Friday, February 25, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle- What is it? Do emotions play a part?

“You must relax” was the comment one of my friends heard off late from one of the psychologist. It was a high-profile affair in supposedly astute settings and therefore was recorded for the patient. When I heard it, the word “must” triggered some bells that didn’t sound right. Even the patient told me that his comment regarding relaxation sounded too stressful that obviously took away the crux of what he wanted to convey. Many of us have this habit of stressing these health facts that should come naturally… automatically!

It is true that relaxation techniques help one to a great extent in handling day to day problems and also help one conquer many existing and impending diseases. However, the word relax itself should bring a kind of serenity and tranquility in one’s mind and not the pressurized need for rest. One should also understand that the word relaxation does not always imply the need to sit idle and do nothing but rest. Relaxation techniques may differ from person to person. One might find relaxation in deep sleep and another might feel the need to go on adventure sports for that relaxation of mind and spirit. What matters is how you feel after that relaxation.

The purpose of this discussion is to know “what exactly is healthy lifestyle?” In many senses, the term healthy lifestyle is relative. However, there are certain things that one can follow on the physical, mental, and emotional plane that help propagate through life healthily. Well, frankly enough, every physician will agree to the fact that the health on emotional plane is the most important and it’s the emotional harmony that leads to physical as well as mental harmony for any person. And this emotional harmony cannot be achieved if we do not connect with our people. Yes, the interpersonal relationship plays a great role in establishing healthy environment in any family. No wonder it is stressed that unless one is familiar with his own family members and communicates well, he or she cannot really maintain the harmony on physical plane. It’s been evident that the high blood pressure is found more commonly in people with unhealthy home environment that usually spurs up due to lack of healthy conversation and relation with the family members.

The point mentioned above should be taken in good spirit by all who like to inculcate relaxation in their day to day life. Then relaxing will not be a “must” criterion but it will happen automatically. Unless your mind is free not to sulk about anyone or anything, how can it really find happiness all around? And true happiness of the mind is probably the most significant aspect to ensure one’s physical health. Striving for physical health without achieving balance on mental and emotional planes is like struggling to meet your work deadline without knowing what you are supposed to do exactly.

Let’s ponder on the following points--

(1) Interpersonal relationships- The foremost thing one should strive for is good interpersonal relationship if they want to enhance their positive health-quotient. It is not very difficult if you try to figure out the problems from a third man’s perspective and find essential solutions to mend the bridges. Forgiving someone for their past deeds is one such solution that sounds difficult but once followed with heart, gives you the best pleasure in the world.

(2) Emotional catharsis- Venting out your emotions is another thing that needs attention. Many people sulk in solitude and feel they have the biggest sorrow to deal with in the world. Frankly no person in this world is trouble-free and no sorrow in the world leads to end of the world for anyone. Just we don’t have the courage to speak up our mind. If we do it and vent out our feelings to our near one, we will avoid heavy load on our hearts that leads to hypertension, diabetes, and even cancer. The catharsis of emotions is very important to do for a man as well as woman. There is nothing manly in not venting out the emotions. You can at the most call it coward attitude towards one’s own emotions. Unless we deal with ourselves better, how can we expect our body to listen to our healthy lifestyle changes?

(3) Believing in self-health- May sound weird but you cannot feel healthy unless you believe in your health! Huge debates are going on in the medical realms about positive and negative impacts of strong medication. Many people are bearing the side effects of medication more than the bad effects of disease per say. Many health-neurotics are born in the twenty first century. The hypochondriacal community is on rise in the name of so-called health awareness. These are the people responsible for lifting the sales of pharmaceutical drugs. Be it an anti-depressant or an anti-hypertensive, relying on the drug to feel healthy (without the actual need) is nothing but foolishness. Modifying the lifestyle sounds horrific to these people but they are happy to gulp tablets day and night. This is not done if you want to maintain your health! The positive journey starts with the belief that you can be healthy. Get rid of that neurotic baggage and start feeling the health-freedom! Nothing can contribute to your health better than the self-belief!

Let’s ponder on the points above and begin the journey towards complete HEALTH! Then you need not “must relax”… You can “just” relax!