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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let’s Know About Pericarditis and Its Homeopathic Treatment!

Inflammation of cardiac lining, pericardium may be acute or chronic. It may co-exist with myocarditis and may produce pericardial effusion that may be fibrous, serous or even purulent or hemorrhagic, depending upon the etiology.


The causes may be viral infections, uraemia, blunt chest injury, myocardial infarction, rheumatic fever, chronic diabetes, tuberculosis or even bacterial infections.

Signs and symptoms-

Restrosternal pain radiating to the shoulders and neck is often the presenting symptom. The pain is mostly aggravated by movement, deep breathing, change of position, exercise, swallowing, etc. Low grade fever and other constitutional symptoms like bodyache, lethargy are common.


Clinically, percarditis can be diagnosed by hearing the pericardial friction rub during the held inspiration and expiration with the stethoscope diaphragm. ST elevation with upward concavity is often diagnostic of pericarditis along with T-wave inversion if myocarditis is also present.

In primary stages it is important to diagnose this condition for any physician to be able to treat efficaciously and not let it convert into chronic constrictive pericarditis.

Homeopathic Treatment-

Homeopathic medicines chosen after minutely considering the characteristic symptoms often help the patient to get relieved in the acute stage itself. Complete rest during the treatment is mandatory. Good, nutritious but light diet is necessary too.

Now let’s see some of the important homeopathic medicines and their application in cases of pericarditis-

(1) Aconite- fever +

- Fear and worry

- Excessive restlessness along with the pain

- Decreasing pulse rate

- Post-rheumatism

- Helpful in 200 and higher potencies when symptoms match correctly

(2) Bryonia alba- If pericarditis is coupled with pleural or pericardial effusion

- Post-pneumonic pericarditis

- Excessive irritability during pain

- Pain aggravated by movement (though this is the common symptom of the disease, in Bryonia, this is increased multifold)

- Wants to lie down

- Enhanced cardiac rate

(3) Cimicifuga- If pericarditis is associated with myocarditis

- Thrashing pains as if someone is kicking chest

- More pain towards left side

- Associated with headache and pain in eyes

- Patient is lethargic and giddy

(4) Cactus- Pressing pains as if someone has clasped the heart

- Cannot move due to clutched feeling

- Pain aggravated to a great extent by slightest motion

- Fast pulse rate

- Cannot lie on left side

(5) Digitalis- Reduced heart rate

- Comparatively no severe pains

- Deficient pulse that does not match the cardiac rate

- Fever, fear without restlessness

- Sometimes associated with vomiting, stomach upset, cyanosis

(6) Colchicum- Ailments from rheumatic fever, renal problems

- Inefficient cardiac action

- Excess thirst

- Coated tongue

- Nausea, vomiting

- Little work leads to giddiness

(7) Spigelia- Out of proportion pains

- Pricking type of pains that occur suddenly

- Palpitations

- Irregular pulse

- Can sleep only on right side

- Better by lifting the shoulders

- Breathlessness by movement

- Worrisome attitude

These medicines thus should be used according to symptom similarity to be effective. For any type of cardiac pain Mag phos is said to be extremely efficacious when used in 200 or 1000 potency. The biochemic remedies like Calc phos, Kali phos, and Kali mur are also very effective in dealing with such types of cardiac maladies!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Homeopathic Children Types—

(1) How the child enters the doctor’s office-

- Wants to hold mother’s neck- Silica

- Wants to lean always- Calc carb

- Holds mother’s fingers and doesn’t leave even while checking- Bismuth

- A child with bronchitis, likes to be carried inside in sitting position- Antim tart

(2) School behavior and pattern of study-

- very sharp, quick to act- Lachesis

- plays mischief with teachers- Zincum met, Lachesis

- Doesn’t sit in the single classroom, keep roaming- Tuberculinum

- Writes papers in exams very fast- Tub

- May crackle paper, throw off, and write again- Tub

- Propensity to sleep in class- Calc carb

- Good listeners- Natrum mur

- At home, child will sit, leaning against wall, and ask for the pen kept at a distance- calc carb

- Pulls the hair of the kid sitting ahead of him in class- Medo, Tarentula

- In rage, attacks nose of his friend- Merc sol

- Propensity to set things on fire, strikes the matchstick often- Hepar sulph

- Drosera- Dictates the things, people around have to obey him

- Disobedient child- Merc sol, Amm carb, China, tarantula, Viola odorata, Lyco

- Child grows up into a completely different personality, talks philosophical, very mild soft speech- Viola odorata

- Sings in class, sings anytime, loves to do so, makes his own rhyming ends, changes words from song, makes different verses- Stramonium

- It’s difficult to learn poems- Nux vomica, Cham, Sulphur

- Fluent in languages- Nux vom

- Good in mathematics- Lachesis

- Loves science- Sulphur

- Loves to study at night- Lachesis

- Hates mornings- Mag mur

(3) Behavior-

- Laughs on reprimands- Graphites

- Child spits off when father scolds- Stram

- Destroys the most favorite toys- Stram

- Loves singing- Stram

- Extreme anger, bangs head against wall- Tub, Tarentula, Medo

- Emotions dominated by intellect- Viola odorata

- Always talks loudly- Lyco

- Extreme talkativeness- Arg met

- Craves chocolate ice-cream- Phos

- Hates to pass through narrow spaces- Stram

- Too much negative thinking- Arg nit

- Feigns sickness- Antim crud, Moschus

- Does not allow to examine pulse- Antim tart

- Hates dancing- Borax

- Always hurries others to do things fast- Suphuric acid

- Cunning, ungrateful- Merc sol

- Coughs in presence of doctor- Moschus

- Steals money/food- Calc carb

- Steals anything (kleptomania)- Tarentula

- Walks into the trouble every time- Agaricus

- Impulse to climb up- Stram

- Child talks, sings but will not answer when questioned- Agaricus

- Interrupts parents during doctor’s interview and corrects information- Lyco

- Takes short cuts for everything they do- Calc carb

- Extremely sympathetic and will go out of the way to help those in trouble- Phos

(4) Choice of toys and games-

- Plays with doll, considers it as her own thing, likes to carry the doll around everywhere she goes- Puls

- Likes glow toys- Phos

- Electrical games, likes to play relentlessly, extreme restlessness while playing- Merc sol

- Likes to play Business game- Lyco

- Loves to play outdoors but whatever he plays, he has to own the set (eg- cricket set) so that he will be in command- Lyco

- Loves to play with soft toys- Stram

- Plays with apparently absurd things, like kitchen utensils- Sulphur

- Loves hide-n-seek, wrestling, WWF etc- Belladona

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Case of Suppressed Skin Eruptions Leading to Asthma!

Asmita* was very happy when her trips to skin specialist bore fruit and her allergic rashes and cracked finger tips were healed after a course of about 2 months. She used to develop sudden rashes all over her body (no causative factor was found till then) and once the rash used to appear, her finger tips used to crack badly. The cracks used to itch and bleed when scratched. The rashes also itched profoundly and she was fed up. The skin specialist had given her a course of anti-allergic medication and some steroid application for her skin and finger tips. With all that she was a happy girl after 2 months and her skin appeared normal.

It was when she developed sudden wheezy chest after 5 to 6 months in the month of June, she approached me. Her breathing was subnormal and her chest had lots of wheezes heard on stethoscope. She was breathless and the attack was asthmatic! She did not have a family history of asthma, neither she had any history of similar attacks in past. But this attack terrified her and her family members.

Upon closer interrogation and case-taking, she revealed this history of suppressed skin eruptions. Upon observing closely, her eruptions truly had vanished but what this suppression gave her? An attack of asthma!

What happened exactly?

What was achieved by giving the medicines to suppress her allergic focus? Nothing but masking the eruptions and itching! The allergic focus was not driven away from the body but just kept in latent position inside the body. This focus was however redirected in worse way towards lungs. The asthma was thus brought on by suppressed skin eruptions. Asmita* was a victim of ill-treated skin lesions. The skin eruptions had vanished, leaving her in worse condition of wheezy chest and breathlessness.

What did she need?

She needed nothing but milder form of treatment that can alleviate her asthma attack and restore her well-being by expressing her earlier skin lesions. And homeopathy could just do this.

Her symptom complex comprised of following major points-

(1) excessive breathlessness and cough

(2) mucus expectoration on and off

(3) worse by exposure to cold, better by warmth

(4) worse by lying down

(5) wheezes prominent on left side of chest

(6) extreme fatigue and prostration

She was prescribed a dose of Antim arsenicum 30.

Within 2 days, wheezes were reduced and she felt better physically. Cough was there a bit and slight breathlessness. Again she was given another dose of same medicine and within next couple of days the attack subsided completely. But in next 2 days, she developed a bit of rash on her left elbow that itched. She was scared that now she will again develop the same kind of allergy that she once had. But after explaining the ins and outs of this medication and earlier one, she was ready to go for further treatment for complete cure of her allergic rashes.

She was then prescribed a dose of Sulphur 30. With that dose, there was slight aggravation in the rashes (according to her) on her both elbows after about a fortnight and there were seen 2-3 cracks on her right index and middle finger tips. There was however no severe itching but only mild itching.

This was nothing but expression of the latent Psora.

Her major symptom complex was—

(1) dry skin that cracks readily with itching

(2) small eruptions with burning sensation

(3) itching more at night

(4) bleeding on scratching

(5) skin problem worse in winter

(6) better by warmth

She was prescribed Petroleum 30.

After this, there was progressive reduction in the skin lesions and once when there was no further improvement, I needed to give Petroleum 200. After this medicine, she further progressed steadily and got cured of all her rashes soon!

One must understand that any medicine is like a broom to clean the room. If you clean the room with your broom and keep the dust and disagreeable things in the corner of the room (just like the suppressant medicine), the dust is going to spread again throughout the room. Homeopathic medicine acts as a responsible housewife, who throws all the litter away carefully not to make the room dirty again and keeps it tidied up for better health!

(* name changed to protect the privacy of the patient)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to get rid of recurrent mouth ulcers? (Aphthous ulcers or stomatitis)

Painful eating is the presenting symptom usually when a person gets ulcers in the mouth. This apparently casual condition can be extremely troublesome and painful in some when occurs recurrently.

Causative factors-

(1) The major cause behind recurrent aphthous ulcers bad oral hygiene. The patient usually says that he has these types of ulcers since long, may be since childhood. Dental caries may accompany.

(2) Nutritional deficiency can also be a very important cause in patients from underdeveloped areas. Also bad eating habits and lack of vitamin rich food are the reasons. Especially in children, these types of ulcers are found frequently due to their eating fads.

(3) Gastric upset is also regarded as one of the causes for recurrent stomatitis. The bloating, belching, and constipation contribute to the trouble, though direct relation has not been verified.

(4) High doses of antibiotics are often associated with mouth ulcers, unless coupled with B-complex vitamin supplementation.

(5) Allergic reaction to certain toothpastes, mouth washes, dentures, etc are also blamed.

(6) Emotional stress is often found to exaggerate the symptoms of aphthous ulcers. (psychosomatic)

(7) Some women have been typically seen to have excessive ulcers prior to their menses, when it may be considered as the part of PMS.

(8) Some conditions like ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease are also associated with mouth ulcers.

Treating mouth ulcers with Homeopathic Medicines—

Here, the foremost thing one should understand is that unless the causative factor is dealt with, no treatment is going to be of help. Therefore, steer clear of bad oral hygiene, dental problems, nutritional deficiencies, etc. There are certain innate tendencies also those need to be addressed while treating anyone homeopathically for mouth ulcers. Even one may have tendency to have mouth ulcers in families.

The homeopathic medicines act in 3 steps to cure the problem of recurrent mouth ulcers—

  • Alleviate the pain and suffering
  • Improve oral health
  • Prevent recurrence in future

The major homeopathic medicines useful for the problem of aphthous ulcers are Merc sol, Kali chlor, Belladona, Hepar sulph, Sulphur, Phos, Lachesis, Natrum mur, etc. Apart from these, any other medicine may be indicated depending upon the constitution of the patient and his totality of symptoms of aphthous ulcers. Especially for chronic cases, homeopathy renders amazing cures and the patient feels blessed to be free from this troubling problem!

Auxiliary Treatment—

This is of prime importance in any such case and the homeopathic physician must educate the patient about these points.

(1) Maintain good oral and dental hygiene.

(2) Do not neglect any eruptions in mouth and consult your physician immediately

(3) Have nutritious diet and include sprouts, legumes, green vegetables in the diet so that one gets natural supplement of all vitamins and minerals.

(4) Drink adequate quantity of water. (at least 10 glasses per day)

(5) Take care of your gastric health and steer clear of hyperacidity, flatulence, constipation by seeking apt expertise.

(6) Do not consume high doses of medicines haphazardly without doctor’s advice.

(7) Have positive mindset and exercise regularly!

Ankylosing Spondylitis and Homeopathic Medicines!

When typically presented, ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic inflammatory arthritis that mainly affects sacro-iliac joints and spine. There is progressive stiffening and fusion of vertebrae.

The reason to consider this disease on priority is that with the increase in sedentary habit, this problem is increasing in younger population, right in their twenties and thirties. However, the reason behind this type of spondylitis is the histocompatibility antigen HLA-B27. Some Indian communities typically show high prevalence of this disease. Inflammatory foci in the vertebral column lead to fibrous deposits in the intervertebral discs leading to new bone formation (called syndesmophytes). This is the characteristic feature of this disease upon investigation.

Signs and Symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis-

(1) Recurrent episodes of low back pain and stiffness are the prime features.

(2) The pain may radiate to buttocks or thighs.

(3) There might be involvement of upper (thoracic and/or cervical) spine too but usually the lumbar and sacral stiffness occur earlier than upper spine involvement.

(4) If there is involvement of costo-vertebral joints, chest pain is the presenting symptom.

(5) Many patients develop tendonitis and fasciitis (plantar) over a period of time.

(6) Restriction of movements of vertebral column in all directions is visible.

(7) Characteristically, the pain is aggravated in the morning immediately after getting up and is better as the activity level increases during the day.

(8) Extra-articular features like iritis (inflammation of iris), pulmonary fibrosis occur is critical cases.

(9) Osteoporosis may be a sequel too.

Radiological investigation is must to diagnose a case of ankylosing spondylitis. But it is extremely crucial for a homeopath to collect the totality of symptoms and the characteristic symptoms, as there are high chances of labeling the common symptoms of the disease as characteristic and missing on to homeopathic remedial diagnosis.

Homeopathic medicines useful for ankylosing spondylitis—

As usual, homeopathic treatment must be based on individual case-history and not on the diagnosis of the case. The pain-relief should be the topmost agenda. The medicines like Bryonia, Rhus tox, Bellis perennis, Paris q, Lachnanthes, Calcarea phos, Kali carb, Hypericum, Ledum pal, Kali phos, Kalmia, Phytolacca, etc can be used for acute prescribing. It is absolutely must to know the physical characteristic symptoms, the aggravating and ameliorating factors, and associated symptoms of the patient to formulate acute prescription for him.

The family history of ankylosing spondylitis should trigger bells for a homeopath to take precautionary measures and preventing steps in any probable cases. This is one of the crucial points for a homeopath to be able to prevent the disease before it locates itself and creates further complications.

The syphilis and tubercular miasms dominates Ankylosing spondylitis. Therefore, one can base their homeopathic prescription upon the miasmatic diagnosis too. The ability of a physician to take note of miasmatic disposition and prescribe accordingly is one of the key factors that can save the patient from developing complications.

Auxiliary Treatment—

(1) Exercise- This is the primary line of treatment for any type of spondylitis prior to medicine. Let’s make it clear that without physical exercise, no patient of ankylosing spondylitis can feel better in long run. Therefore, it is every homeopaths duty to educate the patient about certain exercises those will help them avert further damage to their spine. Some yoga postures are tremendously beneficial for these patients.

(2) Non-contact sports like swimming are highly effective too.

(3) Posture training is must. Avoiding bad postures while at work can contribute to a great extent in the patients as well as in those who want to permanently keep this disease at bay!