Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homeopathy works wonders for pets! A Testimonial...

A testimonial of drshreya.com's patient Beata Ziemska, Lusowo, Poland. Thank you Beata! Working for innocent pets has always been my pleasure!

When Josie, my beloved black Labrador, suffered the age related congested heart failure with edema, serious breathing difficulties and anxiety, I was devastated and powerless. By accident I later discovered that so called life-saving veterinary medicine only worsened her condition.

Homeopathy has always been important to me, I love studying it and in the past I did self-prescribed when I had no other choice.
But this time of crises it was agonizing to look for a way to relieve the torture which Josie was going through, to decide what homeopathic medicine, potency and repetition to choose without a proper education, experience and distance.

So having found Dr. Shreya was a true blessing. It is a mystery to me how Dr. Shreya made sense of my descriptions of Josie’s ailments. But she did and soon the symptoms, which the conventional medicine consider incurable, started to reverse. And when a new aches and pains are surfacing we can count on a quick response of our doctor and trust that everything is going to be fine.

Josie is thirteen and a half now, it’s a noble age for a Labrador. People who saw her a year ago, can’t believe that Josie is still alive and so well. She is good-natured, peaceful and calm, more than ever… Thank you Shreya!!!

Ever since Josie was a puppy I was looking for a homoeopathist for her. Despite living in a different European countries and several contacts with homeopathic doctors, finding the right one who would treat pets was somehow out of reach. Luckily I found Dr. Shreya in the Internet and everything became so simple.

Easy access by e-mail, affordable prices, and - what’s the most important - the professional, methodical and consequential treatment with the great empathy and understanding.

It couldn’t be better!

With my undying admiration and gratitude.
Beata Ziemska, Lusowo, Poland