Thursday, March 7, 2013

Importance of Learning the Basic Books in Homeopathy

If you are an ardent follower of homeopathy, you either have mastered the art or you seek proper homeopathic treatment from a qualified homeopath. It’s no wonder that once you start with homeopathic treatment, you tend to fall in love with this heavenly science! Those who know the intricacies of homeopathic treatment know exactly how much work our ancient homeopaths have done for us. Apart from proving the hoards of homeopathic remedies, these are the people who laid their emphasis on following the right principle when we give homeopathic regime to anyone. They never deviated from the original nature’s principle discovered by our Master Samuel Hahnemann and emerged victorious in righteously treating their patients.

However, the purpose of this article today is to re-emphasize the importance of learning homeopathy safely, securely, without falling to the short-cut learning methods. No science and/or art have short cuts. It is beyond imagination if a vast science as homeopathy is taught with short cuts. No doubt with evolving mankind and evolving technology, we have to move ahead with more precision and perfection. But this precision should not violate the basic principles homeopathy is beckoned for. We all have to go to the basics when we want to master this art having such vast history of treating chronic, acute and epidemic ailments world over.

Repertorization seems to have taken the front-seat today when it comes to finding the correct remedy and evaluating the case. Well, certainly repertory is a tool made to be utilized for this purpose. But we must not forget that it is just a tool. It is NOT the final authority. Final authority of prescription lies with the judicious homeopath who has mastered his materia medica well. And this is the point we all must ponder upon.

Homeopathy cannot be practiced by machines. It cannot be learnt by software. Certainly these are the adages that help the person who is well-versed with the basic materia medica books in homeopathy. It is the homeopath who evaluates the case, who studies the individual patient, who does behavioral analysis of the patient, and who prescribes the right remedy to the patient. Homeopaths are doctors. Therefore, they must fllow the duty of the doctors and not just medicine vendors.

I should say here that this post is written for those numerous students of homeopathy who keep asking me how should homeopathy be studied. I really don’t think there is any other way but to work hard and be completely ethical in your practice. The rewards will follow you undoubtedly in the form of patient’s satisfaction, which obviously culminates in your peace of mind!