Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GALLSTONES & Homeopathic Treatment!

Gall stones have become quote a common problem these days, thanks to our changing lifestyles and sedentary habits! The gall stones may result from from previous attacks of cholecystitis; however, in many cases pigment stones are also found even without such bacterial infections.

The gall stones may be solitary or more commonly multiple. Solitary stone may attain bigger size that may be composed of cholesterol, a translucent material. Bile pigments are often deposited on its surface.

The multiple stones usually become faceted because of friction against one another. They usually contain alternating layers of cholesterol and bile pigments. They are usually the result of previous gall bladder infections.

Pigment stones containing biliverdin (often termed as biliary mud) are uncommon variety found more in biliary duct than in gall bladder.


(1) A “Fat Fertile Flatulent Female of Forty” is the usual sufferer of gall stones, though this is not a rule. Men are equally prone to gall stone disease, especially in this modern era.

(2) Reflex dyspepsia is the commonest symptom of gall bladder disease, in which the patient often complains of bloating and flatulence immediately after food, associated with belching. The symptoms simulate those of peptic ulcer, but the periodicity of dyspepsia seen in case of ulcer is lacking here.

(3) When the stone enters the cystic duct or neck of the gall bladder (if bigger), gall stone colic starts.

(4) The pain in abdomen may be excruciating which makes the patient to bend double and press over abdomen. There may be referred pain to back or shoulder blades.

(5) Vomiting and retching are often present.

(6) In some patients however, the pain is not so severe but is of dull type and strictly located to right hypochondrium.

Ultrasonography reliably diagnoses the condition and one may start treatment after confirming the diagnosis.

Treatment of gall stone colic with Homeopathic Medicines—

This is the very crucial aspect for any patient, who is fed up of the agony he undergoes due to pain. Also the abdominal discomfort is bad to deal with. Many patients ask us, “Can surgery be averted?” and the good news is “Yes, with homeopathic treatment, surgery for gall stones (cholecystectomy) can be avoided. Literally thousands of patients have sought help of homeopathic treatment to avoid being operated for gall stone disease.

Homeopathic treatment however must be dependent upon the characteristic Symptomatology of each case in hand and not on the diagnosis of the disease. Certainly the investigations are important to know what’s wrong and to assess steady progress.

The miasmatic blocks are many times the reason for such tendencies to develop gall stones and the disease has been seen to run in families too. Therefore, homeopathic constitutional and intercurrent remedies help one conquer the odds and put the body back into homeostasis. Some mother tinctures can also be used like Berberis vulgaris and best results can be achieved in pretty short time.

However, it is the duty of homeopathic physician to ensure that patient follows auxiliary line of treatment too along with homeopathic treatment. Certain lifestyle changes have been found to yield rewarding results for the patients of gall stones and general dyspeptic troubles. For example- eating smaller meals at regular intervals helps one conquer the dyspepsia, which is blamed to cause gall stones in the long run. Right eating habits and exercise routines help a great deal in preventing recurrence, along with constitutional homeopathic prescribing. Get moving today to avert gall stone disease!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Religious Views and Homeopathic Miasms!

Homeopathy is truly a fascinating journey. With a book of homeopathy in hand and with thoughts centered on this treatment module, you are ought to have a wonderful time! Study of miasms is one of the crucial points in the journey of homeopathy and if one wants to master this art of healing, one must know about miasms.

The basic human dispositions have been grouped in homeopathy under 4 basic miasms, namely- Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis, and Tubercular. All homeopaths try to fit the particular case in hand into one of these miasms and find an appropriate remedy for the patient that can alleviate his suffering completely. The study of miasms as the basic human constitutions is very intriguing and guides you through various aspects while at it.

This is an attempt to classify the religious behaviors of human beings into these four classical miasmatic types. A new perspective of miasmatic study--

How the religious dispositions of miasms will be--


(1) Usually people who believe in some sort of incarnation of God with firm belief

(2) Despite having firm belief, they have quite liberal ideas of religion and can give leeway for other religious thoughts if they are really good.

(3) Believes religion is for overall benefit of humanity

(4) Will do his daily prayers but will not get stuck into that excessively.

(5) His religious prayers give him calmness and rationality of thoughts

(6) At times, some of his physical complaints may lead him to go higher in his pursuit of spiritual goals.


(1) Fixed notions usually about his own religion

(2) Delves deep into the religious thoughts, at times making it his way of life

(3) At times, makes his family and children also follow his thoughts about the religion

(4) He will utilize his religious skills to teach others about genuine ways of life

(5) His thoughts are guided by his inner voice most of the times that he considers as the voice of God.

(6) Religious thoughts make him calm and also serious thinker in most cases


(1) Fixed notions about religion to the extent of insanity at times

(2) Think they are the superior-most and believe that their thoughts only can help the world to conquer odds.

(3) Any thoughts against their religion or beliefs will not be tolerated by such people.

(4) Religious melancholy can develop in some people over trivial issues.

(5) Religious rituals are given highest importance by these people and consider that certain things must be followed if God has to fulfill their wishes.

(6) Violence-seekers due to pulling all their energies to establish their superiority


(1) As a combination of Psora and syphilis, this miasm again thinks religion as the way of life

(2) There can be little exaggerated notions about religious beliefs but he is able to direct these energies positively for betterment of humanity

(3) Usually the members of society who will partake in many religious festivities and try to incorporate their ideas constructively for any work

(4) Enthusiastic lot of people who love religious pilgrimage while having fun of visiting new places.

(5) Some may be the people who pursue spiritual goals with utmost calm and rational mindset.

(6) A parent who will understand well, if his children adapt to new thoughts about religion and appreciate good views from any school of thought.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

“Stress” – A Grave disease! And How homeopathy can help to relieve stress?

“Sit down and relax” seem to be the forgotten words in the dictionaries of thousands of people who are running behind the tasks all day. When we see the people (including ourselves) running behind their dreams so badly, we tend to feel, is this what we really dream of? Well the definition of happiness differs for everyone and if you believe the global surveys, the people who seem externally happy due to well-earned money and fame are internally unhappy because they have sacrificed so many things in the pursuit of material gains.

And when we are not happy, we may never succeed in establishing cordial relation with our body. The body, mind and spirit are the three poles on which “we” work efficiently. When one of the poles is unfixed, we tend to disharmonize ourselves. What to do? Those who believe firmly in the motivation of work and principles have something to say. Here are some of the points that we have summarized from the answers of experts in the field who can teach us to live happily. I am extremely lucky that these people have permitted me to utilize this information to spread across the world through the site. This is no doubt a separate entity altogether that requires thorough screening and cross checking with medical world and the world rotating around different health-sciences. We have done it for you.

I believe that even if only quarters of people who will read these points inculcate these regimes and points in their day to day life, we will have a better world to dwell in. Let me also clarify that these are not just the points related to one’s body. They are directed towards each pole of the trinity, that is, body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s see:

What do you want out of life?

According to experts on “life”, the foremost thing we should think of while starting this new regime is- what do we want out of life? Do we want money, do we want a happy family, do we want to be famous, do we want to have a career with a successful outcome, or do we want happiness? Well if you think these questions are weird, you might be right at the outset. As we all have different mindsets and different thinking capabilities, we ought to have our own perspectives about different things. One might be interested in earning, the other might be interested in having a good family life, and still another might want to have a great career. Nothing wrong in it obviously! But ask those who have attained one of these as per their interests and they will say, “Yeah, we are happy for what we gained; but still something is missing!” what does that mean?

Most of the times, it means that we want to have many things together. For example, ask the person who wants to have a flashing career whether it will be OK for him not to have a family life? In most cases, the answer will be “No! I need both!” Ask another person who is earning well if it is OK for him not to have a career that interests him and he has to do the 9-6 job for the next 30 years to come? The answer may be “Better if I have my own business in next few years and I ditch this boring yet high-paying job!” Haven’t you seen such cases around you or even in your house? You must have. The experts say this tendency to brood over what we have and don’t have is the highest cause of stress among us.

We feel it is the high demanding job or excess worries of family those make us unhappy. In fact, these feelings of inadequacies that we bear in our hearts for life make us more vulnerable to various maladies under the sun. Ask the heart patient and you will rarely get an answer that he is happy about his life. Pursuit of happiness is very easy, unduly complicated by us. The spiritual leaders kept telling us that work towards your goals without thinking of outcome. But we never paid heed to what they wanted to say. Only when the whole world is battling against “stress”, we have started realizing the fruitfulness of those wisdom quotes!

No, life is not over yet, not even for patients with cardiac problems. We can still evolve. Evolution is a continuous process and going a few steps behind in our life to understand what we are and what we want out of life for securing happiness can prove amazingly successful in driving away the stress.

There is absolutely no need to think that this will reduce your efficiency for work and you might relax more and become lazy. Even experts today believe that shedding the stress enhances work efficiency by leaps and bounds and working in a stress-free environment is definitely a boon. No wonder bigger and smaller companies across the world have started seminars on stress-free working regimes for their employees.

Looking at stress from a third’s man point of view, we can comprehend that it is the worst enemy of happiness. We certainly do not want stress to mar our day to day life and instill graver diseases in us. It is high time we concentrate upon the happiness as a whole and shed the materialistic point of view while living a fulfilling life.

Opt for Homeopathy:

Homeopathic system of medicine always aims at dealing with the person as a whole and not just the diseases. The action of homeopathic medicines is obvious on mental planes due to which many mental ailments can be cured. Stress is one of the important keywords in homeopathic dictionary that results in hoards of illnesses. With mild yet potent homeopathic medicines, one can handle stress and the ailments resulting from it impressively. Diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorders, depressions, and even cancers crop up due to stress. Why not go homeopathic way to allay the fears due to stress? You can enjoy a fruitful life with utmost happiness when you can conquer stress and related maladies.

Let’s go stress-free now!

Why are the doctors bent upon giving antibiotics?

When patients come to homeopaths, usually they come after a long battle with modern medicine. Here we must respect the fact that modern medicine has given us breakthrough results in cases of severe infections and terminal illnesses. We certainly have utter respect for it. But do we really need to suppress every expression of our body with heavy dosages? Why do we see almost every prescription (definitely barring some respectable ones) containing one or more antibiotics?

Well, here we understand that the basic principles upon which the allopathic and homeopathic systems of medicine are based do differ. But who will take care of the basic principle of the body? When the body gets deranged, certainly some mechanism is inbuilt in us that takes care of the derangement and repairs it on its own. What we need is to just assist in repair. Especially when we see the viral and other fevers treated with heavy doses of antibiotics, we feel ashamed of our medical system altogether. Don’t we know to diagnose the diseases or are we too lazy to look for the actual symptoms of the disease and just play safe by prescribing the drugs that mask the symptoms of the disease? What are we doing?

Being an allopath or homeopath is not the question here. Being a good and caring doctor is the question. Everyone knows that recurrent consumption of antibiotics reduce the body’s natural resistance capacity. Also we know that using the similar antibiotics recurrently reduce the power of those drugs and create a kind of resistance to them. This in turn makes the doctors to prescribe stronger and higher antibiotics so that our immune system is further suppressed under them.

Definitely it is agreeable to certain extent when the antibiotics are given in cases of severe infections. But to prescribe antibiotics in a non-complicated case of measles in a child seems horrific, when what the child needs is just a mild antipyretic, either allopathic or homeopathic.

Is the practice of prescribing antibiotics emerges from the heavy advertisement from the medical representatives about their newly launched products? Are the pharmaceutical companies are blooming and thriving with this notorious practice? The practices seem to be rampant especially in rural set ups. The nasty practices are endangering the lives of thousands of patients who actually need much milder forms of treatments to allay their maladies.

Well, mass education and awareness among the public is one issue. But what we need at the moment is awareness among medical circles. Keeping our prides as allopaths or homeopaths aside, we need to inculcate the values of medical practice and keep patients at the highest priority. Monetary gains should follow ethical practice. Someone is needed to teach us values in medical practice now. If Dhanwantari (God of medicine according to Hindu literature) is watching from heavens, he must be scared to come down to earth due to heavy mess these high potency drugs have created on this earth?

We really need to voice out about our safety and security in medical realms!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Informing about new blog

Hi all,

This is to inform you that we have started a new blog on Yoga, Pranayam, and Spirituality. (http://www.yogapranayamandspirituality.blogspot.com), another feather in an honest attempt to boost holistic health.

This is an attempt to share some practical and time-tested tips about the eternal principles of life through Yoga and Spirituality. Let all of us know that this is not something different from our own being. This is the way of life and I request you all to share your views and opinions.

You can share on the blog itself or mail me separately at contact@drshreya.com!

Let's build a better world together!

Take care and have a great time ahead!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stay Young with Homeopathy and Exercise!

Every one wants a flawless skin, hour-glass figure, and a young-looking face! Who doesn’t envy the flawless beauties walking the ramp? But we know that these ramp models work really hard in achieving what we envy for and moreover the great plastic surgeons are always at their help! I am sure we are discussing here how to stay young without the aid of some external means and still enjoy the compliments!

Is it possible?

Well, firstly ageing is an unavoidable phenomenon and we are going towards old age with each passing day. No, this is not a negative comment. It is the fact and we have to accept it. Rather I would say with its acceptance, you cross the initial battle that goes on within your mind. Accept it and then conquer it “Naturally”! Yes, it is important because if we use artificial agents and ingredients, their effect is certainly not going to last lifetime and in many cases we have seen that the effects of Botox and related things are literally opposite as one grows old.

So, let’s see how to remain young and fit till breath leaves us!

(1) Avoid harsh medication-

When doctors rampantly prescribe antibiotics and steroids to young population, sensible doctors always worry how this young generation is going to face the dangers lurking in the world as they grow old? How will they develop natural immunity to conquer odds? One should also avoid recurrent pain killer drugs (analgesics) to kill any sort of pain, be it headaches or backache. Long term effects of these medicines taken frequently are deleterious to your health. With passing time, the same medicine does not work, as the body develops a kind of resistance and you need to take higher and higher dosages, further deteriorating natural resistance. You are the builder of your destiny, as regards your body and mind. The natural forms of medicines including homeopathic medicines, Ayurvedic medicines, and some herbal medicines help one restore the lost resistance and this builds up natural immunity. It is a known fact that there are no side effects from these medications when taken under expert supervision and so should be sought for.

(2) Protect your skin-

Skin is usually the first organ that depicts the signs of old age. The skin starts getting folds, wrinkles, etc and even some people develop various types of discolorations and pigmentations on skin, especially face. Can we avoid them? To some extent yes! As we said, avoiding harsh medicines also helps one conquer certain pigmentation and sagging of skin. Also one needs protection from sun rays and apt moisturizing.

For facial blemishes, Homeopathy plays a great role. Apart from the constitutional medicines, certain remedies in low dosages help one protect their skin and steer clear of blemishes. The homeopathic medicines like Berberis AQ, Carbo veg, Iodum, Asterias rubens, Sepia, etc help in clearing the skin that may be affected by acne, scars, blemishes, blackheads, and other pigmentation due to hormonal variations. The local applications like Witch Hazel are literally wonderful in protecting one’s facial skin from bad effects of sun rays and avoid blemishes and even wrinkles.

(3) Avoiding being fat-

Yes, this is one of the prime pre-requisites for staying young. More the fat, more the older look you get. But how to achieve it without using the so-called master preparations available in the market? The diet pills market is losing its popularity after the initial outburst because people are getting acquainted with the harmful effects of certain ingredients like caffeine in these pills. And anyway, these pills have temporary results till you use them. Firstly let’s make it clear in our minds that if you are thinking that anything (any medicine, even homeopathic) is going to replace your planned diet and exercise regimen and make you slimmer, you are being misguided.

But there are certainly some natural homeopathic remedies that can aid in reducing your excess fat when coupled with planned diet and exercise regime. However, even these remedies like Phytolacca berry or Fucus vesiculosus etc have to be coupled with constitutional medicine to be of help in long run. Always seek professional help before you start any type of regimen.

Regular exercise is MUST. Seek professional guidance as to what kind of exercise suits you the best and start without any delay or excuse. Exercising releases many feel-good hormones and enzymes to make you healthier. The natural anti-oxidants released during exercise really help you stay young far better than chewing anti-oxidant tablets every night.

Apart from these--

  • Remember to think about all the positive things in your life before you go to bed.
  • Do not think bad about/for anyone
  • Stop criticizing for the sake of it; remember it affects your health more than you sense
  • Read good books repeatedly
  • Have good family time that makes you feel attached to your nest
  • Always help others, it is one of the best exercises to help you feel calm and serene about yourself; also it takes away your worry about your own situations
  • Feel blessed and talk about it frequently

Just try these tips and sense the feeling of youth in and around you! Mail me at shreyabd@gmail.com if they help you! Would love to know from you!