Learn Homeopathy Online

It’s never too late for learning a life-science like homeopathy. If you can use homeopathic medicines for smaller problems that can crop up at home any time of the day, you are well-equipped to avert the panic such conditions bring about.

DrShreya.com provides you a unique opportunity to learn the basics of homeopathy online. There are 5 sessions per month, each of 2 hours. For the convenience of students, 6 monthly and 1 yearly courses are available for the beginners of homeopathic learning.

For students of homeopathy, special courses are designed to make them aware of the finer nuances of the science.

Shoot a mail at contact@drshreya.com for details.

(This year’s courses are full. The registration for the next due courses will start in the month of May 2011) 

Specialties of Homeopathic Learning at DrShreya.com-

1.  Skype or Gmail Video sessions with one-to-one learning experience

2.  Personalized approach for every learner

3.  Neatly planned and structured teaching module

4.     Personalized examination papers for every learner to test his ability

5.  Learners can even mail their queries later and seek answers immediately

6.    Possibility to extend your homeopathic learning beyond 1 year and delve deeper into the nuances of homeopathy

{Disclaimer- The homeopathic courses conducted at drshreya.com are solely for the purpose of teaching homeopathy to be used for day to day problems and teaching how the science and art of homeopathy brings about subtle positive changes in the personality of the person. They are conducted by drshreya.com and are not affiliated to any specific homeopathic faculty anywhere. The learners are discouraged to use the homeopathic medicines for chronic and difficult conditions unless expertise is sought from the academic homeopathic scholars}