About DrShreya.com

Hello all!

This is Dr Shreya Deshpande, a homeopath, a health passionate individual!

I hereby want to tell you about evolution of drshreya.com and what we offer through our website. When I was writing health columns for the reputed daily, I was asked by readers if they can seek homeopathic treatment from me. This is when the idea of online consultation cropped up. Not many people were doing it then. This propagated further in the form of a small blog 8 years back, which later took the form of a website www.drshreya.com that is still existing now.

At drshreya.com, our all efforts are centered on one major thing and that is- "We should treat our patient and his requirements as priority." Obviously came the idea of 24x7 availability and instant messaging services. Later emerged the idea of courier delivery of medicines, because of which the patients throughout India and some outside countries could enjoy home-delivery of quality medicines from us.

Educating the patients about proper way to lead life and importance of certain healthy lifestyle changes in done cautiously for all our patients. The trust which our patients have shown on us is truly a huge responsibility. We understand that and that is why we constantly strive to achieve excellence in our job. We firmly believe that action speaks far louder than words. Our patients have endless tales to tell us and we are always happy to hear their woes as well as joyful experiences that all shape up quality homeopathic prescriptions for them.

Patients are just supposed to send  us a mail conveying us their health queries at contact@drshreya.com and we get back to them immediately. 

For twitter lovers, we regularly tweet about important health topics and homeopathic articles that will help them to live their day to day life healthily. Our twitter profile can be traced at http://twitter.com/drshreya.

Later we realized that facebook is such a great platform for Indians as well as people living outside India. To propagate our step forward, we formulated a page on facebook which has definitely helped us realize our potential further. Our posts about health and fitness topics and homeopathy are very much appreciated here and we get hoards of mails appreciating our efforts. Our fan page at facebook can be traced at- http://www.facebook.com/doctorshreya

For our free site brochure, you can visit- http://www.drshreya.com/html/Brochure.pdf, where each bit of information is given regarding "How to approach for the homeopathic treatment with us" and what are the varied problems we cater here at drshreya.com.

Our press releases can be followed regularly at- http://www.drshreya.com/html/press-release.html

Today we are proud to say that we are serving more than 60 countries with miraculous and scientific homeopathy! Certainly the entire credit goes to homeopathic medicines and the life principle under which homeopathy works, because under this principle, homeopathic medicines are capable of restoring a good homeostasis and equilibrium in every individual treated judiciously and rationally by an expert! 

May Homeopathy Thrive for Betterment of Humanity!!