Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Homeopathy is Best Applied in Childhood?

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“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life for better. I would not even think of acquiring this feat in my career a few years back. Your dose of homeopathic medicines and I remember the dose of  Phosphorus changed ME drastically over a period of time and today I am a well-balanced individual with good intellectual capability and running my own business successfully.”

These were the words of one of the patients who has severe phobias all her life and despite having good intelligence she was not able to channelize her energies properly. This is not a lone story. If you ask people who have opted for homeopathy early in life, they are always the ones who boast about its positive aspects on their life as a whole.

Childhood is the best period to apply homeopathic principles –

Children are innocent. They still are far from catching the magnanimous falsity of this world and are true to their nature. Even though they certainly carry the various traits inflicted upon them by their parents and ancestors, they have little overlapping on these traits by artificial or acquired traits. They are truly like moldable earthen pots. Better we mold, better human beings we get as adults. And there is no boasting in the fact that homeopathic constitutional prescription helps these children to remarkable extent. You can literally mold them in the best possible manner by carefully considering the miasmatic influence active in them, their attitude study, and their behavioral manifestations. It is a vast topic to discuss about.

You can always make the best use of homeopathy in children. Total metamorphosis can occur even in children with critical illnesses like autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD etc. Truly speaking, till date I am yet to see a child that is not benefited with homeopathic treatment over a period of time.

Parental Awareness is Necessary-

Major responsibility is of parents. They have to remain patient while caring for their children. Do not change your homeopaths frequently if the results do not come fast enough. In chronic conditions, every qualified homeopath has to follow certain principles while taking the child through the journey of cure. He cannot take hasty decisions and give him high doses of medicines at once. They will not be of any use. Most importantly, while treating any child for any condition, primary care has to be taken by the homeopath not to inflict any bad effect on the child in the long term. As I always say, (badly chosen) homeopathic medicines’ side effects are often not visible immediately like those of allopathic drugs but they might remain latent and become developed after long period of time. Therefore, choose a homeopath wisely who can give your child the due attention and proper evaluation at every step of the treatment. But once you know your child is in right hands, have faith in your doctor completely. With homeopathy, your child is being groomed into a healthy, wise, and balanced individual for sure.