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Leucorrhea (White Discharge in Women) and Homeopathic Treatment

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As per the Shaw’s Textbook of Gynecology, leucorrhea is the term restricted to those patients in whom the normal vaginal secretion is increased in amount. It is said that frank gynecological infection that lead to purulent (pus-containing) discharges are actually not included in this term, however, much overlapping exists when a physician diagnoses a case of leucorrhea conventionally.

Many physicians use this term to describe any transparent, whitish or yellowing discharge per vagina, strictly excluding the presence of blood.

Is Leucorrhea Abnormal?

Well, as we saw, if the vaginal discharge exceeds its normal limit, it is abnormal. However, the physician must assess exactly if it is truly abnormal, especially in teenage girls who have recently attained menarche. We often find that many girls often point to normal vaginal secretions that are obviously enhanced during pubertal age group as abnormal. This physiological leucorrhea (or discharge) occurs also during pregnancy, at ovulation, and during pre-menstrual phase of normal menstrual cycle. Enhanced vascularity of vagina and surrounding area is also responsible for pubertal leucorrhea that actually needs no treatment.

However, barring these conditions, when the vaginal secretions are increased in amount leading to one or more symptoms, the physician should treat it depending upon the signs and symptoms. Chronic cervicitis (inflammation of cervix), cervical erosion, mucus polyps, etc are some of the external or conventional factors responsible for leucorrhea. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ovarian congestion, sedentary habit, chronic constipation etc are also said to cause enhanced vaginal secretions.

Clinical Features of Leucorrhea-

(1)   Discharge- Obviously the foremost pointer is vaginal discharge that exceeds the normal amount
(2)   Itching- many women with white discharge complain of itching of vaginal walls or even cervix. In severe cases, when fungal or bacterial infection sets in, the itching is quite severe with small eruptions and redness visible on vaginal walls
(3)   Smelly discharges- in some cases, when the discharge gets infected or even without it, women complain of smelly discharge that causes lots of discomfort and the woman loses confidence in herself
(4)   Chronic leucorrhea can lead to secondary pelvic infections at times
(5)   In case of thick glutinous leucorrhea, the woman may rarely suffer from infertility too
(6)   Most women with leucorrhea develop low back pain and vague abdominal ache
(7)   In many, the pain descends down the thighs developing heaviness in legs and lethargy

Can Homeopathy Help?

Why not? Homeopathy can certainly help the woman get rid of the nasty leucorrhea. Rather, it has been found that homeopathic medicines can be said as the mildest doses to cure leucorrhea completely and help the woman gain her confidence. However, as always, homeopathic medicines should cater the needs of the patients as a whole and should not be directed merely to treat leucorrhea per say. The constitutional homeopathic medicines help the woman get over the tendency to develop vaginal discharges and also help her alleviate the pelvic infections if any. No doubt, the signs and symptoms of leucorrhea vanish once the homeopathic medicine is started. For acute complains too, apt homeopathic medicines can be given depending upon the existing symptomatology.

Let’s see some of the important homeopathic remedies having marked leucorrhea symptoms-

  1. Alumina-
-         Acrid leucorrhea that scalds the inner aspects of thighs
-         Profuse discharge that is transparent and ropy
-         Burning pains in vagina and cervix
-         Associated with constipation and pressing pains in both groins towards private parts
-         Leucorrhea that runs to feet
-         Chronicity of discharge
-         Worse during day time
-         Better by washing with cold water

  1. Borax-
-         Leucorrhea like white of an egg (albuminous)
-         Females with primary infertility
-         Itching vulva and vagina, may be associated with eczematous lesions around vagina
-         With leucorrhea, sensation as if warm water was flowing
-         Clear, hot, pasty leucorrhea
-         Ma be associated with trembling of limbs especially in the morning
-         Weak calves
-         Biting acrid discharge
-         Dry cracked tongue

  1. Kreosotum-
-         Yellow acrid leucorrhea
-         Discharge smelling of green corn
-         Gushing leucorrhea like bloody water
-         Offensive discharges with too early and prolonged menses
-         Corrosive itching of vulva, burning and swelling of labia
-         Violent itching between labia and thighs
-         Leucorrhea between periods every time
-         Associated with dragging pains in back, extending to genitals down the thighs
-         Excessive weariness and debility
-         Worse after menses, lying down
-         Better by movement

  1. Pulsatilla-
-         Acrid leucorrhea
-         Burning in vulva and vagina
-         Creamy, milky leucorrhea with tired feeling in back
-         Engorged private parts
-         Scanty menstrual flow in anemic women that suffer from milky leucorrhea
-         Worse in warm room
-         Better by cold application and cold drinks

  1. Nitric acid-
-         Soreness of parts
-         Brown, flesh colored leucorrhea that is extremely offensive
-         At times stringy or watery discharge
-         Stitching pains through vagina
-         Small eruptions of ulcers surrounding the vaginal walls
-         Menses like muddy water
-         The woman complains that the hair on genitals are falling out
-         Worse in night, extremes of temperatures

  1. Mercurius sol-
-         Thick white offensive leucorrhea
-         Leucorrhea discharge while urinating
-         Excoriating greenish and bloody leucorrhea with abdominal pain
-         Sensation of rawness in parts
-         Stinging pains in ovarian region
-         Itching and burning of parts
-         Worse after urination
-         Better by washing with cold water

  1. Natrum mur-
-         Dryness of vagina alternating with leucorrhea discharge
-         Acrid watery leucorrhea
-         Associated with bearing down pains that make low back ache
-         Leucorrhea in place of menses
-         Absolutely debilitating vaginal discharges
-         Many times associated with weak legs and depression
-         Worse during puberty, mornings, mental tensions, emotional set backs, etc
-         Better by cold bathing, open air

  1. Graphites-
-         Pale thin leucorrhea
-         Profuse vaginal discharge that corrodes the vaginal walls and inner aspects of thighs
-         Excessive weakness in back
-         Decided aversion to coitus
-         Associated with constipated bowels
-         Indurated feeling of private parts
-         Itching inner aspects of thighs leading to darkening of skin in the region
-         Rawness in folds
-         Gushing leucorrhea instead of menses
-         Small itchy eruptions around private parts
-         Worse morning, scratching, suppression of eruptions

  1. Sepia-
-         Excessive bearing down pains with leucorrhea
-         Yellow green leucorrhea with excess itching
-         Violent itches upward in the vagina from uterus to umbilicus
-         Painful vagina especially on coitus
-         Low back aches all the while, must press the back against a firm surface
-         Must sit crossed legged to prevent protrusion of private parts or thus she feels
-         Relaxed pelvic organs
-         Swollen labial folds
-         Leucorrhea may be present in lumps at times
-         Worse in forenoons and evenings
-         Better by firm pressure, warmth of bed, limbs drawn up

  1. Iodum-
-         Excessively acrid leucorrhea that corrodes the linen and thighs
-         Thick, slimy discharges
-         Wedge-like pains across the ovaries (more on right-side)
-         Cross and restless patient, always excited
-         Always hungry yet with emaciation
-         Easy sweating
-         Worse exertion, night, heat in any form
-         Better by bathing, movement


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