Thursday, February 20, 2014

7 Surprising Causes behind Depression-

The causes like deep grief, disappointments, trauma, financial troubles, unemployment, physical ill-health etc are considered as some of the common causes of depression. However, there are certain things that may not cross our mind when we start experiencing those blues! Knowing them can help us treat them in a better fashion homeopathically.

1) Thyroid problems- This is one of the alarmingly growing reasons behind depression. More found in females, even borderline hypothyroidism can lead to depression in a few. The clinical signs and symptoms like sudden hot or cold flushes, delayed menses, bradycardia (slow pulse) and relaxed ankle jerk can often point to this finding and the apt blood test can diagnose it. While treating homeopathically, it is important to consider this causative factor, as thyroid is one of the most important glands ruling the whole body’s work in a systematic manner. It is the gland that decides how body’s energy is used up and therefore disorder in it causes dullness, heaviness and depression of spirits for the patient.

2) Poor sleep habit- If you have a habit of watching TV late nights, you are on your way to feel depressed over a period of time. Body’s circadian rhythm doesn’t allow it to sit through the night and that triggers depression.

3) Too much screen time- Be it facebook, youtube or your favorite chat sites, too much time on any screen is one of the major causes of depression these days. Tired feeling in eyes due to this extended screen time can also trigger dullness and depression.

4) Location of your home- Living in too much crowded cities has shown to influence our mind. Lot of physical activity in cities has shown to enhance stress and when one cannot cope with this stress, depression sets in.

5) Spoiled for choice? – Research has shown that if you have too many choices regarding anything, your brain gets overwhelmed. One tends to look for the best among lot many options, thus triggering some nasty brain reactions of fatigue and depression at times.

6) Prescription medicines- Many conventional medicines like anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-acne agents like Accutane, anti-insomnia drugs like Valium, Cholesterol-lowering agents, hormones etc can be the cause behind depression.

7) Smoking- Nicotine is known to trigger chemical imbalance in the brain. One may be depressed leading to the habit of smoking or smoking may lead to depression. Therefore remaining smoke-free (active and passive) is the best way to balance your brain chemicals!

So, make sure you avert these causes to avoid depression. Even if one is getting treated homeopathically, one has to select apt homeopathic remedy by considering the causes and try to avoid these triggers (that are avoidable) so that they do not turn into maintaining causes that hinder your treatment. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How Your Reaction to a Situation Can Change Your Life for Better?

More than 90% of our life revolves around our reactions to the various situations that we encounter in our day to day life. Recently I met a young lady in my clinic. She was dressed well, spoke fluently and seemed comfortable. Her problem that she narrated to me of her anxious spells seemed literally untrue looking at her poise. But there entered her husband after some time and I could see the change in her so suddenly. She started talking slow with bit of stammering and her restlessness was there to see. I requested her husband to stay out till I finish taking the case. Now I started quizzing her about that sudden change that she knew I observed! Her answer was quite straight. She has a daunting husband and he likes to be the in-charge of the situation every time and that makes her angry on him. Other than that, he is a sweet person, takes care of her and they have a good married life!

The resentment that she developed towards him was since their marriage and she started keeping her emotions to herself, leading to today’s scenario of anxiety and panic spells. Considering many other aspects of her case history, I prescribed her Staphysagria and the things got smoothed as far as emotional fears were concerned. In her counseling sessions, the main aspect that emerged was as regards her reactions to the situations.

Most of us face this turbulence in our mind when it comes to reacting to something. Most of our reactions are impulsive than thoughtful. If we think before we react, more than half of our problems will get over. If you say, that’s the problem of whole humanity and nothing can be done to avoid that, you are wrong. It is a study of behavior and practice of “acceptable reaction”. Most important thing this ‘change in our reaction’ requires is constant awareness of our own mind and psyche. Every small action should be looked upon with great caution initially, so that we don’t hurt ourselves with the reaction we give. Confrontation isn’t bad always. Rather it is a great ally when used thoughtfully at the right time. I asked this young girl to confront her fears to her husband, which strangely enough she had never done. There are two aspects of this. Confronting right away is almost always considered a bad reaction. On the contrary, 'never confronting' is as detrimental as you can see in this case. Achieving the balance while doing so is what we need to learn.

To understand “When silence can be golden” and “When words can help us” is a great art. I have seen so many relationship problems leading to some or the other health problems, owing to failure in this understanding. Making our reactive language proactive makes a huge difference in our life as well as in the life of people around us. When we start doing that, we are not making any favor on the people around us but on ourselves!

The positive impacts of proactive language are many—

1) There is lesser crowding of unwanted thoughts in our head
2) There remains no chance of brooding over what we said in a conversation
3) Whatever happens to the world around, we can maintain our calmness and help those in real need.
4) We make more friends and fewer enemies; and those enemies do not affect us, as the enmity is not created by us.
5) It has huge impact on the marital relation between the spouses; love certainly breezes in the air!
6) As we tend to brood less and less, our mental and emotional health gets a huge boost, which eventually makes us physically stronger!

That young girl, of course, with the help of constitutional homeopathic therapy and her own grit to follow proactive way of living, is now living a happy life! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Homeopathy Makes You the Master of your Body and Mind!

Homeopathic system of medicine is an age-old medicine, as we all know. Many people allege that there have been no new-age changes in this system of medicine and that’s why it is a stale mode of therapy. I strongly object. Very few things are actually unchangeable owing to their divine presence. There can be newer people in your life; but the loving bond you share should remain the same. There can be newer food items you eat but your appetite and stomach should remain the same. There can be millions in your bank but your attitude towards your life should remain the same. Similarly, there might be newer and newer remedies in homeopathy, but the principle upon which they are proved and are used MUST remain the same. Otherwise, it’s not homeopathy, as taught to us by our Master Samuel Hahnemann.

If you ask what the most important aspect that differs conventional system from homeopathy, besides the principle is, I would state, it is the way in which homeopathy makes human beings masters of their mind and body, instead of making them the slaves of medicine. There never is any dependence upon homeopathicmedicines, when administered judiciously in the right dose and potency. A person who gets cured of his insomnia due to a dose of his constitutional remedy will not have to take that remedy every day in order to stay away from insomnia.

Many patients tell us that when on the homeopathic regime, they become more aware of their fundamental body functions and the behavior of their mind and psyche. Those who do not know much about homeopathy are surprised to know that with the same remedy, how their mental imbalance was treated simultaneously! That is when you literally bow to the Master’s genius that he believed in individualization and the study of constitutions. It is so very imperative that if a new age homeopath wants to treat diseases on the basis of their diagnostic names alone, he will not succeed beyond a certain level of mere annihilation of symptoms. Cure is possible only if we give a dose of the remedy that acts on the basic individual constitution and develops a sense of feel-good in the patient throughout the treatment regime.

I have always stated, therefore, that homeopathy is best applied in childhood ( You hit the core of the child with properly chosen homeopathic medicine and the child’s overall personality is improved! This is so important that a widespread awareness about homeopathic treatment of children is needed. Don’t depress their tender personality with heavy doses of medicines. Don’t give antibiotics for the every fever that he/she has. That actually takes away their vigor and vitality. If you really care about your child, treat them with milder forms of therapies only. He will thank you for the rest of his life!

However, it is also important to be extremely vigilant while treating anyone with homeopathy, be it a child or an adult. Never self-treat unless you know the nuances of the science. It is better not to treat than mal-treat when it comes to homeopathy. Cases ruined due to homeopathic misconduct are very difficult to treat later on. So, if you truly want your body and mind in your own possession, there is no alternative to properly selected, constitutional and judicious homeopathic treatment!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Eye-Floaters and their Homeopathic Management!

Recently we are getting lots of cases of eye-floaters. Must say, the incidence of this nasty condition is increasing day by day, perhaps owing to increase in the use of varied “screens”, be it laptop, tabs or mobiles. Also I can say that homeopathy has helped and is helping lots of patients with eye floaters to eradicate this kind of troublesome problem and improve their vision. However, today we will see exclusively what floaters are all about and how to deal with them.

In general, floaters are seen as small moving spots that appear in the field of vision. These are the deposits or condensation in the vitreous jelly of the eye. The floaters may be present in one or both the eyes. In many cases, floaters are benign. Meaning, though they are annoying, they are not the result of any serious underlying disease. Many people live with floaters for the entire life and tend to ignore them. However, they may be bothersome while working in some people and so they consider the treatment. At times, floaters improve themselves over a period of time. But in a few, floaters can be very annoying or even warrant immediate attention if accompanied by sudden flashes of light or severe vision problems.

Causes of eye-floaters-

The cornea and the lens focus the rays of light entering through the eye on to the retina. Due to this, we can see the things around. The light when is focused on to the retina, it has to pass through the vitreous humor, which is a jelly-like substance filling the later two-thirds of the eye. As one grows old, some deposits, strands or liquid pockets may develop within the vitreous jelly. Every one of these strands casts a small shadow on the surface of the retina. These shadows are perceived by the patient as eye floaters.

Eye floaters can also be caused by some or the other eye diseases, eye injury, diabetic retinopathy, eye-tumors, etc. Sometimes eye floaters can be the aura before one starts with a severe migraine headache.

However, as discussed above, sudden increase in eye floaters with severe vision disturbances can be the result of retinal problems like retinal detachment, retinal tear or bleeding within the eye.

Clinical Features of the Eye-Floaters-

Most patients complain that they have the floaters that move with the movement of their eyes. If they try to focus on one of the floaters, it darts away. They may appear as black or grey dots, cobweb-forms, ring-shaped, thread-like strands or squiggly lines. The density of eye floaters is different in two eyes. Certain lighting conditions may aggravate the eye floaters. Mostly they are more apparent when looking at the bright sky. One interesting feature is that, no two people have exactly identical patterns of floaters, just like the fingerprints.

Thing that bothers the people with eye floaters-

Most people that come to us with this problem complain that their ophthalmologist is not giving them any treatment, saying this is not dangerous. Well, to certain extent, I welcome this because it is always better not to give treatment than bombard with unnecessary treatment that will not help. However, the patients are not convinced; naturally so, because the floaters bother them greatly and at times interfere with their day to day work. And that’s why homeopathy serves as a boon for these patients who want to get rid of these nasty entities in their field of vision.

Homeopathic Treatment of Eye-Floaters—

Now begins the serious study. Like I like to stress with all the cases, even floaters need to be studied constitutionally. Yes, there is no medicine for floaters per say in homeopathy, though there are certain medicines that have certain types of floaters in their priority symptoms. However, certain constitutional types have more of this kind of problem than others. Syphilitic miasm dominates in the patients with floaters. For different kind of floaters, the remedy differs. But most certainly a constitutional remedy is able to put an end to this troublesome problem.

The remedies like Agaricus, Cinchona, Cyclamen, Acid nitricum, Nux vomica, Phosphorus, Physostigma, Belladona, Iris, Causticum, Osmium, etc are some of the most important remedies for various types of eye floaters. After a while on the regime, many of these patients need an intercurrent remedy like Syphillinum or Tuberculinum, depending upon the kind of blockage and the constitution.

Overall, a patient on the homeopathic treatment for floaters have very good prognosis and respond positively within 3 to 6 months of regime. Some may require bit longer regime depending upon the eye pathology we are dealing with.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Tips for Attaining Good Appetite!

Having good appetite is a sign of health! It indicates that your liver is functioning well and that your digestive juices are doing their job right. Every individual goes through certain phases of life when his / her appetite drops down, it remains so for a while and he gets back to normalcy, without really doing anything about it. Our body has an amazing machinery to keep things in order and a wise individual always gives enough time for the body to act naturally, instead of bombarding it with medicinal agents to boost up the appetite.

It is true that if you are alive, your body needs food and if you follow the biological clock in everything you do, your appetite doesn't usually run away from you. However, the fast-paced life's stress, various eating options, sedentary habits and many things work detrimental to your appetite as well as digestion. Here are some simple and natural tips that will help you boost your appetite and keep your body's metabolism in order.

1) Most important and least concentrated aspect is your eating schedule. Longer the interval between two meals, duller is your appetite. The interval between two meals should not be more than 4 hours. It is the gastric emptying time and if you do not eat after this duration, your appetite lags behind and you have a high chances of developing hyperacidity spells. Eat frequently and smaller meal to maintain a good appetite.

2) Earlier you eat in the morning after you get up, better for you! Your metabolism is dulled after a night-long sleep. If you do not eat quickly, all your stored energy is used up for the morning jobs and your metabolism gets upset, resulting in poor appetite throughout the day. Also, have healthier snacks in the morning for breakfast.

3) Do not sleep for one and half hours after your meal. This helps in good digestion, which in turn ensures good appetite for the next meal.

4) Especially for growing children, 1 or 2 spoonfuls of coriander extract or juice works as a great natural appetizer.

5) Among the fruits, Papaya, Jamun and Peach are known for their appetite-boosting properties. Have them daily.

6) Drinking optimal water helps in enhancing your appetite, provided you don't drink lot of water with meals or immediately after meals.

7) Brinjal in your diet at least once weekly is known to strengthen your stomach and improve your appetite.

8) Alcohol, excess coffee or tea are detrimental to good appetite. So, for natural hunger spells, avoid them.

9) It is a known fact that fried food and junk food slow down your liver, thus leading to poor appetite. Avoid junk to stay pink!

10) Eating slowly and chewing food well goes a long way in establishing proper digestion and absorption of the food we eat. Therefore, if we take out enough time for our lunch as well as dinner helps in improving our appetite.

11) Last but not the least, enjoy your meals with your family and the dear ones. When the family eats together and shares their life in the dining table, the digestive juices no longer need medicinal boost. They flow naturally, thus keeping you fit, energetic and happy!