Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Useful Is Homeopathy For Allergies?

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Common cold is too common for people who have it once in a while due to climatic changes. But if it becomes the rule of life like in cases of allergic conditions, it’s hell! There are people who get up every morning with the dread that the sneezing will start like a demon to end never at least for a few hours. Suppressing these attacks with anti-allergic drugs obviously benefits prima facie, but it is just temporary, as witnessed by thousands of allergy sufferers.

There are many home remedies too that are tried by these victims of allergy like using ginger in tea etc. But again this gives just temporary relief, as the root cause is never dealt with.

What is the root cause for these allergies?

Do you think that allergens are responsible for this? Well, it is true that the allergens lead to these allergies. But what causes these allergens to be so dreadful as to attack people so violently? There must be something deep within. Yes, this “Something deep within” is the root cause! We can call them tendencies to catch allergies, infections, etc. Unless this tendency is dealt with efficaciously, we cannot expect radical cure from allergies.

One more interesting story is that, if you suppress these allergies with counter-acting drugs and for time being, if they really vanish, don’t be overly elated! The reason behind is that, you haven’t kicked them away but have suppressed within the body. Either it is lying in dormant condition inside or is busy preparing to attack some other vital organ to trouble you later. There are many cases of respiratory allergies being suppressed by drugs and developed into some skin allergy later on (without even known by the sufferer the reason behind this new-found skin allergy).

Does homeopathy help?

Yes, it does! The principle of homeopathy is “like cures like”. When judiciously this principle is applied in practice, we enforce the similarly acting drug to stimulate the vital force inside to expel the symptoms of the disease (allergy) and establish harmony.

Well, sounds like just a theory?

Do homeopathic medicines never suppress?
It is not true. Homeopathic medicines if applied wrongly, without considering the totality of symptoms, i.e., the person’s physical and mental make up, his attitude towards life, dominant miasm in him, and things alike. Also if the potency chosen is not correct or excessively high or cruder, it may lead to suppression, only to be revealed again later on.

Choose right homeopathic remedy to cure allergies!

However, it is also true that rightly chosen remedy, potency, and its application in the right way do help to annihilate the symptoms of the disease in the mildest yet powerful manner within no time. In that sense, homeopathy is a true healer. Go for expert homeopathic consultation and your struggle to overcome an allergy will come to a good end.

Allergies are of different kind. In homeopathy, they usually fall under categories (miasms) Psora and Tubercular. However, if it is badly expressed allergy or a more destructive kind of allergy leading to some drastic end organ damage, it also can fall under Sycosis or Syphilis miasms. This understanding and differentiation can be done only by an expert homeopath. But once rightly recognized and attacked the root cause of allergy, the person frees himself of the recurrent spells of sneezing, cough, colds, and other bodily complaints due to it and leads on the path of complete cure!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Doctor Must Be Considerate Towards the Patients’ Needs!

Every doctor is bestowed with immense power to rule the psyches of their patients. We hear stories of past-doctors who were considered as Gods by the local community. Remember that old man in white coat who was considered as the “Friend, Guide, and Philosopher” by your grandfather or father? He used to enter your house with such a grace, check you or the one ill, give you minimum medicine (if the sick man is lucky enough to have such a doctor), and leave the house gracefully again!

What’s the scene today? You take appointment of the busy practitioner, enter his clinic, rush through lot many investigations (God only knows if they are really needed), and get a prescription studded with a huge list of medicines to be taken at different times of the day. Time to hone your memory skills to remember all this! And in turn suffer from drug-induced disease for unknown period of time!

Well, sounds too negative? Certainly don’t want it to; but the story says the same thing again and again. And frankly, in this category of doctors, there is no segregation between Allopaths, Homeopaths, Ayurvedic or any other types of doctors. They are just the “Type” in themselves!

“DOCTOR” is someone the patient relies completely on. With the increasing awareness among general public about better healthcare facilities, there is tremendous change in the mindset of the people. Now they know what is right and what is wrong. Still when it comes to certain judgmental decisions regarding their or their near and dear ones’ health, they agree to what their doctor says. Therefore, isn’t it doctor’s duty to give them the decisions that they will be happy forever with? Many learned doctors will agree to the fact that the major quality any doctor should possess is not just intelligence but compassion! It is taught in medical schools to view any patient’s condition as a third person practically and give your judgments. But possibly the role of compassion is not taught in medical schools, because of which the doctor cannot visualize the patients’ needs as his own!

Suppose, a patient approaches you with the complaint of general weakness and pallor related to it. You advise him complete hemogram, ESR, Urine routine, ECG, Chest X-ray, and stool test. The patient gets all these tests done and was found to have just low hemoglobin that can be safely managed with some good iron preparations and dietary modifications. How can you explain or justify the need of all other tests that were performed on your patient? Can you? Would you undergo all these tests if you suffered from the similar problem? (Unless laboratories sponsor you with free tests)

Well that may sound harsh but it’s the fact that is going on too rampantly in public as well as private settings.

In rural and semi-urban set-ups the things are even worse! People in cities at least can afford to undergo these tests (even though not needed, just for mental satisfaction many like to). But in rural set ups, literally some poor people are exploited to undergo many tests and treatments absolutely without any need and the poor fellows borrow money from some sources and work for their rest of their lives to pay the debts!! No, this is no exaggeration but the fact! Have seen doctors perform even hysterectomies without any need and the patient cries for the rest of her life for hormonal depletion. This has to be stopped.

Certainly not all doctors are like this. There are many good and honorable exceptions because of which our health-system is running smoothly. These are the doctors who are considerate towards the patients’ needs and work for the ultimate good of the patient! Have had privilege to work with doctors who are real gems in the medical world! Their smiling faces would make patients comfortable immediately upon entering their chambers. Their style of questioning further used to erase the borders of seclusion from the patient. They would never fall prey to medical representative’s luring and would prescribe exactly what is needed. The medical investigations would strictly corroborate with their clinical findings (had a doctor teacher who used to write on his investigation note- ‘Please do hemoglobin test only and not complete blood count’) and their treatment pattern would never be based on their self-ego but on the timely requirements and in collaboration with the experts in the field. They would never hesitate to seek help from their subordinate doctors if they are good in their field. And an overall atmosphere of mutual bliss was attained between doctor and patient!

Sounds too idealistic? Yes, it is ideal. But can’t we make ourselves ideal? Don’t you think we must? A complete man or woman or child is in our hands!! We can either make or break! With little compassion, with little shedding of self-ego, and with keeping patient’s interest as the topmost priority, it is possible to create ideal environment for better prognosis of cure! Practice of Medicine does deserve ideals!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Arteriosclerosis and Homeopathy!

It is said that “A man is as old as his arteries”! How true! Better the arterial circulation, better are the chances of health and longevity! Obviously age is the major non-modifiable factor in developing the sclerotic changes in arteries but there are many modifiable factors too. High bodily cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, faulty diet, etc are some of them. They can certainly be modified to reduce the chances of early arteriosclerosis.

Familial traits have also been observed in cases of early arteriosclerosis. Such patients have to take extra care not to fall prey to fatty deposits in arteries by maintaining their diet and exercise regime. ‘Being a man’ too increases the risk by some percentage. However, women should not be careless. Once they pass the menopausal stage, they equal their chances of arteriosclerosis as in men.

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, etc have also been blamed for early arteriosclerosis.

Treating the root cause is obviously important and while treating homeopathically, apt cause can be traced through efficient history taking of the individual. It has been observed that with appropriate homeopathic constitutional therapy, the arteriosclerosis changes can be reverted back, even in patients with positive family history. Obviously the patient needs to be counseled about right eating habits and exercise too.

Now let’s see some of the important homeopathic medicines that can help tackle the problem of arteriosclerosis!

(1) Arnica- This is one of the most important remedies while treating homeopathically. Arnica prevents formation of clots in blood. When chosen wisely in right potency, Arnica reduces blood cholesterol (LDL) steadily too. It aids in hassle-free circulation.

(2) Crataegus- In mother tincture form, this medicine is seen to literally dissolve the arterial plaques. Though the patient has to take this mother tincture for long time.

(3) Arsenicum iod- thickening of arteries, tachycardia, slow circulation leading to venous congestions. Extreme weakness is frequently a concomitant.

(4) Sabal serrulata- Some problems in kidney or bladder leading to one or more arterial problems. Fatty deposits in renal and cardiac arteries.

(5) Colchicum- rheumatism induced arteriosclerosis. Slow circulations. Cutting pains in cardiac region due to arterial problems

(6) Kali phos, calc fluor, natrum mur, Ferrum phos, etc are some of the biochemic salts to be remembered (individually as needed) while treating arteriosclerosis. They help in eliciting efficient compliance from the patients to the selected homeopathic regime.

The above mentioned medicines are the specific medicines that may be needed while treating arteriosclerosis in patients. However, the homeopathic treatment must involve constitutional therapy in order to revert the changes and halt the progress of any disease, including arteriosclerosis.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dealing with Constipation Homeopathically!

Regular and satisfactory bowel movement is bliss! But sadly not many people enjoy this gift and suffer from what we term as constipation. Hard, difficult to pass stools irrespective of the frequency of bowel movement is also called as constipation.

Lots of factors come into play when it comes to regular bowel movement. Inadequate fiber in diet, drinking less water, eating instant food, sedentary habits, etc are some of the factors that are modifiable. Rather a doctor must advice modifications in every patient complaining of constipation instead of merely suggesting remedies; only then the cure can be said complete. Maintaining factors often are the crucial factors that hamper the way to cure. Most importantly the physical activity must be stressed the lack of which is THE reason in many of the patients these days.

There are certain problems that also include constipation as one of the symptoms. The diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, diverticular disease, hypothyroidism, diabetes, scleroderma, spinal cord injuries, etc are some of the problems giving rise to constipation.

Homeopathic Medicines for Alleviating the Constipation-

As we always say, nullifying the symptoms is the way to cure for any disease. Therefore, the name of disease is certainly not important while we treat any malady. The symptoms of the disease considered in totality help one find the accurate remedy for any disease, rather person. Constipation can be effectively dealt with as a symptom in homeopathy and there are quality medicines that can be employed homeopathically to help one restore normal bowel function. Let’s see some of the important remedies and their differentiating features for constipation—

(1) Alumina-

· No desire for defecation

· Hard dry and knotty stools

· Itching at anus

· Even soft stool is pushed with difficulty

· Long before the evacuation there is a painful urge sometimes; but ha to strain a lot

· Pressing in groins

· Associated with dryness of mucus membranes everywhere

· Moody person with hasty hurried attitude

(2) Alumen-

· Extremely severe constipation

· No desire for days together

· Absolute lack of ability to expel stools

· Despite passing the hard stools, the rectum feels full

· Stitching pain in rectum after stool for long time

· Associated with hemorrhoids

· Constricted sensation in mucus outlets

(3) Ammonium mur-

· Crumbling stools at the verge of anus

· Itchy sensation pervades rectum

· Hard stools covered glairy mucus

· Mucus stools (often green) alternating with constipation

· Smarting and burning pains in rectum during and after stool

· Associated with the thirst for lemonade

· Hemorrhoids after suppressed leucorrhea

(4) Antim crud-

· Marked anal itching

· Old cases of irritable bowel syndrome, where constipation alternates with diarrhea

· Hard lumps of stools mixed with watery discharge

· Bloated abdomen after eating

· Entirely mucus stools at times

· Haggard look on face, suggesting subdued liver function

· Marked craving for sour food, especially pickles

(5) Bryonia-

· Stools seem large, hard, as if burnt

· Lack of desire for stools

· Tender abdomen

· Burning pains in rectum with sensation as if peristalsis has come to a stop

· Associated with thirst for large quantities of water

· Pressure in stomach as of a stone

· Irritability is often a concomitant in all Bryonia patients

(6) Calcarea carb-

· Stools at first hard, then soft, then liquid

· Large and hard stools

· Stinging hemorrhoids

· Most Calcarea patients however do not complain of constipation; they are better with it

· Has to be associated with sour belching, sourness pervading the system

· Fearful gesture, with marked fear of disease

· Indolent types, averse to any type of exertion

(7) Carduus mar-

· Venous constitutions with dropsical swellings

· Bright yellow stools, hard, dry, knotty; often alternates with diarrhea

· Constipation in patients with gall-stone disease

· Tender liver region

· Hemorrhagic piles

· Burning pains in anus and rectum

(8) Collinsonia-

· Sharp sticking pains in rectum

· Most obstinate constipation with hemorrhoids

· Constipation during pregnancy

· Alternate constipation and diarrhea

· Itchy anus with constricted sensation

· Painful bleeding piles

· Venous engorgement of rectum

· Mental emotions or excitement aggravates, better by heat

(9) Graphites-

· Climacteric constipation

· Knotty stools with mucus threads

· Soreness of anus

· Anal fissures

· Undigested stools, very offensive, with fetid flatulence

· Hemorrhoids with itching of anus

· Associated with constrictive pains in stomach

· Must loosen clothing around waist

(10) Kali bichrom-

· Marked periodicity associated with constipation

· Sensation of plug in anus, worse mornings

· Associated with pain across the loins and brown urine

· Cutting pains in abdomen after eating

· Constipation in fat, flabby, light complexioned people

· Most suited to subacute stages and not violent ones

(11) Lachesis-

· Offensive stools with tightness of anus

· Pain through rectum and anus while coughing, sneezing, etc

· Purplish protruding hemorrhoids

· Blackish discharge-bleeding from bowels

· Abdomen sensitive, cannot bear anything around waist

· Associated with gnawing hunger spells

(12) Mag mur-

· Constipation of infants during dentition

· Sheep dung like stools, knotty, in small quantities

· Crumbling stools at the verge of anus

· Bloated feeling in abdomen, worse after eating

· Associated with painful hemorrhoids

(13) Mezereum-

· Constipation after the delivery of child

· With bearing down pains in rectum

· Alternating with greenish offensive diarrhea

· Associated with colic at times, with shivering and difficult breathing

· Associated with watering of mouth and some or the other skin concomitant


(14) Nux vomica-

· Ineffectual urging for stool is the hallmark of the remedy, whether in constipation or diarrhea

· Has to go several times in the morning and still feels unsatisfactory

· Irregular peristalsis

· Absence of all desire to defecate is a strong contraindication to use Nux

· Uneasiness in rectum

· Associated with flatulent distension and chilliness

(15) Plumbum met-

· Black, lumpy stools

· Frequent urging and spasms of anus

· Impacted stools with sensation as if anus is drawn upwards with constriction

· Associated with colicky pains radiating to all body parts

· Neuralgic pains in rectum

(16) Sulphur-

· Fears defecation on account of severe burning pains

· Unsuccessful desire to defecate frequently but passes small quantity every time

· Marked redness around anus with itching and burning

· Oozing hemorrhoids

· Good appetite or total loss of appetite; all gone sensation about 11am is frequent concomitant

· Feels as something is alive in abdomen

· Milk leads to constipation spells