Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homeopathy for Strengthening Our Children!

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Here is embedded an article by Dr Shreya Deshpande, published today (12/12/12) in Indian Express under the heading-

Your Homeopathic Queries Answered! 


Homeopathic sweet pills are a delight to have for many children. But very few parents actually perceive how beautifully they are molding their children with this wonderful therapy! It is not an exaggeration if we say - We positively cater the physical, mental and emotional needs of our children with homeopathy. Though this science and art of medicine is always under the scanner of skeptics, the number of patients opting for homeopathy is increasing worldwide.

Science of Individualization-

From mild day to day problems like cold and cough to chronic intractable problems like autism and various syndromes, homeopathy is helping its pediatric patients. The basic idea of studying the constitution of the patient holds true in pediatric homeopathic practice as well. Each child that comes to a homeopath’s office is given the fullest possible attention from the moment he or she enters the cabin. The way he enters, the way he talks, his demeanor with his parents, communication with the doctor, and so many his subtle characteristics are studied along with his actual presenting complaints.

Homeopaths always have the right equipment to boost the innate immunity of the child. Especially the children who have been the victims of chronic childhood complaints since birth are given a lot of conventional medicines. These medicines might have helped them in order to come out of the critical health issues. But when these remedies are repeated frequently and administered at the slightest outbreak of fever, cold or cough, they weaken the child’s immune system. This is where homeopathy can come to the rescue of the child. It can help the child build a solid foundation on all the planes of existence. Instead of suppressing his maladies, it gives vent to his ailments tactfully that strengthens its capability to deal with the disasters in future.

Gives Children a Shell of Protection-

We, as parents, always wish the best for our child. We always wish they remain hale and hearty and do not fall sick often. We dread of the names of diseases that seem to have created havoc all over. Even the critical diseases like cancers are said to emerge in mind. No wonder we must equip our child to have a balanced mind that will cope with the forthcoming problems in life bravely. We want to build a healthy society that is devoid of crimes, suicides of students, and new-age disease-syndromes. This is possible if we rely on solid foundation for our kids since beginning. We must instill in them a sense of freedom coupled with moral education that will begin at home. One might ask what the relation of homeopathy with this is. But through the years of experience with homeopathy, it can be said that homeopathic constitutional medicine actually builds an attitude in the child that protects him from pessimism in life. No doubt the environment he lives in has lot to do with his attitude. But to a great extent, homeopathy can help him build a personality for himself that can be trusted upon.

Physical and Mental Boost Up-

Thus apart from developing our children into physically strong individuals, homeopathy helps in making them mentally, emotionally and intellectually fit individuals. I think this is where the success of homeopathy lies. One of the stalwarts of homeopathy, Dr Kent used to say- “Homeopathy applied in childhood is like prevention of crime in society”. I think that says it all!