corners of eyes itch and I have a little filled pocket of gue, I tweezed a eye lash out and it remained like thate, m,it fills at times , when my allergies are acting up. It was real windy today, but now that Im in , They bugged me so I washed my face and they really started itching

  9. Dr. Deshpande,
    I want to know whether there are any homeopathic cure to acute Fibromyalgia where the patient is almost affected in all the eighteen points regarding Fibromyalgia. I need to know this for my sister who is suffering from Fibromyalgia which has been diagnosed about a year and a half ago and the symptoms are gradually aggravating. She is only 25 years old.

  10. @Anonymous- You suffer from nothing but allergic eye problems. For all the related symptoms, you need to take appropriate homeopathic medicines. As an auxiliary regimen, you should wash your eyes with cold water at least 3 to 4 times a day. Some yoga exercises also help eye health. You can write to us at contact@drshreya.com for knowing more.

  11. @Monodip Dutt,
    For acute as well as chronic fibromyalgia, homeopathy can help. Most importantly such tendencies to fibromyalgia can be cured by constitutional homeopathic approach, that is, classical homeopathy. You can write to contact@drshreya.com to know more.

  12. salam i want to discuss some health problems pl add me . email adress is javshah@yahoo.com

    1. Kindly write to us at contact@drshreya.com. We will reply you there. Thanks.

  13. I am 32, last year i suddenly developed many eye floaters which are annoying me a lot, eye doctor says they can do anything for it as it is harmless but really making me depress.. is there any homeopathy remedies for eye floaters,,, my retina is ok doc says....pls give me some advice kap7@ rediffmail.com


    1. Dear Kuki, please write to contact@drshreya.com for detailed reply. Yes eye floaters can be helped with homeopathy! Thanks.

    2. Dear Dr Deshpande,
      I have similar problem as Kuki Sharma. On top of this, I am 47 years old women, and already diagnosed as having a mild cataract (1+). I am used to have some floaters occasionally but, 3 days ago I was surprise by many foaters in my left eyes, which makes me worry. i have made an appointment to see my ophthalmologist to check for any retinal detachment. Please advise.
      Thank you.


    3. Please check with your ophthalmologist first and then with the report, write to contact@drshreya.com. We can help you with homeopathy!

  14. Dear Doctor,

    I have eye allergies which gets worse on working on computers, watching TV or on polluted streets. I get severe itching inside my eyelids and feel very uncomfortable. If I itch a lot it affects my sight and small pieces of threads come out of my eyes. Most of the time I feel as if I have a mustard seed below my eyelids.

    Please help, can I meet you for a check-up. Thanks.

  15. Dear Anonymous- have replied you in mail. thanks.

  16. My age is 26. Earlier i had tiny floaters within my eyes. But now a day i had a huge floater in my left eye. It creates too much difficuly in seeing with my eyes. My problem started 3 years ago when i started to work on computer. While seeing computer my eyes get tired and number of floaters are increased. Please help me if any one has answer or solution regarding to this. Please contact me on facebook- www.facebook.com/9novkumar

    and My email is-


    1. Dear Mr Manoj, You have been replied in details on your email address.. Take care..

  17. My brother-in-law is diaganosed with Multifocal choroiditis .. Do homeopathy have remeady for this problem ?
    Pls. help.

  18. Hello, please write to contact@drshreya.com with details of your brother in law's complaints. Thank you.

  19. Hi Dr.
    O have a power of -3.75 in both my eyes. Can u please suggest if their I'd any remedy for this. And your address if I can visit u.


  20. Dear Dr. Shreya my mother had eye cataracts in one ey and after surgery she lost her vision because it turned out her retina could not cicatrize because of her retina tissue was took weak and could not heal, so she suffer a retinal detachment.
    The problem is, she now is suffering from the same in her other eye and of course, she doesn't want to go to surgery and looser her vision. Do you think there is any kind of hope with homeopathic medicine for her..to strengh her retina and stop her cataracts?

    1. With the homeopathic constitutional therapy, we can certainly halt the progress of the problem in your mother's eye. Many details would be required though to reach a suitable remedial diagnosis. Kindly write in details to contact@drshreya.com so that we will send you an appropriate questionnaire for your mother. Thank you.

  21. Dear Dr,

    My mother is now 57 years old, she had eye floaters (start one back), we have consulted eye specialist, but no treatment recommended, pls help & advise the medicine and solution

    Thanks in an advance

  22. Good Day !

    I have eye floaters, do you have any treatment for the problem. In addition, I am at Malaysia and how much is your charge for the treatment.

    I tried to send an email to your contact email but it failed. Could you reply to me at eidulameen@gmail.com Thanks

    The following address(es) failed:

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    Thank you,

  23. Hello and good day !

    I am 32 years old and have some complex medical history, 2 months back gone through laser treatment for both eyes(temporal to fovea),Diabetic retinopathy the main cause. Weak vision and eye floaters are troubling me now. I would like to provide further details in the email. Kindly provide some suite able medicines accordingly.

    Thanks and regards...

  24. My age is 23. Earlier i had tiny floaters within my eyes. But now a day i had a huge floater in my left eye. It creates too much difficuly in seeing with my eyes. My problem started 3 years ago when i started to work on computer. While seeing computer my eyes get tired and number of floaters are increased. Please help me if any one has answer or solution regarding to this.
    my mail- vipkri@gmail.com

  25. I live in Bogor Indonesia jawabarat, I had eyes mines 2.00, I can be cured with homoepathy? Any cure?

  26. I have eye floaters too but I'm only 22, what is happening?

  27. hai doctor my son is 11 years old. he watches tv and computer most of the time.he is complaining of pain on the eyes especially on eye ball and feeling pressure on eyes.sometimes finding hard to open eyes.eye test was done vision is perfect. awaiting for ophthalmologist appointment in ireland.what medicine is suitable?

  28. Hello Dr. shreya. Can you tell me what would cause blood vessels to
    burst under the cornea of my eye. This has happened several times
    in the last month. It looks unsightly, but is only mildly irritating. Is there any homeopathic remedy to strenghten my veins?
    Please contact me:jandial@juno.com

    Also, I have discontinued wearing my contact lenses, however, this did not help.

  29. I want information on removal naturally of eye pterigriums.....I do not want surgery....please help me....thanks so much....L,H.

    1. You can get online consultation and treatment for pterigium and related eye complaints by writing to us at contact@drshreya.com. Thanks and regards.

  30. Dr can you please prescribe some homeopathy medicine for infection disc oedema inferotemporal blood vessel ie devoid of blood in right eye.thank you
    my email id is- knrao18764@yahoo.com or on sudhakarkarnal@gmail.com
    thanking you..waiting for your reply urgently.

  31. Sir, I had BRVO eye problem on my left eye, can you suggest homeopathy medicineplease

  32. Doctor, I have a chronious problem with allergic conjuctivity, my eyes are getting red and itchy all the time, I have got photophobia, the symptoms of redness and itchy are getting worse in warm conditions ets. When I was a child it started as a spring allergy and it became almost a yearly problem as I was growing up. I am 40 years old now and I am desperate with the problem. My life is so bad with this thing. I have tried several drops from the classic medicine and last year I decided to try homeopathy. It seemed to work for a while but now I am full of bad symptoms again although I do not use drugs and although I do exactly as my homeopath doctor says. It seems that I am a pulsatilla type according to his opinion.I am thinking of quitting homeopathy. Do you think the problem needs more time with homeopathy? Do you think there will be a remedy at all? Do you think I should try apis mellifica better?? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    1. Certainly homeopathy can help you. Please write to contact@drshreya.com.

  33. Dear Dr.

    My age is 24 . I have arcus senilis in my eyes .Please suggaest me the Homeopathy treatment.

    1. Please write to contact@drshreya.com with your details Anchit Verma.

  34. Dear Dr., I have been having redness of the eye and acute pain. It has lasted a long time and does not wish to disappear. I hope there's a new remedy that will help me. I think I need to see a optometrist in Edmonton soon.

  35. You have a genuine information here regarding how to improve eyesight naturally through eye vitamins that been absorbs by your body. I really appreciate this blog and thanks for sharing!

  36. Hi Doctor,

    For the past one year I am seeing a tiny black spot in my vision. I consulted a doctor, he said it is normal but if it increases come again. Can you suggest any cure in homeopathy.

  37. Very good and helpful info you given here. There are certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration

  38. My eyes were giving me some trouble while reading this post but now everything is fine. thanks for sharing such a good info.

  39. Hello Doctor,
    I am 35 year old working in office with minus eye sight in both the eyes (6.00 and 6.50). Is there any medicine to arrest increment of the power? Please suggest me in me.personal@rediffmail.com.
    Thanking you,

  40. I am 34 male, within one month i suddenly developed many eye floaters which are annoying me a lot, eye doctor says it is harmless but really making me depress.. is there any homeopathy remedies for eye floaters,,,pls help me preet469@yahoo.co.in

  41. Hi:
    My son who is 2.5 yrs old keeps complaining thar his eyes are burning and would rub his eyes. what medicine should i give him and what should be the dosage. thank you.


    1. Dear Lata, seems he is suffering from some kind of eye allergy. Please write to me at contact@drshreya.com so that we can discuss further. Thanks.

  42. Hi
    Thank you so much for giving us such kind of handy content which will be most useful to me as well.... I will follow your blog always. Thanks!!!

  43. Respected Dr Shreya Deshpande,
    My Mother Aged 75 has been suffering from Corneal Problem for last 7 Years. We consuled so many Ophthalmolgists .after many tests They said that Small blood capillaries are being develepoded in the cornea resulting opacity of the Cornea which they said is rare and Abnormal.
    Can my Mother get free from that problem? is there ever any such cases treated with Homeipathy ? Please Answer the

  44. athy can help you. Please write to contact@drshreya.com.

    Anchit VermaJune 26, 2013 at 7:51 AM
    Dear Dr.

    My age is 22y. I have arcus senilis in my eyes .Please suggest me the Homeopathy treatment.

  45. Is there any remedy for eye floaters in homeo. I have consulted eye doctors and they have said that it is normal. But floaters are very disturbing. Please advise.

  46. Hi Dr Shreya Deshpande,
    I have chronic uveitis with pressure problem. My inflammation is so stubborn. One of uveitis specialist treat me with methotrexate and cyclosporine to bring the inflammation almost zero. I don't have choice either take the drugs or go blind?

    This all happen 4year back- now I start getting pain-I can feel the inflammation is back? There is any medicine in homeopathy for this kind of problem? I don't really want to go for this evil drugs again. I will appreciate for your help.

    thanks madam

  47. Hello mam, I am 18 years old and I am having myopia of -1.75 and -1.50 in my eyes.I want to join Army so can it be reduced to -.5 or -.75.PLEASE kindly reply mam.

  48. I am 36, recently had went for Optometrists for eyes check up, had discovered presbyopia and Shout-sighted at the same time, so is it any eyes exercise than able to help to improve my eyesight.

  49. You have shared such a very informative blog post about homeopathic medicine and i am really impressed for this post.. Thank you so much

  50. I think i need a eye checkup after i read this article

  51. Thanx for sharing such a helpful article. This is written very well you are a very good writer. I am agree with you. Hope you will Carry own writing in the same way. Thumbs Up!

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