Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 6 Tips to Prevent Leucorrhea (White Discharge) in Women!

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It is always embarrassing to have the problem like white discharge. Most women in developing or under-developed countries even fret or shy away from discussing this issue with their physicians and succumb to more and more problem related to it.

Leucorrhea is considered as a universal problem and almost all women some time or the other suffer from increased vaginal discharge throughout their life. Earlier in this blog-site, we have seen the homeopathic approach and homeopathic treatment of leucorrhea (Please see- Certainly with aptly chosen homeopathic medicine, one can be relieved of this nasty trouble. However, herewith we are going to see some expert tips on how to prevent leucorrhea. Is it possible to prevent the white discharge? Yes, with certain precautions, it is possible to prevent vaginal infection and subsequent leucorrhea! Here we are discussing about pathological leucorrhea and not normal vaginal discharge prior to menses that is quite common and even considered healthy. So, let’s see the tips to prevent leucorrhea—

  1. Foremost thing is personal hygiene. The vaginal hygiene in all women is the key factor that prevents any kind of infections. Maintaining dryness of vagina after every wash also goes a long way in preventing various infections. Putting cotton drawers can help to absorb excess moisture.

  1. DO NOT use vaginal douches that kill the helpful micro-organisms thriving in vagina. They in turn aggravate your problem of leucorrhea.

  1. If the discharge is more, don’t hesitate to use drawers till you consult your physician. Also consult immediately; don’t wait till the infection in the vagina reaches higher up to uterus and pelvis.

  1. During menstruation, maintaining hygiene of the vaginal area is very important. Harsh soaps also kill the helpful micro-organisms; so avoid them. Go for just plain water douches and dry thoroughly.

  1. Keep yourself well-hydrated. It is often seen that vaginal infections, itching, irritations, and white discharge are often found in women who drink very less water and don’t pay enough attention to their diet and healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a health lifestyle comprising of apt diet, water intake, and exercise help all women to prevent any kind of vaginal infection and subsequent leucorrhea in the long run.

  1. Having safe and monogamous sex is also one of the important points that prevent recurrent vaginal infections and subsequent leucorrhea.

Follow these points and reduce your chances of succumbing to recurrent vaginal infections. However, if you already have white discharge sufficiently visible to seek treatment, follow a good homeopathic regime along with the auxiliary points mentioned above. Soon, you will get rid of this embarrassing phenomenon and lead a healthy life! 

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