Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wish you a Happy, Healthy n Content New Year 2014!

The New Year has already started and so have started our new hopes, desires and a bunch of new resolutions. Well, have they? If you ask me, more than these things, the thought that fills my heart and soul is Gratitude!

We all have gone through the past year with our shares of bonus points and negative markings as well. It is so much rewarding to see that we still exist with all that grit and willingness of take up the new challenges. Yes, because, challenges is what life is all about. They may be positive as well as negative. But meeting challenges and governing them by meeting them head on needs courage. Even if we don't sense it, we all have it. If you wouldn't, perhaps you wouldn't reading this now.

If you look back, you will find that the percentage of negative feelings were governed by the "Me" factor. It is me who takes up negativity, it is me who links up negative events in the mind prolifically, it's me who unnecessarily carry baggage never meant for me. Thus, barring  few exceptions, the culprit in making the year look negative is me! AND- it's also me who emerged through negativism, it's me who counted the blessings that are liberally scattered in my life and it's also me who celebrated 'life' with my family and friends. Thus, if it's the "Me" or "I" factor governing both the emotions, why not shape it in a manner that it will never trouble us anymore?

I think this can be the best possible resolution of 2014 to shape the "I" well, groom it pleasantly and make it stand tall through the upcoming years. And if seen carefully, we can sense that we can groom this "I" well if we let go of this "I" at times and help in its molding.

As it is said very wisely, we do not have control over the nature. We have only this life to live every moment. Struggle of life should go along with the happiness that we all are living for. If it's a struggle totally devoid of happiness and time is spent only to think about the bright future, perhaps we are missing on to the fun the struggle brings us. Therefore, let's hold firmly that we will not waste this life in trivial negativity but even will make big negativity look negligible by our positive, fun-going yet grounded attitude!

I am sure by well-grooming the "I" through 2014, we can all enter 2015 with lot more happiness and content that we actually are after!