Monday, June 23, 2014

Kill that Anxiety and Depression! Life is worth lot more!

Number of patients dealing with anxiety, depression, panic attacks is increasing day by day. Yesterday had a woman, aged 34 years, suffering from recurrent panic attacks. After taking the case, the prescription pointed quite clearly to Lilium tigrinum. I gave the medicine and the second lady entered the cabin with similar complaint. Though her remedy was different, I started feeling amazed at the speed with which such cases are increasing.

Yes, we agree that the stress and strain of modern day life have added to such problems. But I live in a small town where city-type stress doesn’t usually affect people. As per my observation, the interpersonal relationship (among the housemates) is often the culprit for the enhanced stress here. I don’t think it’s very different for cities as well. Whatever the reason is, increase in the anxiety, depression and panic attacks is quite alarming.

I had a lady who was very confident earlier and after some years, due to some issues here and there, she started getting secluded, dull and lethargic, leading to depression. Are the stresses to be blamed or the people like us who have lost the ability to tolerate?

What I feel is that, in an attempt to run in the rat race, we often neglect our own “space”, “time”, and “quality of life”. What more, if someone is managing all these “self” things very well; we call him / her selfish. What a community we are! If we cannot manage our time well, we call someone managing time well as selfish? Quite absurd I feel. More importantly, in this modern world even today, we find people who consider “Work-free” times as useless. Perhaps, for the evolution of soul and the man as a whole, these work-free times are the best bets! The survey conducted at a university in India has pointed out that people with relatively less free time are the major targets of depression, anxiety and panic attacks as well.

Therefore, here are some major steps to follow in order to avoid such states—

1)    Give priority to your own space and time in day to day life. It will not only nurture the positive individual within you but also will boost your relationship with those around you!
2)    Plan your meals rightly. What you eat is extremely important than you thought when it comes to your state of mind. Your body eats junk, your mind suffers! Make sure you enhance your “natural” food intake through the day.
3)    Never eat full-stomach! People eating full have been reported to suffer from anxious spells and depressive attacks more often.
4)    Socialize with like-minded people only! Unnecessary socializing for the sake of it can lead to lot of stress related issues, comparisons, complex relations, and ruining of family life! On the contrary when you are with your real friends and family, you can be a freer self, share your life with them and be yourself!
5)    “What will people think” is the major culprit, at least in the Indian societies. When your mind and spirit tell you that you are doing nothing but right, why let some external unimportant factors ruin your peace of mind? It’s your life and your convictions! Stick to them with a free mind and you will enjoy life like never before!
6)    There is no age for having fun! Whatever age you are of, you can have loads of fun and feel the good vibes such times emanate! Engage in some favorite sports, hobby, dance class, music, traveling etc and let the gossipers enjoy themselves too! J
7)    Slowly but surely reduce your “Sitting time”. Yes, more you sit in one place, more you are at risk of developing anxiety related disorders. So, move around the office, cabin or your place of work during non-working hours. Do some stretching moves while on the go and your body will know you care for it!
8)    Go for the outings more often. What I like more about the Western world is their love for travel. Not that we Asians travel any less, but the Westerners mainly earn to travel; that’s what many of my friends tell me. You get to see different cultures, varied forms of life and get close to Mother Nature! Life is an adventure and traveling fuels that adventure for sure! Stress and panic cannot live with the travelers who live on adrenalin!

Everyone’s life is different and all cannot go by the stereotypical way of dealing with anxiety and depression. However, one can chalk out his or her own plan and work on improving our mental / psychological and emotional health! Believe you me, life without any mental / emotional baggage is a bliss! 

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